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At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed

We are sure you do not miss the days when dark green hair color becomes more popular than ever. Along with the color’s popularity, a lot of hair dye brands and ideas have been vivid out there today. Keep reading to know more about this dyed hair. 

About dark green hair

It is the color between yellow and blue in the standard color spectrum. To be easier to understand, you can assume it is like the fresh grass color. These hair colors are surprisingly suitable for every skin tone, from the dark, medium, to white, as long as you choose the best shade for you. For example, those with dark skin appear great with dark green curly hair.

Also, before you visit your stylist, consider your hair type. Sometimes, you need serious bleaching to attain this color of hair. That is why those with darker strands, previously-colored locks, or overly damaged hair may not be the most suitable. Rather, those who have not colored their curls before or have a naturally light head of hair should be the best candidate. 

How to dye hair dark green?

For a safer bet, you can account for temporary green hair dye for dark hair. The fantastic thing about semi-permanent choices is that you will have about seven washes before the colors begin to fade and return to the original shade. 

At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed
dark green hair

For darker hues of green, for example, emerald, dark blue and green hair, your locks will not have to be genuinely light — deeper blonde shades are okay. Yet, overall, what does this color of hair fade to? If you lift it lighter, to begin with, it will fade out more beautifully.

Also, note that by relying on semi-permanent coloring, you are free to achieve a temporary appearance but still attain the excellent results of hair dye permanent. Besides, it is easier to learn how to dye your hair dark green with one wash-out dye compared to permanent choices. You know, the DIY home kits come without bleach or ammonia factors. In other words, the hair shaft will not fundamentally change but only the hair’s outer layer with the color finish.  

You can change up your locks at least once. Temporary dye, hair extensions, and hair weave are fantastic for you to attempt something new.

Other inspirations:

Best dark green hair dye 

While you can learn how to make a dye, you can choose a quick way of how to get this color by buying a reliable coloring product. Below we have specified some of the top picks in the market today.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye – by ARCTIC FOX

This brand should be your favorite when semi-permanent dye entails. Its product contains 100% vegan ingredients. There are no animal by-products. Not all, over 10% of the profits of the brand will be for animals in need. For this coloring, it is incredibly mild for your strands. There are no harmful chemicals. As a bonus, the added conditioner is inclusive. The resulting colors are pretty and long-lasting.

At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed
Vegan and Cruelty Free Semi-permanent hair dye

Things you may like:

– Vegan coloring

– More than 10% of the profits are for animal abuse prevention.

– Favorable price

– Highly pigmented coloring.

– No harsh chemicals included.

– Conditioner added.

– Long-lasting

– Pleasant fragrance.

– Not overly stain your complexion

– The color will not bleed onto the sheets.

Things you may not like:

– None

Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Peacock Green, 4 Ounce – by Joico

The Color Intensity range of this brand contains coloring items with concentrated pigments. You can blend the colors to make a custom shade. Alternately, they are great on pre-lightened hair. Their no-peroxide formula will give the vibrant results for your hair. 

Things you may like:

– Extremely pigmented coloring.

– Long-lasting.

At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed
Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Peacock Green, 4 Ounce – by Joico

– The color remains vibrant for up to three weeks.

– Straightforward to work with.

– With hydration.

– Lovely fragrance.

Things you may not like:

– May bleed in the shower.

Hair Color, Emerald Green 53, 4 Count – by Crazy Color

This dye for hair male and female is extremely popular these days. Its brand has been around for a long time. Crazy Color is indeed among the oldest firms that provide bold unnatural shades. There is a wide range of color spectrums for you to choose from.

At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed
Hair Color, Emerald Green 53, 4 Count – by Crazy Color

Things you may like:

– Various shades to select

– Friendly price

– Straightforward to work with.

– Vibrant and pigmented colors.

Things you may not like:

– The color may bleed in your shower.

Dark green hair ideas 

Keep reading below to have great ideas of the color to try today.

Dark forest green hair

Similar to the woods, you can enjoy yourself green shades in your strands. Perfect them with a pretty hairstyle, such as dark green braiding hair. Also, allow the colors to flow naturally. The waterfall hairstyle may be suitable for this hair color as well.

Dark emerald green hair

At Last, The Secret To Dark Green Hair Is Revealed
dark green hair ideas

More of a gemstone guy? This color is jewel-toned; it is the perfect way of getting in on the current trend for green hair. Wear the color on its own. Otherwise, ace a rooted mane for further edgy appearance. The dark shade is excellent for winter and autumn. Plus, this vibrant color will appear pretty against the dark and medium complexion tones.

Dark green ombre hair

Of course, your appearance will rock the hair color. Take a moment as well as accepting what the shade can do for intensifying your looks. This hair hue is most suitable if you do not desire to go lighter than the natural shade.

Aside from the above ideas, you can also choose dark blue green. It will bring an impressive and bold look.

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In the bottom line

Dark green hair is undoubtedly a lifestyle change for men and women. Bear in mind that you should take good care of it – for example, avoid washing your new hair frequently – once a week is enough. Also, be loyal to dry shampoo. That way, you will have a long-lasting hair color similar to that of your favorite anime girl. You can also try this color on a wig from Lewigs to perfect your looks safely!

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