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Brad Pitt Hair – The Secrets Of The World’s Sexiest Man Alive

How does Mr. Smith style his hair?

When mentioning to Brad Pitt, hair loss isn’t the first thing coming to my mind. What about you? In his 50s, Brad Pitt hair still looks perfect. The actor may care for and manage well to have a full head of thick hair. But there are some rumors around his hair. Some say that the male celeb has stopped his hair from losing before it is noticeable. Do you believe that it is true? Dig into our blog to find out about Brad Pitt hair and whether Brad Pitt take hair transplant.

Brad Pitt Hair Color

Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s most famous amateur nowadays. Two decades ago, Pitt appeared with his handsomeness and stole the hearts of tons of female fans. Now, he still handsome, but sexier and mature. He is not only the idol of women, but many men around the world also take his image as their model. From his style, fashion, to haircut.

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Brad Pitt – a top Hollywood star

It is most likely that all his hairstyles have become trends for the world’s men hairdos for a long time. From undercut, sometimes paired with slick back on the top head. You can encounter many Brad Pitt hairstyle versions in daily life.

If you are a big fan of this handsome actor, it is not surprising that Pitt has a natural gray hair color. At 55 years old, he sometimes dyes his hair in brown to get Brad Pitt new hair. Many people are curious as to whether he has to dye strands to maintain his signature brown hair shade. Of course, it is also the main reason. His hair has continued to remain trendy for many years. Anyway, his hair color is gray or blonde, he always looks his best. 

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Does Brad Pitt Experience Hair Loss? 

You have heard about Brad Pitt hair loss. You don’t believe it because he always appears with a fuller and thicker hair. He had tried vast haircuts over the years, for both his characters in the films and daily life. The iconic actor is lucky enough to have thick and manageable hair. Now, he has some signs of aging, his hair turns gray and wrinkles also appear on his face. Take a look at Brad Pitt’s hair images, from undercut pompadour to slick back, his hair looks so strong and perfect, and styles for all men around the world. 

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Brad Pitt real hair is thick and strong

Did the actor take a hair transplant? Do you see the difference in his hair from then and now. I don’t see anything. If it has differences, it is his haircuts and colors. Also, many people state that Brad Pitt hair transplant is faux and he did not experience hair loss. He is blessed with a full and strong hairline. Amazing hairline! How could he be so attractive and perfect without ever getting hair transplantation? Well, his father had a great hairline, and Pitt is most likely inherited from him. Search on the Internet, you can see that Brad Pitt’s hair in his 50s is the same as in his teenage. His hairline is literally the same!

Brad Pitt Hair Cuts And How To Get It

Brad Pitt hair styles have always been influential. Think about Brad Pitt Fury hair, Fight Club hair or a choppy hairdo. Most of them still work and have been trends for men’s hair.

Brad Pitt shoulder-length slacker

Brad Pitt with long hair is familiar to TV viewers. He had sported many long hairstyles over the years for characters in different dramas, such as Legends of the Fall, Troy, etc. In True Romance film, he appeared with this haircut and that is one of the most enviable styles today. 

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Brad Pitt shoulder-length slacker

It is medium hair and low-maintenance. About 12 inches in length, we think Brad Pitt Troy hair is long enough. You should go to a hair salon and hairstylists know what they have to do with your mane. 

Also, you can add some waves to this Brad Pitt long hair young. Spray hair styling products to get the best look. Use your fingers to create hair texture. 

Brad Pitt short hair with the Killer Crop

All over the 2000s, this haircut was seen most in daily life. In 1995, Brad Pitt wore killer crop in Se7en. It was the slick and messy bed head. It is said that the killer crop hairstyle is due to Pitt’s hair influence. 

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Brad Pitt short hair with the Killer Crop

The world’s top barber, Bradley Smith recommends that men have to leave 2 inches hair on the top to get this haircut. Also, barbers should use scissors cut for a softer look and that still offers messy texture you desired. The hair on two sides is shorter, only one inch so that it blends perfectly with the top. What do you need to maintain this hair? In the morning, apply a small amount of clay into the strands and style. Now, you are ready to go out. 

Side parting hairdo in Meet Joe Black

Do you remember a blonde man in Meet Joe Black? Brad Pitt appeared in the film with his most angelic-looking. To get Brad Pitt blonde hair, you should ask for your hairstylist helps. They will use scissors cut over a comb to offer you a softer hair look. Leave about 4 inches on the top head and allow your hair on two sides to flop back over your ears. Use a sea salt spray to create the basic shape of the haircut and add hair creature as well.

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Side parting hairdo in Meet Joe Black

Still, you should not try it if you have a thinning hairline. Because it will only highlight the hair defect on your head, especially your recession points. 

Extreme undercut in Fury

Many people said that 2014 was the year of the Brad Pitt hair Fury. Men around the world had undercut style as Pitt wore in the drama. This hairstyle contributes to creating the image of the hero in World War II tale. Barber Smith says that it is a pompadour with an undercut and the lengths of hair on the top and sides are different. Hairstylists will leave roughly 4 inches on top and 2 inches at the crown to slick the strands back. Use a razor rather than clippers to cut the hair on the back and sides. This helps create a sharp hair look.

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Fury Brad Pitt hair

To get Fury Brad Pitt hair, wet your hair first. Then, blow-dry the hair on the low or cool setting, brush back your mane to have the basic shape of the classic pompadour style. Don’t dry it completely. Apply a coin-sized amount of pomade so that it can hold the hairstyle longer with a glossy finish. And Slick back the hair from your forehead down to the crown. Finish!

Undying long hair in World War Z

You think that Brad Pitt with long hair in World War Z is hard to maintain. you think it takes time to care for and may be uncomfortable. Still, this hairstyle offers Pitt a more mature look. It works best with thinner hair. If your tresses are too thick, it is hard to part in the middle. 

Visit a hair salon and barbers are more used to working with this hair density and length. You would like your natural locks to fall over your ears and back like Brad Pitt long hair movie, talk to your barber. Maintain this hair is not difficult and complex as you think. Shampoo less, twice per week with your existing shampoo. Apply conditioner since it protects your hair from hair breakage and retains moisture in the strands. You can use natural oils such as argan oil to prevent against split ends and provide the hair shine. 

Brad Pitt Hair - The Secrets Of The World's Sexiest Man Alive
Undying long hair

On That Note

Most men at their age of 50, even in the 40s, will have suffered from some forms of hair loss, such as alopecia areata. But Braid Pitt hair is out of this rule. The iconic actor has always managed and cared for his hair to avoid this problem. You know the celebs focus on their appearance, especially when appearing in front of the cameras. 

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