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5 Cambodian Hair Extensions Insights You Need To Know

Things media hasn't told you about.

Let us sail you on the ocean of Cambodian hair extensions to understand more about how this amazing hair system can help you have fuller hair and change your style. 

So how can you determine if a hair extension is right for you? The extension comes in a multitude of types, colors that can blend your natural hair and offer a realistic look. 

Types of Cambodian Hair Extensions

Clip-in extension

Clip-in Cambodian hair extensions in the hair market today. It suits for all customers who have thin or thick hair. Aesthetically, it is a perfect unit to create a better shape and realistic appearance.

Clip-in hair extensions have one or many pieces that vary in width. Some also call these pieces are “weft”. With some clips inside the hair, you can clip the unit into your hair and remove it easily.

5 Cambodian Hair Extensions Insights You Need To Know
clip-in Cambodian hair extensions

If you have sensitive skin, the clip-in is your savor as you use no glue or tape to attach the item. Many wearers use clip in, especially Cambodian curly clip in hair extensions since they look natural and can be perfectly blended with their bio hair. Using this hair, you can add more length, volume to your thinning hair.  

Tape-in extension

How about Cambodian tape-ins? They are very thin, about 1 inch wide pre-taped hair weft. Often, it can last up to 3 months with proper usage. You would like to have thick and voluminous hair, opt for this method. 

5 Cambodian Hair Extensions Insights You Need To Know
tape-in Cambodian hair

The tape wefts are attached in between your existing hair. Unlike the keratin method, it does not require any chemicals nor tools to apply. Spend only an hour to apply the tapes, you will have perfect hair.

Fusion Cambodian hair extensions

You can add lengths and highlights to your natural hair with this type of extension. If you hear some terms such as “keratin bond, hot-fusion or pre-bonded extensions”, they are one. 

This method is among the most versatile extensions. Furthermore, Cambodian virgin Remy hair extensions are long-lasting and non-damaging.

5 Cambodian Hair Extensions Insights You Need To Know
keratin tip hair extensions

There are 3 common types of keratin bonds now, they are I-tip, U-tip, and V-tip. All of them offer the wearer a realistic appearance. With proper care and treatments, the unit can last up to 6 months.

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How To Keep Cambodian Hair Extensions Last Longer

Refer to some tips below to help your unit stay healthy:

– Keep the hair clean and untangled. Spend time to care for hair extensions. 

– Don’t brush or comb the hair when it is still wet. 

– Use gentle hair care products. But you don’t have to wash them every day as they can dull or tangle. 

5 Cambodian Hair Extensions Insights You Need To Know
take good care of your Cambodian hair extensions

– If you have a plan to go swimming. Take the extension off or wrap the hair in a swimming cap. Then remove excess chlorine in the pool or salt in beach water.

– Limited using heat styling tools as excessive heat will damage the hair, making it dry quickly.

– Never sleep with wet hair. Wrap the hair with a silk towel or sleep with a silk pillowcase. 

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, after the post, you will understand more about Cambodian hair extensions and distinguish different types well. 

Should have any requires or questions about hair extensions or related things, don’t forget to visit Lewigs’ site to get more. Or drop us directly via hotline so we can help you choose the best one. 

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