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The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair

Go curly!

Perhaps most people who have searched the term “Cambodian curly hair” have got quite an idea about what it is. However, to look deeper into smaller aspects of this type of hair is still a not-so-popular thing. That’s why this blog post is established.

Down below, Lewigs would like to take you onto a tour to discover everything essential about this hair extension, like types, pros and cons, and more. 

Cambodian Curly Hair

Cambodian virgin and Remy curly hair feel and look just like your natural hair, creating a style with natural movement and realistic appearance. It solves different hair problems from the excessive thin to short hair. It also helps you look more fashionable with curly styles. 

The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair
Cambodian hair suits all skin tones

The hair texture suits all skin tone

Colors are available range from the bright shades (blonde, white, etc) to dark shades (black, deep brown, etc) which suit all kinds of skin tones. Hence, you can choose the best one that mixes well with your natural tresses.

Virgin Cambodian curly hair is the same as Indian hair, and they are all preferred by the black women. Cambodian hair is easy to combine with other types of hair. Also, this type of hair gives you a smooth, floating and light feeling.

The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair
long Cambodian hair

Come in a variety in length

Like other types of hair, the Cambodian one has long and short hair available. The length of your hair depending on you. Often, Cambodian women prefer long black hair so they keep their hair as long as possible. You can see many Cambodian girl curly hair in over 30-inches in length.

You would like to have long hair and all you need is Cambodian hair curly extension. The long hair extension is sewed in your hair creating a soft and feminine look. To be more fashionable, we can use a curling iron to style the hair. 

Things To Notice When Buying Cambodian Curly Hair

Hair quality

This is an important factor to consider whether you buy Cambodian curly virgin Remy hair or not. First off, you should choose the item that is made of real human hair. It may be a virgin, Remy or Non-Remy hair. Virgin hair is the best material to create your curly extension. 

Moreover, the quality of the hair also divided into single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn hair. What are they?

Single drawn Cambodian hair brings you the best experience that other hair types don’t have. Manufacturers make it with 50% full-length hair. It is born for those who want their hairs to be as natural and seamless as possible. 3-4 bundles are enough to make a full head.

The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair
single drawn hair vs double drawn hair

Double drawn hair is created with 70-80% full-length hairs. Short hair is removed and long hair is added. Instead of using mechanical processes, the hair is hand-tied only. 

And the super double drawn hair is the thickness, it contains 85% full-length hair. Similar to the double drawn, craftsmen move all short hair strands and add long hair strands to keep the thickness from the top to the end. 

Hair patterns

The curly hair comes with loose curly, kinky curly, wavy and so on. Each of hairstyles can bring you a trendy and gorgeous look. Let’s enjoy your beautiful life with this hair. 

Many African American women love kinky curly as it matches their natural hair patterns, creating a seamless look.

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Hair types


Cambodian curly hair bundles are for everyone. These products are more suitable for those who want to start a hair business. They are also the perfect material to make wigs DIY. With coarse and thick texture, Cambodian curly hair will turn your handmade products into valuable items. It is very versatile, so feel free to style it. They allow your wigs to hold curls very well. 

The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair
what do you need: hair bundles, weave, extension, or full wig?


It is a wonderful way to create a new hairstyle. It gives the wearers an opportunity to add more hair and length to bio hair. Even more, the item gives your natural locks time to rest as you only style the weave to reach a new look. Which is a type of weave right for you? It depends on some factors such as the length of hair you want, how long you want the hair last, etc. 


Curly hair is used to make extensions. From clip-in, tape-in to wigs, all of them are stunning and very soft in texture. For example, curly clip in hair extensions is easy to install and remove. If you don’t believe us, buy a unit to check it yourself. Improve your beauty by choosing this hair. 

Tips To Care Curly Cambodian Hair

Do you know that proper care is very necessary to expand the hair life expectancy? Remember to treat this hair as you would do with your own hair. However, don’ wash the hair often like your existing hair as it will be dull and lifeless.

With loose curly, deep curly or kinky curly hair, you should pay attention when brushing. Don’t pull the hair. Use your fingers and run through the hair to remove all knots.

The Ultimate Guide To Cambodian Curly Hair
don’t pull the hair or comb it roughly to prevent the curls from loosening

Use gentle shampoos and conditioners. These products can hydrate and add moisture to keep the hair strands’ health. Please wash and condition the hair as gently as possible. 

You can style this Cambodian woman with curly hair, but don’t abuse it. Keep in mind that excessive heat and chemicals can dry out the hair quickly and shortens its lifetime as well. Try to maintain the beauty and health of your Cambodian hair curly.

After this post, we hope that you have a deep understanding of Cambodian hair curly. Visit Lewigs to get curly hair wholesale at cheap prices. We have Cambodian curly hair for sale with high quality. 

For any further requires, drop us to get the answers. Also, browse our product lines to choose from. Don’t hesitate to buy a Cambodian human hairpiece at Lewigs.

Thanks a lot! 

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