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Buying Wholesale Bundles Of Hair – 6 Must-Consider Things

For most women, hair has a part to play in enhancing their beauty. Hair wigs or hair extensions, therefore, are becoming increasingly popular since more people are looking to improve their appearance. Today, there are many hair suppliers offering wholesale bundles of hair, especially human hair bundles, but not everyone will provide good quality hair. If you want to start your business with hair bundles then this article is for you.

Wholesale bundles of hair

As you start your business, you may be wondering some questions such as how to buy or where to buy bundles of hair wholesale? how to choose hair bundles that not only offer you good quality but also many benefits?

human hair bundles

How to buy bundles of hair wholesale?

There are many ways to find a wholesaler of hair, but the most convenient and optimal way in the current situation is to buy online.

You can find the hair distributor you want on the internet. But first, you should determine the type of hair you want to buy. There are 2 popular hair types on the market today, namely synthetic hair and human hair. Among the two, human hair is more popular and

After that, simply choose the quantity of products you want,30 bundles of hair wholesale is a great number for a startup.

To find the most reliable and quality wholesale distributor of virgin hair bundles, you should take into consideration some basic information that the distributors offer such as customers’ feedback, payment method, refund, or exchange policy and service. Here are some tips we present to you with the hope that before you make the right decision before purchasing with a wholesale bundle of hair distributors.

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Customer feedback

The first step you should remember when looking for a hair wholesaler is to check customer reviews about it. For example, you can test it out on the company’s website where the customer can write down their reviews.

After purchasing a product, most customers will submit their feedback, comments, videos, or pictures of the product and its quality on the website or some places that sell wholesale bundles of hair will offer a 5-star scale for customers to rate, you can rely on those things to make up your mind.

Also, if you consider trading with Chinese distributors for wholesale bundles of hair, be careful. Since the Chinese market is the largest wholesale place for hair bundles so there are likely more chances of buying poor quality products with ghost companies. In particular, if you are interested in high-quality products, be careful when working with Chinese companies.

Payment methods

Another tip to find the best place for wholesale bundles of hair is to check if wholesale suppliers, especially foreign ones, allow you to pay via PayPal, . Hence, if they provide you with a list of Payment Methods that include Paypal, that’s a great sign.

Furthermore, when disputes arise or you want to return the product, using Paypal will benefit you to some extent. Hence, Paypal acts as a safeguard for your transaction.

Buying Wholesale Bundles Of Hair - 6 Must-Consider Things
payment methods

Order a sample of hair bundles

If you worry about being lured by the providers’ speech for their products, let’s order one to test it. This way will help you choose the best wholesaler that matches your expectations as well as check the authority and trustworthiness of the sellers.

Customer policy

With the advancement of technology, people are more likely to buy products on the internet but there will be some problems. Therefore, in order to avoid unwanted situations, you need to learn thoroughly about their distributors’ policies, especially the terms of return, exchange, and refund.

Customer service

Find hair bundles wholesale sites that offer live chat to contact them. It will be beneficial for you when you have pressing issues related to human hair products. It is inconvenient if they only provide contact email as it takes time to receive the answers.

The way the wholesale suppliers respond to and resolve your issue is also a signal to clarify whether they are reliable or not.

Buying Wholesale Bundles Of Hair - 6 Must-Consider Things
customer service

Response time

Considering how long you receive the answer from the seller is also important. It’s great if you get the answers even to small questions within 24 hours as it shows that the distributors take care of every customer. It is more trustworthy than the person responding to you after a week, a month, or even longer.

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Where to buy bundles of hair wholesale?

Layla Hair

When it comes to wholesale bundles of hair, Layla Hair is a brand that you cannot miss out on. This company offers hair bundles made from 100% human hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodian whose hair is famous for its durability and quality. You are also offered a bunch of choices if you place an order with them, they have a wide range of hair bundles with different textures, colors, and styles.

Their services and products also receive many nice reviews from customers, you can visit their sites and check it out

Buying Wholesale Bundles Of Hair - 6 Must-Consider Things
hair bundles real hair at Lewigs


Another great place for you to start your business with wholesale bundles of hair is Lewigs.

This company offers wholesale bundles of virgin hair at a very good price. Their products are collected by one single human hair’s donor so they always look natural, soft, and smooth.

Moreover, like other providers for wholesale virgin hair, Lewigs also possess hair in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures for their buyers to choose from.

Also, they have a great customer policy so that you can see a lot of great feedback on their platform.

Our conclusion

If you are interested in starting a business with wholesale bundles of hair and do not know how to begin, we do hope that this article will somehow help you to find your own way to do that.

If you have more questions about wholesale bundles of human hair, feel free to contact us.

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