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Can Wigs Get Lice? Be Cautious When Wearing!

Can wigs get lice? You may have searched for this question many times and you are not alone, many wigs users do that. The fact is that hairpieces can get lice though this case is rare. If you want to know: how can lice get on wigs? and How to deal with that? Keep reading to find out!

The newly purchased wig will never get lice since it had been through a process of disinfection and sanitization. At that step, the hair of wigs will be dipped into an ‘acid bath’ to get rid of all bacteria, eliminating the chance of getting lice.

Can wigs get lice?

The wig has been used, however, it has more chance to get lice, though the possibility of contracting lice is low. The reason is that lice just live on the human scalp for eating blood. And it is harder for lice get on your scalp when you are wearing a wig, so they have no chance to survive. But sometimes, lice can get to the scalp through the material of the hairpiece.

Can you get lice from human hair wigs? Since the hair of human hair wigs has many traits of natural hair and lice have no ability to distinguish the difference between a human hair wig and real live hair. So, both wigs and real hair often have the same problems, including getting lice.

Can Wigs Get Lice? Be Cautious When Wearing!
lice eggs on wigs

How can you get lice in wigs?

It is hard for lice to reach a wig since lice cannot jump or fly. Som, how can wigs get lice? The ways wigs get lice is hair wig directly contact with others’ hair with lice. So, sharing hairbrush or comb with those whose hair gets lice can be a possible way of your contracting lice. So, avoid using hair comb with others! Sharing a bed or pillow with those who get lice also is a way for lice to spread.

Another way for lice to reach your wigs is by sharing your hairpieces with someone else who has lice. Hence, don’t share your hair wigs or hair topper and toupee with anyone by all costs.

What is more, lice can lay eggs even on the wigs since it has a scalp-like surface.

How to prevent lice get in your wig?

Can Wigs Get Lice? Be Cautious When Wearing!
keep your wigs always clean

– Keep your hair or wigs away from those who you suspect their hair has lice.

– Don’t share hairbrush and comb with anyone

– Avoid sharing hairpiece with others anyway

– Keep your wigs in bun and braid, put on the wig stand and cover it with a plastic bag when not using.

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What to do if hair wigs get lice?

Once you spot any lice on your hairpiece, take it off from your scalp right away and put it on a wig stand or in a plastic bag. Then, wash your real hair with a typical shampoo used to treat lice. If you use the ordinary conditioner or shampoo, it will have no effect at all since the lice shampoo will produce a deadly environment for the lice.

Also, there is various way to treat lice such as using topical treatment got from the drugstore or use lice combs to pull all lice and their eggs through your hair. After you know for sure that your natural hair is free of fleas and their eggs, you can reuse your wigs.

Can Wigs Get Lice? Be Cautious When Wearing!
head lice shampoo

Before wearing the wig on your head, clean your wig properly with lukewarm water. You can apply any treatment to your hairpiece following the guidance as long as it is non-toxic for your wigs. Let your wig dry naturally then place it back to the stand.

Gently comb your hair with the comb specially used to remove the lice and its eggs. Be careful or you might not slide off all. The root and the nape areas are where lice often reach on your head, so pay more attention to these parts. Apply a small amount of mild condition can help you to comb the lice and eggs away more easily, but after that, you should rinse out your wig again).

Another method to deal with lice on your wig is to put the wig with lice in a bag and seal it carefully. Leave it in for a month or more, since it needs to have enough time for lice and eggs to hatch and die.

So after you clear up both your real hair and wig, you can use your wig again.

Our conclusion

Hopefully, this article will help you answer the questions: can wigs get lice? Or how can lice get in wigs? And How to deal with this problem.

If you have any questions or you want to learn more about human hair wigs, hair toupee or topper, drop us a message!

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