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Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig

How to?

Hair replacement systems are among the most comfortable, most effective, and appealing ways to boost your self-confidence. You cannot deny how trendy they look, especially lace front hair units. They feature various colors – say, light brown, medium brown, and transparent. There are two choices for you when it comes to coloring lace front wig. Purchase the items with the color you are into. Either, do it yourself. For the second option, it is not as hard as you may think. Below, Lewigs will guide you in detail on how to color a lace front wig.

Really, can you dye that wig with color?

Yes, you can. Dying human hair wigs is pretty straightforward. It is possible to use the same developer, hair dye, and tools like those you use for your bio hair. All you need to do is mix the dye – apply it to the hair system – wash the hairpiece after you finish dyeing it to ensure it stays clean as well as being shiny.

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig
lace front wigs human hair can be dyed

Meanwhile, the approach to dying a synthetic wig is not similar to dying the human hair one. While the latter can hold pigments, the synthetic one fails to do so. It is owing to the synthetic fiber that makes the hair system. You cannot use the regular hair dye on them. Also, they are less durable and tend to have less quality than human hair. That is why dyeing them is more complicated.

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Color your synthetic lace front wig: How-to guide

Select the shade and mix the dye

Make the dye, to begin with. Create a mixture of water (1) and alcohol-based ink (1). Pour the same quantity of ink and water into a spray bottle. Next, mix them well. Do you not have that ink? Then, you can rely on an ink tube inside the sharpie marker as a great alternative. After putting it in a spray bottle, pour a similar amount of water there. Allow the blend to stay overnight.

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig
choose a suitable hair dye color and shade

Color your lace front wig

Continue by coloring lace front wig. Note that your wig should be light-colored. Lightening the color of a synthetic hair piece with bleach is not possible, unlike what you can do with the human hair systems.

Select a place. Then, put the hair unit on the wig stand. Start to dye the top hair layer, which is noticeable when you part the wig naturally. Spray the mixture you have made three times or five on one area for coating one section, which is two inches or three wide.

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig
how to dye a synthetic wig

Dig the root area with the fingers. Then, wiggle them between sides before moving down through the hair. Repeat doing so for about two times, which will ensure the hair enhancer is entirely coated — doing the same with other single sections of hair. You should use a hair-friendly wide-tooth comb for the hair combing, from the roots to the tips. That way, it will appear uniform.

Rinse and style the hair system

Let it air-dry. The drying time has to do with how thick the hair piece is. It tends to take 60 minutes or so.

Wash the dry wig until you notice the water becomes clear. Spray a synthetic hair conditioner on the hair. Then, comb it until your wig is free of tangles. Use a hairdryer to make it dry. Do not forget to set the lowest or ‘cool’ heat level,

How to color your human front lace wig

Create the dye

Before you start coloring lace front wig, buy the hair developer and dye – they are available in any drug store, etc. Select the colors of the wigs which are suitable for you.

Mix the dye and developer in a plastic bowl using a plastic spoon. Put on a pair of gloves to save your skin from the dye’s chemicals.

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig
soak the wig into the dye

Apply the dye on your frontal lace wig

You suggest you test the dye’s color on several strands first. It should be an unnoticeable place so that you can try various lace wig colors until you find the best fit. It may take half an hour for you to see the result. 

Next, soak the wig into the dye. Scoop the dye across the hair enhancer with your hand. After that, spread it over the wig’s layers.

After coloring lace front wig, place it on the stand for it to be in shape. Allow the color to set.

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Wash the wig

Wash it using a special wig shampoo. Or else, count on a color-safe shampoo. These products will help make your wig’s color appear as fantastic as possible.

Mind Blowing Method On Coloring Lace Front Wig
wash the wig with a color-treated shampoo

Put the hair unit into warm water. When you are done washing it, apply the conditioner to it so that it will become shinier.

Next, towel-dry the item. Get rid of any remaining water by squeezing the hair gently. Return to the stand for air-drying. Alternatively, use your hairdryer on the low setting.

Conclusion: Coloring lace front wig 

If you are bored with the current hairstyle, you can resort to buying a hair system with your favorite color or coloring it. That way helps minimize the risk of your bio hair damage. Follow the above steps on coloring lace front wig for the best results.
Also, there is another worry-free way to go for: get a colored wig. Lewigs have a wide range of beautiful wigs in different colors available for you to shop with. Take a look at our website or contact us directly via our hotline to know more.

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