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Is Alcohol To Blame For Hair Loss? Myths Debunked!

Alcohol and hair loss, is there any relationship between them? Can alcohol cause hair loss? You may see some losing their hair due to alcohol but others do not though they are alcoholics. So, we can conclude that not everyone consumes alcohol can suffer from hair loss, but alcohol can be one of the reasons for losing hair.

Below are some major reasons that alcohol can trigger hair loss.

Alcohol and hair loss: Can drinking alcohol cause hair loss?

Alcohol has an effect on the balance of Acid and Alkaline

Does drinking alcohol cause hair loss?

Alcohol is acidic so the process of digesting and metabolizing alcohol will leave an acidic leftover in your body. What is more, most of the daily diet is mostly on the acidic side, what we often eat such as grains, cheese, and meat are all acidic. Hence, drinking alcohol can contribute to the unbalance of the body and shift it over to the acidic side.

To balance the Acid and Alkaline, your body will try to get back the Alkaline by using protein available inside it. And one of the sources for protein is from your hair. Keratin, using to build up hair follicles, is a protein that can be employed by your body to return an alkaline state. Hence, alcohol and hair loss is relevant, in this case.

Is Alcohol To Blame For Hair Loss? Myths Debunked!
alcohol and hair loss

Alcohol and blood sugar spikes

Blood sugar or glucose is an important component of one body. Our brain needs it to perform basic functions. However, too much glucose, as know as blood sugar spikes can negatively affect our health as well. A blood sugar spike happens along with hypo/hyperglycemia or insulin resistance, which is proved to trigger pattern baldness since insulin resistance will minimize hair follicles, which cause losing hair or thinning hair

And many types of alcohol contain a great amount of sucrose and fructose such as cocktails or mixers. Hence, alcohol consumption can contribute to hair loss.

Other reasons for hair loss:

Alcohol cause hair to dry out

Alcohol is known as a diuretic, which means it promotes urine production then causing dehydration in the body. So, if you drink water, overnight, your body will experience a lack of a certain amount of hydration. And dehydration is the main cause of improper functioning of body parts, which include your skin. So, if you consume alcohol, your scalp can dry out due to lack of water, which leads to great damage to hair follicles and may cause hair loss.

Is Alcohol To Blame For Hair Loss? Myths Debunked!
alcohol causes hair to dry out

Alcohol provoke toxins building up in your blood

Obviously, heavy drinkers are vulnerable to liver damage in the long run. The liver is known as a filter helping our body to get rid of toxins and purify the blood. And our livers cannot process alcohol completely while to metabolize alcohol, a number of damaging by-products are produced. Moreover, alcohol cause dehydration which requires the liver to work much harder to remove the toxins. After all, most alcohol drinkers end up with inflammation inside the body. And inflammation is one of the reasons provoke the bad relationship between alcohol and hair loss. It will miniaturize the hair follicle, causing hair to lose.

Alcoholic drinks contain harmful preservatives and additives

The food we eat or the medical products we take can contain preservatives since it can kill bacteria, make foods and body products last longer. So, there is no doubt that alcohol has preservatives as well.

And the thing here is that preservatives are good for food but they do benefit our health or even they can cause harm. In our body, preservatives can kill “good” bacteria and, according to a study if we lack certain bacteria in our gut, some health problems will happen, causing hair to lose.

However, certain types of alcoholic beverages can do good to the right bacteria in our bodies. For instance, half of a wine glass during a meal can benefit digestion and promote the growth of good bacteria. Hence, you still can consume alcohol but in a balanced way.

Is Alcohol To Blame For Hair Loss? Myths Debunked!
preservatives from alcohol kills good bacteria in our body

Alcohol and nutritional deficiency

Nutritional sufficiency plays an important role in our health, reducing the risk of chronic disease as well as providing energy to all performance of body parts.

Unfortunately, those who are alcoholics are at high risk of lacking vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin B21, and calcium. And you may not know that the loss of zinc and vitamin B21 is the cause of hair loss. The reason is that zinc and vitamin B21 contribute is the formation of keratin which forms the follicle. So the zinc or vitamin B21 deficiency can induce poor keratinization then cause thinning or losing hair.

To solve the nutrient deficiencies problem caused by alcohol, intaking these vitamins and minerals from healthy, unprocessed foods can be a good solution.

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Alcohol and hair loss: Estrogen Levels increase links with pattern baldness

You may know already that estrogen is the female hormone, which equivalent to the male hormone testosterone. But one thing you may not know that drinking alcohol can cause an increase in estrogen levels, which can induce hair loss. And this is proved by a research in 2012 in China with an experiment on nice.

Is Alcohol To Blame For Hair Loss? Myths Debunked!
drinking alcohol leads to the rise in estrogen

What to do if you experience the effects of alcohol on hair loss?

There are a lot of ways to solve hair loss caused by alcohol. You can change your eating habits, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, or herbs to balance the Acid and Alkaline state.

Or you can wear hairpieces such as wigs for women, hair topper or hair toupee for men to cover up your thinning hair or baldness spot. If you are interested in this method, visit Lewigs website now. When you come to us, you can find any kind of hairpiece from human hair wigs, to hair toppers and toupees. All of our products were made by 100% virgin human hair, so you will never feel regret when choosing our products.

The bottom line

If you wonder about the link between alcohol and hair loss, hopefully, you can find your own answer through our article. You can see that alcohol can cause hair to lose but it doesn’t mean to cut off alcohol consumption. Balance is the principal.

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