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Unknown Facts About Cambodian Hair Texture Revealed By The Experts

Super silky, thick, and elastic.

Are you new to the hair replacement system market? Then, the high chances are that plenty of information floating on the Internet overwhelms you. What are the hair origins? How about their colors? Texture as well? It varies by demands and preferences. But Lewigs hope this post helps in one way or another by digging into the Cambodian hair texture. 

The differences between raw hair vs. virgin hair

First, it is necessary to have an idea of the differences between the texture of the virgin and the raw Cambo hair. Do they sound the same to you? What is better?

They are subtly different. Raw strands are 100% free from any processing. In other words, they have not undergone any steam, chemical, or thermal treatment before. That is why it is considered the most reliable type without enduring any interference from the human.

5 Unknown Facts About Cambodian Hair Texture Revealed By The Experts
raw Cambodian hair is 100% unprocessed

Meanwhile, virgin hair has not experienced chemical processing. Still, it has been through steam or heat. The thermal impacts can be from its donor. Or else, the manufacturers are behind them because they wish to make a couple of styles – for example, curly and straight. Besides, they want the locks to have the same features. 

Which is better to choose?

Virgin hair is appealing for those wanting to have the highest graded hair for further processings like dyeing or bleaching. The only drawback of this hair is perhaps the high cost it might incur. 

However, if you have a lower budget, raw hair is good also.

5 Unknown Facts About Cambodian Hair Texture Revealed By The Experts
virgin hair might be steamed or heated already

 It is a matter of needs and wants. Ask yourself whether you like the slightly coarser characteristic of the raw Cambodian hair texture. Or do you prefer the trendy patterns and styles which the virgin one offers?

Cambodian hair texture

Raw Cambodian hair is silky and dense

What is the texture of Cambodian hair? It is famous for the medium luster. It can be dense or realistically silky. The strands with heavy texture are most fantastic for ethnic people and those whose hair is heavily textured. Meanwhile, silky hair may be suitable for those with naturally smooth hair.

5 Unknown Facts About Cambodian Hair Texture Revealed By The Experts
Cambodian hair is thick and silky

Cambodian hair patterns

For the patterns, they are often available in wavy, curly, or straight. Overall, the raw locks are a little closer to the naturally coarse texture in comparison with the virgin ones. 

What is another good thing that the Cambodian hair texture presents to you? The bundles are not the same. Note that their forms are not tremendously different. But they never similar. It is because the supplier does not steam the hair for identical products. 

It’s lightweight

For another plus, you may not be able to get enough of the lightweight texture of Cambodian hair. Have we mentioned that it usually comes with full volume? Regardless of that fact, the hair from this country weighs incredibly lightly. You will not have to move around, suffering the heaviness on your head. That also means there will not be any more headaches.

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It is elastic and versatile

What is more, it is capable of creating plenty of bounce and body. So, you can try out the styles you are into. It is easy to make different types – for instance, straight, kinky curly, and loose waves using thermal tools or the like.

With the strong Cambodian hair, it can endure any harsh processing of hair. There will not be any severe damage. Not all, you can wash and blow-dry it with ease. 

5 Unknown Facts About Cambodian Hair Texture Revealed By The Experts
Cambodian hair is durable

In short: What texture is Cambodian hair?

It is generally slightly coarse, lightweight, and long-lasting. It is a smooth match with plenty of hair – for example, African American one. As this hair is as natural as your bio one, you can straighten, curl, and flat iron it safely. It can hold curls excellently.

Are you looking for a supplier of the hairpieces with the best Cambodian hair texture? If you are, Lewigs should be one of your best choices. We use Cambodian hair to make top-notch hairpieces for both men and women, ranging from hair toupee, human hair wigs, and hair toppers. By using our reliable units, you will not just feel comfortable but boost your confidence. 

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