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Botox Injections And Hair Growth – How Does It Work?

Everyone has a dream of beautiful hair. Nobody wants to see regular hair loss, split ends, dry hair or something like this. Healthy hair not only makes you feel confident but also is easy to style or dye, helping you change your appearance. Nowadays, people tend to use Botox injections for hair – a common application into the scalp – to promote hair growth and reduce problems related to hair. In our article today, we would like to explain to readers some simple questions about this method.

What Are Botox Injections For Hair?

For many people, this concept is still new, but actually, it is very popular for those who want to have beautiful hair. Box injection into the scalp is one effective way to help you relax the muscles, enhance blood flow, and improve the delivery of nutrients to the hair, resulting in shinier and healthier-looking hair.

Botox Injections And Hair Growth - How Does It Work?
botox injection

Benefits Of Botox Injections For Hair

Simply, we can understand that Botox injections help restore the damaged hair and improve hair condition, making hair healthier. This is the working process of Botox injections in general, like Botox into the face to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

When we are older, like our skin, our hair will lose fullness and elasticity as it, so we will have many hair problems, especially hair loss. In particular, according to many studies, Botox injections are beneficial for stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss. Therefore, if you are suffering from thin hair, do not have to worry about it anymore. The first reason is that this method can treat the scalp tension which is the underlying cause of pattern hair loss. Moreover, Botox helps boost blood circulation and cell growth in the scalp, so hair follicles receive more nutrients, leading to regular new hair growth. To have the best results, you should do this method with other hair growth techniques such as scalp massage, use of a tension-relief device, etc.

Botox Injections And Hair Growth - How Does It Work?
hair loss situation before and after botox injections

Furthermore, if you have an oily scalp, Botox can help you have a lower level of scalp oil production by reducing sebaceous hyperplasia and similar conditions.

Besides, people with split ends, hair lacking volume or luster, frizzy hair and other hair problems can consider to use Botox to change hair condition.

One more advantage of Botox injections are long term benefit. You do not need to remember to take medicines or apply topical every day like using other hair care supplements.

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Side Effects Of Botox Injections?

Botox is suitable for all hair types. And fortunately, this method is almost safe for everyone. It means that it does not cause any side effects in most cases.

As mentioned above, although after applying Botox, you do not need to care too much for your hair, you have to spend time visiting a clinic regularly to check your hair condition.

Besides, there will be around 30 different injected sites on the scalp. However, don’t worry because the needle is very small and the intramuscular injections are not painful at all. It may take half an hour to complete the entire procedure. After that, you should relax for an hour to wait for the Botox to absorb into the muscle.

Botox Injections And Hair Growth - How Does It Work?
take care of your scalp after botox injection

You also must be careful after having Botox injections. It is important to get the injection area not too hot for 2 days after the procedure. You should avoid hot showers on your hair and saunas. After about 3-5 days, you can see the result of Botox. Additionally, most stylists advise you not to apply this treatment more than three to four times a year. Overusing can cause hair breakage, thinning, and dullness.

The most serious thing you should concern is that the risk of infection can occur. As a result, to avoid complications, you should choose a clinic or a hospital with high quality and professional doctor.

How Much Are Botox Injections?

The higher the quality, the higher the price. It is normal! The effect of Botox can last long (around 5-6 months), so its price is not cheap. The Botox hair treatment costs from around $150 to $300 and even higher. The Botox injections cost is different due to the ingredients to use and places you do it. This cost may for the Botox only, which means that it may not include syringes, saline water, clinic overheads, etc. You may also have to pay for each visit to check your hair condition. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the customer’s service for price carefully before you make your appointment.

Hair Protection

Even though you spend a lot of money doing Botox injections technique to make your hair more beautiful, you still should have good habits to keep hair healthy from inside and avoid damages such as:

– Protect your hair from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light. You can wear a hat or take an umbrella when going outside

– Choose suitable hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, etc.) for each hair type

Botox Injections And Hair Growth - How Does It Work?
have a healthy diet

– Reduce the use of styling equipment and devices

– Avoid hot water when washing hair

– A healthy diet is important: eat more vegetables and fruits, reduce fast food, drink enough water, etc.

– Avoid smoking and alcohol

– Keep stress in control

– Take vitamin and mineral supplements in case you need it.

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In conclusion, we cannot deny the benefits of Botox injections for hair, especially hair growth, but respectively, you should pay attention to the side effects of Botox injections. Therefore, it is essential to think carefully before applying Botox into the scalp to solve hair problems. We recommend you to see the doctor to ask for advice about whether you should do it or not.

Lewigs hopes the information we have given to you is interesting and useful. We are with you on the journey to have beautiful hair, so please visit our website to read more hair care topics. If you have any questions or comments, send us immediately. We are always welcome your opinions and will answer them as soon as possible. 

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