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Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?

Is it a myth and turning out to be reversible?

Creatine is considered one of the most popular sports and nutritional supplements. Does creatine cause hair loss? Is it a myth and turning out to be reversible?

Creatine itself is unlikely to result in hair loss directly. But it can affect the specific hormone levels that do.

Let’s dive into the post below to have a better understanding of creatine, its advantages, and any side effects. Also, let’s hear what the researchers say about its association with hair loss.

Creatine and hair loss: According to the research

No evidence is substantial about its supplementation can lead to your hair thinning. Plenty of the proof of the connection is indeed anecdotal. In other words, it results from personal experiences or testimony of people.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
what is creatine

That said, as per a study in 2009 in rugby players at the age of college, higher hormone levels related to hair loss happen after their three weeks of including creatine supplementation. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – that is what the hormone is called.

Creatine and levels of DHT

Dihydrotestosterone is derived from testosterone – another hormone that you may know. Also, DHT is potent in comparison with testosterone.

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Creatine DHT hair loss: What is their relation

Your follicles have a particular life cycle. The phase of resting follows the growth phase of hair. After that, the curls fall out.

Note that DHT can bind to particular hormone receptors in your follicles. It may be the aftermath of briefer growth cycles of hair and shorter and thinner strands. You see less hair growth. That is why more locks fall out than being replaced.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
the increase in DHT leads to hair shedding

Further, you may have a predisposition related to the gene for your hair loss. The gene variations (also, AR) are likely to cause higher activity of the receptors of hormones in your hair follicles. Plus, the enzyme converting to DHT from testosterone can become more active in those suffering hair loss.

Does creatine cause hair loss?

According to the study in 2009 in the rugby players, these used the creatine supplement regimen that has to do with a week of creatine loading. That time, an increased supplement level was given. A maintenance period of reduced creatine levels followed it.

According to the researchers, the DHT levels raised more than 50 percent when the loading period happened. It remained 40 percent across baseline in the period of maintenance. Testosterone levels showed no change.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
DHT level rises during creatine supplements

Note that the researchers failed to see hair loss in the participants. So, can creatine cause hair loss, like what you heard on Reddit or the like? It is not likely. 

Yet, a DHT level rise was observed. These levels may be behind hair loss, so their increase can danger your hair health, especially if you have a predisposition associated with gene to your hair loss.

In general, there need more studies into the effect of creatine on your DHT levels. Also, researchers should evaluate if DHT increases as a consequence of creatine supplementation are enough for leading to hair loss.

Creatine: What is it? How does it work?

Now that you can answer the question, does creatine cause hair loss?, why do not you have a closer look into creatine to rest assured about the inquiry? It helps with the higher energy of your muscles. Your liver and kidneys naturally produce it. Also, you can get enough creatine when eating fish and red meat.

The storage of creatine is in the skeletal muscles. The chances are that it is broken down next time after your physical activity that acts as energy for contracting the muscles.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
men use creatine to boost their muscle mass

Some varieties of creatine are available in the current market. Yet, but creatine monohydrate is considered as the least costly.

When consuming creatine supplements, you will realize more creatine get available in the muscles. That is why they can produce more energy.

So, people tend to take it to boost their muscle mass. Also, it helps boost the performance of athletes. 

Creatine side effects

Does creatine cause hair loss? The possible answer is no (if it is itself). How about any undesirable effect when you use it? Let’s dive into it below. 

Retention of water

Creatine can lead to water retention. It may result in a temporary gain of weight. According to many concerns, water retention is likely to cause cramps and dehydration. Still, studies have not supported them.

According to a study in 2003 in football players from the college, creatine was not the culprit behind higher injury levels. Plus, as per a review in 2009, no evidence supported the use of creatine harm heat tolerance or so.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
creatine also causes water retention

Kidney related concerns

Can creatine damage your kidneys? According to a study in 2018, it had no negative impacts on the function of your organ. Still, if you have some kidney problems, avoiding it is the best.

Adult safety

In comparison with other supplements, it has got extensive research. It is safe if you use it in a proper amount. 

Some research assessed the impacts of creatine after long-term use. It seemed not to result in any serious health effects.

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Caution of use for adolescents

Adolescents should take some caution when using it. It is because there has not been enough research on the creatine’s safety in healthy adolescents.

If you want to use creatine yet have concerns, you should consult your doctor first.

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss? Muscles Or Hair?
you should be cautious when taking in creatine

When should you see a doctor?

As you can see, creatine does not directly result in your loss of hair. Still, if you are going through this hair concern, you should ask your doctor.

Also, you should visit your doctor if undergoing sudden hair thinning when washing or brushing.

Many hair loss causes are treatable. Plus, you can wear toupees and the like to cover your hair problems and improve your appearance. 

In the bottom line

So, does creatine cause hair loss? Studies have not pointed out that it is the direct culprit of your hair thinning. But it may result in DHT level rises. So, talk to a doctor before using it.

Also, what if you have suffered hair shedding already? Stop using creatine immediately and find a solution to save your hair. During the time waiting for the hair to regrow, you can consider wearing a toupee hairpiece to cover your thinning crown. There are many exquisite hairpieces on the market and these are natural-looking, so don’t hesitate to try.

You can take a look at our collection of toupees on our website or contact us directly to get consulted.

Thanks and see you in the next post!

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