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Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)

They work wonders!

One of the crucial things to do with your hair is maintaining their softness and smoothness. How do you usually take care of your natural hair? What is the best leave in conditioner for natural hair? For the best, use the specialized unit to moisturize them.

Keep the purpose of the product in mind. The best leave-in conditioner for natural hair allows for keeping hair stay strongly. However, it is tricky when looking for an appropriate product to keep the fantastic look of your hair unit. Do you need help with choosing the right one? If yes, you have been in the right place. 

Lewigs have researched to find the top picks available in the market today. With these products, you will be able to opt for the most suitable one with more ease. 

Giovanni Eco Chic Direct Leave In Conditioner

Being one of the best leave in conditioner for dry natural hair, the product detangles and add moisture, protein to your hair. It helps to make your strands strong and long. This buy is also vegan and made in the USA.

Deeply nourish hair from root to tip with Giovanni’s conditioner. The weightless formula of the product will replenish and revitalize locks. Suitable for all hair types, the leave-in treatment utilizes organic botanicals to moisturize the hair strands and bounce for easier styling. Your hair is strong, sleek and healthy-looking with a thicker, fuller-looking finish.

You should apply the conditioner to freshly shampooed, towel-dried or damp hair. Comb through all the hair to distribute evenly. Instead of rinsing the hair with water, you let the hair air dry or blow-dry it.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Giovanni Eco Chic Direct Leave-In Conditioner


– Suit for all hair types

– Easy combs out and styling 

– Detangles knots

– Restores strength, luster, and nourishment to abused hair

– 100% vegetarian ingredients, no parabens, sulfate


– It is designed to moisturize the natural hair, no animal testing.

Alikay Naturals – Best Leave In Conditioner For Natural Hair

You are looking for the best leave-in conditioner for 4c natural hair, it is designed for you. Spray a small amount of conditioner to your hair, you can feel the good result. It will pierce deep into the hair cortex in order to soften, strengthen, condition each strand and lock in moisture. The lemongrass scent can keep your curls fresh all day long. Besides, the best spray leave in conditioner reduces hair shedding, promotes shine and volume as well.

The combination of aloe vera, silk amino acids, and essential oils repair dry and damaged hair. After applying the treatment, your hair will be silky soft and ready to be styled pretty!

Amazingly, Alikay Natural could work well on your 4c wigs for black women, too.

How to use:

First, apply the product on wet hair. Ensure that it covers all your hair. Then you can style your locks as you desired. It can be used as a daily moisturizing treatment.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Alikay Naturals – Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner


– Natural ingredients

– Leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized

– Great smell

– Also among the best leave in conditioner for natural curly hair


– Before reaching twist style, spray Alikay Naturals leave in conditioner on your hair first to soften and apply moisturizer. 

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Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus

Your hair becomes dry and damaged, causing tangles and knots. You hate it. But with Shea Moisture, it will turn your bad hair into beautiful hair. It is believed one of the high-quality good leave in conditioner for natural curly hair.  

Besides, this leave-in conditioner contains natural ingredients that are necessary to condition your hair and restore the shine. Coconut oil also hydrates to protect your real hair and reduce breakage. Silk protein, Neem oil, and essential oil blend contribute to smooth the curls, give your hair a soft feel. This hair treatment product can be used every day for easily manageable hair.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus


– Give you soft, shiny, and bouncy hair

– Daily use 

– Improve manageability


– Although this moisturizing leave in conditioner is made of natural and organic ingredients, some of them can irritate your skin. If it occurs, stop using it. Please check the ingredients before buying. 

Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner For Natural Hair

The hair conditioner is made of pure shea butter and other essential oils that help stop hair breakage. You have split-end hair, apply this treatment. Then you can be confident to shine with your hair everywhere. The best leave in conditioner for natural black hair also promotes strong and long healthy hair. 

If you use the leave in conditioner for daily styling, follow these steps. First, apply a generous amount of product into your damp hair, beginning from the roots to the tips. Run your fingers through the hair for even distribution. Do not rinse the hair with water. Apply more to the tip of your hair and problem areas. 

For a deep conditioning treatment, you do the same process as daily styling. Then cover your hair with a plastic cap overnight. This can help the hair absorb essential nutrients to grow healthy. If you are African American, you have coarse hair. Opt for this water based leave in conditioner to smoothen your hair. Apply it on damp hair and leave it overnight. Rinse your hair in the morning or not. Leave hair soft. Hence, there is no doubt when users believe it is the best leave in conditioner for natural hair for African American.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner


– Provide intense moisture

– Offer a soft, shiny and manageable hair

– Restore severely damaged, dry or coarse hair

– Helps stop hair breakage state


– It has silicone.

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk

The main ingredients of the moisture milk are organic avocado, castor oil, and macadamia. In addition, the combination of rose hips, aloe, and green tea (camellia) also helps to moisturize your hair very well. 

How to use: After shampooing, use the leave in conditioner for natural hair. Apply from the root to the tip. Don’t rinse it out. 

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk


– Suit for all hair types

– Provide shine, anti-oxidants protective layer, and long-lasting moisture.

– Enhance the driest hair


– The cost is quite high.

– Can make your hair greasy

Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner

The natural leave in conditioner for curly hair and thick kinky curly hair helps you to smooth the cuticles and remove knots, and tangles. Not only is it effective to use to your bio hair but it can also perform well on your kinky hair toupees or toppers.

Besides, it is a good herbal hair care treatment that gives you the liberty to look fashionable.

To make your hair become smooth, apply this conditioner after washing hair. Remember to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle all the knots. Spread the product evenly on hair strands. 

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner


– A creamy herbal conditioner

– Smoothen hair cuticles

– Remove all knots

– Leave a light and fresh scent

– Cheap leave in conditioner


–  It is designed specifically for curly hair. Not for all hair types.

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Klorane Nourishing Leave-In Cream With Mango Butter

This best natural leave-in conditioner for black hair repairs and prevents split ends very well. It makes your hair softer and shinier and gives a comfortable smell like mango scent. Mango contains fatty acids that are used for its nourishing properties. 

With a fluid and melting texture, it protects damaged and split- hair ends without weighing your hair down. It creates an invisible protective layer to the surface of the hair. 

Anyone with naturally curly hair must deal with frizz, humidity, dryness, and lackluster hair days. This conditioner works amazingly on both straight and curly hair. Your hair can look sleek and moisturized if the right products are used. This conditioner will help a lot! After applying conditioner, let your hair dry naturally and you will be surprised how well it works. 

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Klorane Nourishing Leave-In Cream With Mango Butter


– Coat a protective layer on your hair

– Prevent and repair split ends

– Fresh scent


– It is a bit expensive.

EVOLVh Organic Volumizing Leave In Conditioner

The EVOLVh’s natural leave in conditioner for fine hair has a secret ingredient. With raw lecithin and a natural extract, it prevents hair breakage. Besides, the effect of rice bran and cumin seed oil is to against UV and heat damage. Bergamot fruit oil helps to soften the hair. Incorporate this product into your hair care routine for strengthened and fuller-looking hair.

After washing, spray a generous amount into your damp, towel-dried hair. Make sure that it is distributed evenly on your head. Leave it a few minutes before styling hair as usual. You can use it for dry hair to refresh lifeless natural locks.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
EVOLVh Organic Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner


– Sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride (salt) free

– Vegan formula

– Against Heat & UV Damage

– Adds volume and fullness


– Pricey, but it is 90% natural.

Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner For Natural Frizzy Hair

Original Sprout’s conditioner is created from a lightweight formula. It contains nourishing emollients for split ends. It is ideal for detangling and eliminating frizz from dry and damaged hair.

Apply an amount onto your hair to enjoy ultra-soft, nourished tresses. If you have a plan to go swimming, apply to wet hair before swimming. It helps prevent the locks from chlorine.

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner


– Essential proteins

– Contains advanced polypeptides

– Protect against sunlight and environmental damage


– The incorrect formula can make hair strands feel heavy or cause oily hair.

Basic DIY Leave In Conditioner For Natural Hair

Coconut oil is the miraculous ingredient of beauty and care products. From hair care, body lotions to hand creams, you can find coconut oil in most items. 

If you find your hair dry, you will need Organic extra virgin coconut oil to take care of your hair. You can buy a coconut oil leave-in conditioner in hair stores or do it yourself. 

Follow our guideline step-by-step:

First, pour a bit of coconut oil in your palms. Depending on your hair length, you use a suitable amount. Rub them gently together, and apply it through your hair strands with your fingers. You can enjoy your good hair day with this simple and homemade treatment. Keep in mind that use it on damp hair. 

Top 10 Best Leave-In Conditioner For Natural Hair (2019)
DIY leave-in conditioner from coconut oils


– Offer amazing shine and softness

– Cheap leave-in conditioner 

– Add moisture to your hair


– Coconut oil is not for all hair types. 

Dry and tangled hair is a big problem for most women. However, if you know the treatment, you can love the hair. So Lewigs hopes that after reading our blog post, you will know more about the best leave in conditioner for natural hair, which can help your hair soft feel.

Or interested in human hair wigs or other hairpieces? Drop us at any time and we are willing to answer your question!

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