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Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!

It offers seamless volume.

Generally speaking, Cambodian hair weave is an item that people use with the aim of adding more hair to their heads. Of course, it is not an easy task to find a good hair unit because the number of products in today’s market is so overwhelming. But don’t worry! This exclusive guide from Lewigs will help you. 

What Is A Hair Weave?

A hair weave is where wefts are sewn or clipped onto the braids. Sometimes, it is also called machine weft hair. It is really beautiful and that’s why a lot of extension wearers love it. One highlight of this hair is that it can last for several weeks. 

Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!
human hair weave

We highly recommend using virgin hair weaves to have a fashionable look. They are silky and could easily blend your real hair in both texture and color.

Single weft hair extension

Let’s start with the single drawn Cambodian hair first. Often this hair is harvested as a ponytail from only one donor. A standard weft of a single drawn hair is 50% full-length hairs. And the rest of the hair is shorter.

Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!
single weft hair

For instance, 24-inch Cambodian hair weave contains 50% full 24-inch length hair, and the hair rest is shorter. Because the making process is simple, the cost of the single drawn extension is quite cheap. 

Double weft hair extension

It may take roughly 10 kilograms of raw hair to create 1 kilogram of this extension. It contains 70-80% full-length hair. The short hair will be removed before sewn to make the double drawn hair. Hence, the hair bundle will be in the same length and equal thickness. 

Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!
double weft

If you are not satisfied with this extension, super double drawn is an alternative method. It will be made depending on your request with the full-length hair is from 85%. Of course, the price of these types is higher than the single one.

Cambodian Hair Weave At Lewigs

At Lewigs, we offer Cambodian hair in straight, body wave hair weave, and so on ranging from 8 to 30 inches in length. The hair texture also decides how blended the weave will be with your natural tresses.

You can buy the item from many vendors in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh Cambodian weave hair or all suppliers around the world. 

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How to Use Virgin Cambodian Hair Weave

The craftsmen combine Cambodian human hair extension weave with closure, frontal, etc. to create wigs. 

Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!
Cambodian hair weave

First, put a wig cap on the stand or wig head and secure it. Then take your closure and lace it on the head. If you want a side part, arrange the closure on the side of the wig head. Take hairpins to hold down the item so it does not move anywhere. 

Next, use a needle and thread, then start sewing down the closure from side to side. Make sure the item lay down nice and flat also. 

Take the weave and it is time to put it on the wig cap. Brush it first to detangle. You start sewing from the bottom first. Continue the process until the cap is full of hair. 

Finish. Everything is all sewed up. You brush the hair wig in case it has gotten tangled while you were sewing it up.  

Where To Buy Cambodian Hair Weave & Wig?

Do you wish to increase the length of hair or add more hair volume? Whatever it is, a human hair weave or wig is a fantastic choice. The question is, where should you find and buy Cambodian hair weave wholesale?

Proud of offering the customer the high-quality products and best service, Lewigs is one of your destinations. This is one of the best virgin Cambodian hair weave suppliers. Also, we guarantee that our hairpieces are completely safe to wear.

Ready To Rock Cambodian Hair Weave? Read This!
Cambodian hair weave at Lewigs

What are Cambodian weft hair bundles or wigs at Lewigs? They are 100% real human hair, no synthetic fibers. Also, they come with impressive textures, colors, and styles as your existing hair. They will overall bring the utmost convenience as well as versatility so that you can rock your look daily.

Buying wigs and weaves wholesale is not as difficult as you think because we are here. We hope that our sharings have addressed your questions “what is Cambodian hair weave?” and “where can you buy it”? Find out more helpful articles about the hair and wigs at Lewigs’ blog.

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