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The Insiders’ Guide To Buy Hair In Bulk Cheap & Fast

We’ve heard a lot of unwanted circumstances from buyers complaining that they were tricked by bad hair vendors. Indeed, the process of purchasing hair is a problem for all. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced customer, you must be hesitant when buying hair. As an expert in selling hair, we will show you 4 easy steps to buy hair in bulk from different hair vendors across the world. You will never encounter unexpected situations when purchasing human hair systems. 

Find a good vendor to buy hair in bulk

We know that there are countless writings mentioning this point. But this is the most important and necessary step to start your purchase. List and find some good hair sellers that are highly evaluated by customers. You can check their websites, read reviews to find the best wholesale vendor. 

Bear in mind that if you have no reliable hair seller to buy from, all the steps will be worthless and the final results will be frustrating. 

The Insiders' Guide To Buy Hair In Bulk Cheap & Fast
find a good hair vendor

Check out the origin of the hair

Would like to buy hair extensions in bulk, don’t forget to ask the seller where they collected hair from. We recommend buying human hair systems as they have many benefits. 

However, no human hair types are the same. We mean that Vietnamese hair is different from Cambodian hair. To meet the increasing customers’ demands, manufacturers now supply different human hair kinds, and each of them has its own characteristics and quality. Down below are some most-popular hair types in the market you can consider when you plan to buy human hair in bulk. 

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Vietnamese hair

This is the favorite hair type of most hairstylists. Its features are soft, smooth, and silky. The natural color of this hair type is traditionally black, and it mixes well with the hair colors of most women around the world. It gives you a beautiful look and feel. 

Straight Vietnamese hair is the most well-known item in this space. With 100% real human hair, you can easily get and buy hair products in bulk with high-end quality. Also, users can add some waves or curls to Vietnamese hair extensions to freshen their looks. 

Cambodian hair

Similarly, Cambodian hair is another excellent option if you want to buy Remy hair in bulk. It’s a beautiful texture and luster. The hair is quite coarse, thick, and slightly wavy. Because this hair type supplies numerous choices, it is preferred by most users. 

Although Cambodian human hair has a coarse-like texture, it is light. It can withstand heat and chemical processes without much damage to the quality of the hair. Plus, the hair price is reasonable. 

The Insiders' Guide To Buy Hair In Bulk Cheap & Fast
Vietnamese bulk hair vs Cambodian hair vs Brazilian hair

Indian hair

Indian hair is one of the most favorite human hair types in the world. The hair extensions can be styled easily as it is naturally bouncy and lightweight. You want to buy virgin hair in bulk, it’s a good idea to choose this hair. 

In the beauty industry, Indian hair is well-known as it is versatile, silky, and lustrous. It blends seamlessly with African American hair. 

Brazillian hair

Why choose Brazillian hair? It is famous for its thickness, softness, and natural shine. It’s available in a bunch of hair hues, lengths, and textured styles. Thus, the variety in its textures makes it a great fit for the hair weaves industry.

Another plus of this hair is that it can last up to a year or more with the right maintenance. It provides you a great and realistic look.

Once you’ve determined the origin of the hair, you’re about halfway through to buy hair weave in bulk. 

Compare the hair prices

The price of hair extensions is important, too. You want to get the best price when purchasing hair, don’t you? You should compare the prices that different sellers give you. But it has to go with good hair quality. 

The Insiders' Guide To Buy Hair In Bulk Cheap & Fast
consider the price

Doing online research, reading reviews, or getting referrals from experienced buyers to find which seller would provide you good items at wholesale prices. 

And don’t forget to ask the hair vendor about the payment method before you decide to buy human hair extensions in bulk. Many hair vendors now use common payment options, such as credit card, Paypal, Western Union, etc. This helps international buyers get hair extensions easily. 

Buy different types of hair extensions

Most hair distributors will provide you different types of extensions, such as tape-ins, clip-ins, wigs, and other hairpieces. Ask them whether they produce colored and styled hair systems. 

If you want to buy hair ready-to-wear hair extensions, choose the seller with a diversity of products. They help you save a lot of time for styling or dyeing the hair. 

For example, you want to buy hair in bulk to start your business. Opt for the vendors offering you a wide variety of hair options and competitive prices. 

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Where to buy hair products in bulk

Looking for the best hair vendor is challenging, so you can be overloaded by the huge number of retailers out there. You may not know where to start and where to buy hair from. We understand why people always ask where I can buy hair extensions in bulk. If you need a recommendation, we self-nominate our hair company – Lewigs.

The Insiders' Guide To Buy Hair In Bulk Cheap & Fast
bulk human hair at Lewigs

We are a reliable hair supplier based in Vietnam that provides different types of human hair systems. Lewigs commit not to make you disappointed. We provide good customer services and first-rate products because we know that these are magnets to attract customers. We sell 100% human hair extensions, no mix synthetic fibers. Hence, our hair is completely safe to wear and you cannot find it in other brands. We produce hair for everyone, including cancer patients, sensitive skin wearers, and so on. 

In a nutshell

In general, finding a good hair vendor to buy hair in bulk is not an easy mission. Lewigs hopes that this post is useful for you. 

Or contact us to get the best hair systems and affordable prices. We’re willing to support you at any time. 

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