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8 Smart Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair You Can Learn From

Having fine and flat hair make you deal with a lifetime of stick-to-your-forehead bangs. Sometimes, you find it difficult to style hair. Do you want to change and try hairstyles with more volume and texture? Dig into our words to find out all the secrets to add volume to fine hair.  Follow the best tips shared by top hairstylists to get luscious hairstyles for fine hair.

Volumizing hair care tips for flat hair

Have you ever tried to solve your demanding fine hair problems? Keep scrolling to discover several easy tips and tricks to add volume to flat hair. 

Don’t overbrush

While you use a hairdryer, you might unwittingly disrupt your attempt to make your tresses look more volume. Fine-haired girls should avoid blow-drying and overbrushing to avoid hair problems. Because these activities make your strands appear limper. 

If you are in a hurry, just use the hair dryer at the lowest heat setting. And you have to shake the machine to distribute the heat all around, don’t focus on one specific spot. Don’t dry your hair completely, at least 90%. Then you gently brush your flat mane with a round comb. Or you can run your fingers through the hair to remove all tangles and knots.

8 Smart Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair You Can Learn From
don’t overbrush your hair

Boost volume with moisturizing hair products

Many think that hair conditioner seems like be the enemy for women with fine straight hair. However, you don’t swear off moisturizing hair products. 

These products work to replenish and restore natural locks. Also, they are must-have items for those with fine and thin hair that is more likely to break. How to add volume to fine hair with hair conditioner?

You apply the conditioner at the hair ends and move upwards. Don’t apply it to the roots as it may weighing your mane down. Your hair may appear oily, limp, and stick-to-your-forehead. We recommend boosting hair volume with conditioner after shampooing, not over-conditioning. 

Opt for good hair care products that add lots of moisture to your mane and avoid frizziness. 

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Utilize a clarifying shampoo 

Excess oil and product buildup will weigh in your hair, leading to flat and droopy hair. How can I do to add volume to short fine hair? Bear in mind that shampooing is the best way to cleanse your hair and scalp. Just use a clarifying shampoo once per week, and it will draw impurities and product buildup out without stripping hair color. 

For the best results, opt for products infused with keratin and protein to soften, smoothen, and repair hair damages. 

8 Smart Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair You Can Learn From
use clarifying shampoo

Volumizing styling tips to add volume to fine hair

There is the fact that fine and thin hair can get flat and greasy faster. To make your mane look more volume, try these styling tips. We believe they will work. 

Switch up your natural hair part

For years, you have worn hair parted on the right side. To add volume to fine hair, consider shifting it to the left or the center. A small change can lift your hair strands up and make the hair look more volume and body. 

Alternatively, you can get a backcomb hairstyle to get a new look. Style your hair with a fine-toothed comb and use hair styling products to keep the hair in place. 

Lift your hair roots

It is among the most common and easiest beauty hacks. Adding a lift at your scalp is a way to create the illusion of fuller hair. How-to-do it? After washing hair, you lightly blow-dry it until it feels damp, not entirely dry. Then cover hair strands with a small amount of a volumizing product to the hair roots. Make sure that roots don’t stick to your scalp. 

Plus, beauties can use styling machines, like curling iron or roller set, to add more hair volume. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before using styling machines. These formulas create a barrier to protect your flat hair from hair friction, damage, and breakage. 

8 Smart Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair You Can Learn From
switch your hair part

Get a volumizing haircut to add volume to fine hair

Whether long or short hair is better for flat and thin hair? We suggest wearing medium or short haircuts for a thicker hair look as thin with long hair makes your hair look thinner. The weight of long hair may cause hair strands to separate and reveal your scalp. Hence, short hairstyles will not drag your mane down, offering bouncing hair. 

Top hairstylists recommend hairstyles with layers as it does create an illusion for a more voluminous hair look and feel. Also, these layers move fluently for maximum volume. 

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Color and highlight natural locks

As a good way to add volume to fine hair, try dyeing hair. Many people review that hair color is the best companion for those with fine and thin hair. 

Firstly, the color makes your hair look thicker and fuller. If you don’t want to dye all strands, adding some highlights is an alternative way. For instance, you can add some lighter highlights to your dark hair base. 

What’s more, the color itself will open your cuticles so that the dye enters the hair shaft. It means that the coloring process will expand the hair shaft slightly, make hair strands appear thicker. 

Nevertheless, you want to wear a light hair tone, bleaching it. And this step should be done by a well-trained pro to avoid hair damage.

8 Smart Ways To Add Volume To Fine Hair You Can Learn From
hair extensions for fine hair before and after

Wear hair extensions

Want to get thicker hair look immediately, wearing hair extensions is a safer bet for all. Just buy top-notch hair items and apply them to your locks, it gives you more voluminous hair. 

As long as you buy hair from a reliable retailer, you can easily get beautiful hair. Just install it to hair, you can go out for a variety of occasions, such as weddings, dating, etc. If you don’t know how to wear, bring yourself to a hair salon and ask your hairstylist to do it for you. Get a hair trim or style the hair for a natural look, as well. 

Whether your hair is thin or flat, there are many beauty hacks to add volume to fine hair. Try them and make your hair strands look lush and full. 

Want to buy top-quality hair extensions, visit Lewigs now. We commit to selling human hair systems at wholesale prices. We’re always willing to serve you. 

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