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Wanna Try Deep Wave Hair Weave? Read This First!

As you have been familiar with, there are numerous hair textures of hair replacements systems out there. Some get overwhelmed and frustrated about which one to select as they can’t recognize the difference. 

Deep wave hair weave is so attractive style that many crave. With small waves, this hair can change your hairstyle easily without wasting your time and money. 

About a deep wave weave hair

Before getting a wavy hair look, you should spend time finding solutions with less hair damage. You always go to a hair salon and add some waves to your existing hair. It’s a traditional way. Recently, women prefer hair extensions due to their advantages. 

Instead of waiting for hours in a hair salon, you just buy a hair extension and apply it to your mane. No need to experience any chemical or heat processes, you still get wavy hair. We believe that human hair replacement systems are a protective way that is least damaging to your natural locks. 

Wanna Try Deep Wave Hair Weave? Read This First!
deep wave weave

Suppose your natural hair is straight, buy deep wave hair weave styles if you really desire to get that look. Deep wave is a kind of hair pattern that is the same texture as your loose wavy or water wavy but just has a tighter curl. It is suitable for whether for work or play. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a feminine and trendy look. We advise you to buy human hair extensions as a hairstylist can cut or restyle it to fit your personal taste. 

Benefits of deep wave human hair weave

– Offer wavy hairstyles: All you need to do is finding a reliable hair brand and buy a human hair weave deep wave. It gives you the hair you like. No need to apply chemicals or heat to your curls, you still get wavy hairstyles. 

– Add more hair volume and length: Not only help wearers get their desired look, deep wave weave hair styles are also good for those with thinning hair. This is a great texture for all hair types, providing a luxurious hair look and boost your mane. 

– Flexible: When wearing deep wavy hair weaves, you can wear them off your face or gently tie it. We’re sure that the hairstyle will draw others’ attention and admiring glances. 

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Install a deep wave hair weave

Sew-in technique

You want to rock the styling hair up, such as updo-styles or bun, you should apply this technique. The hairstylist will tie or braid your natural locks in cornrows. Don’t braid your mane too tight as it may make you feel uncomfortable or lead to headaches. 

With this technique, the hair can stay on your head for 4-6 weeks without reapplying. 

Wanna Try Deep Wave Hair Weave? Read This First!
sew in technique vs quick weave technique

Quick weave technique

Quick weave styles with deep wave hair are growing as a trend. With this technique, the hair weft is glued to a stock cap applied on the head. You can create a quick weave at home or ask for pros’ help. 

How to blend natural hair with deep wave weaves

A lot of people emailing and asking us how to blend natural hair with wavy hair weaves or how to make the weave look so natural. The easiest tip is that you should get a hair texture that is the same as your natural hair. It will easily mix and blend your hair without being detected. 

Blending natural locks with deep wave weaves means it is likely that you have to choose the right hair color. There are various colors for you to choose from. As long as you buy the hair extension that is the same color as your hair strands, it will give you a more authentic look. 

To blend loose deep wave human hair weave with your existing hair, make sure to keep it moisturized. We mean that you should maintain soft hair strands. Utilize conditioners and hair sprays to keep the hair feel healthy. Plus, before going to bed, loosely braid or twist your hair to blend into your hair extension. You may see that your hair looks like the hair extension texture when you wake up. 

Wanna Try Deep Wave Hair Weave? Read This First!
how to blend deep wave weave with natural hair

How to maintain deep wave hair weaves

There are diverse methods that you can take to ensure that your human hair weave is well-maintained. 

How can I keep the hair extensions healthy and beautiful? 

What should I do to keep the hair last longer?

Here’re some of the steps that you take care of the hair. 

Things need: 

– Shampoo

– Conditioner

– A paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb

– Hot styling machine

– Serum or hair oil

Washing deep wave human hair weave

Ensure that you first comb the weave extension with a paddle brush to remove all knots and tangles. Then gently shampoo the hair in one direction. As it is not your natural hair, apply conditioner after washing to reduce dryness. 

Wanna Try Deep Wave Hair Weave? Read This First!
cover your hair with a silk scarf while sleeping

Gently brush a deep wave hair

We do not recommend that you pull the hair when brushing. Use a paddle brush and wide-toothed comb to manage and style your hair extensions.

When brushing your human hair weave, start from the ends of the hair, then move upwards.

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Care for a deep hair weave at night

If you sleep with your hair weave, please twist your hair extension or cover it with a silk scarf. Or you should buy a satin pillowcase to protect your weaves. 

Our thoughts

It is not challenging to get hair weaves in any hair salon or store. But not all hair products are good. So where to buy cheap deep wave human hair weave with high quality? At Lewigs, we supply hair items made of real human hair. We gathered hair from Vietnam and Cambodia which are known as the two best hair types for hair extensions. Also, we commit to supply hair at reasonable prices for all buyers worldwide. 

Would like to know more about deep wave hair weave, wigs, or useful hair care tips & tricks, don’t hesitate to access Lewigs. We are always more than happier to be served! 

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