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Does High Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? It Really Does!

To have a great treatment for hair loss, identifying the reasons is a must, which helps to have the right cure for the problems. You may hear or read somewhere that higher dihydrotestosterone can cause thinning hairline or hair loss. So, does high testosterone cause hair loss? Are there any relationships between high testosterone and hair loss? If you are one of many people reading this article with a view to finding the best solution for receding hairline due to high testosterone, this writing is written for you.

People often have a common and basic thought when mentioning that a high level of testosterone causes hair loss, they think once their body produced too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the byproduct of testosterone, and they have more chance of losing hair. However, the fact is a bit more complex than that.

Different Testosterone Forms

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that develops male characteristics. It creates the differences that happen in guys during puberty. Testosterone encourages hair and muscles to grow. So, does high testosterone cause hair loss ?

There are different forms of testosterone in your body.

Most of the testosterone in your blood is bound to 2 proteins, namely albumin and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

Does High Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? It Really Does!

Another form is free testosterone that is not attracted to proteins in your body. This form of testosterone is always ready to act inside your body, while the one that is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin isn’t active.

That you have a higher level of free testosterone in your blood means the level of SHBG is low.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a byproduct of the male sex hormone that is converted from testosterone by an enzyme. The potency of DHT is five times larger than that of testosterone. DHT acts in the prostate, skin, and hair follicles of the body in the prostate, skin, and hair follicles. And DHT is the main reason behind hair loss due to its action and the reaction of hair follicles to it.

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Genetic factor

Why high testosterone cause hair loss? Have you been curious about why this can?

The level of testosterone or DHT acts alone is not the reason for hair loss, the sensitivity of hair follicles is. And genes determine how sensitive your hair follicles are. Testosterone and DHT are able to interact with the receptor on hair follicles due to the AR gene. If the sensitivity of your receptors is high, hair loss can happen more easily, even the amount of DHT interacting with receptors is really small.

The reason for hair loss or thinning hair is various, it can be caused by stress, age, etc. But genetic factors play a considerable role, those who have relatives with male pattern baldness have more chances of developing hair loss themselves.

Does High Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? It Really Does!
the increase in DHT levels causes hair loss

How to treat hair loss caused by the high level of testosterone?

Now we all know how genes, as well as high testosterone, causes hair loss, however, the most significant factor is DHT, so how to treat it? There no effective ways to treat hair loss completely but there are some treatment can be employed to slow down the process. If your hair loss is caused by stress, diet, oily scalp or external factors as a whole, these treatments below might not help.

So, if DHT is the culprit of your receding or thinning hairlines, here are several treatment options that help to slow down your going bald.


Minoxidil, known as Rogaine is an FDA-approved treatment for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss. It can assist prevent hair from losing within its tracks. In some situations, it can also help to promote hair to regrow.

This hair loss treatment product is used by applying it topically onto your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles. Minoxidil will offer you the most desired result if you use it as soon as you notice that you are suffering from hair loss due to high testosterone. And once you stop using it, you also make a halt for hair growth.

Does High Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? It Really Does!
minoxidil vs finasteride vs low-level laser brush


Another treatment for hair loss due to high testosterone, approved by FDA is Finasteride, which is also sold under the name Propecia®. This treatment works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme cause testosterone to break into DHT, as a result, avoid the case where high testosterone causes hair loss. This medication can be prescribed by a licensed doctor. However, like Minoxidil, if you stop using it, the results you may have spotted will be lost.

Low-Level Laser Brush

Approved by the FDA, this is a proper cure for hair loss. This low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can be very productive if used correctly.

Low-Level Laser Brush is a non-chemical, non-invasive choice for those who want to get back the fuller, thicker, and healthier hair. Moreover, this is a safe therapy without causing any concerning side effects if used properly. Read the instruction before using for a considerable improvement of the scalp condition.

Natural Oils and Homeopathic Treatments

Does High Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? It Really Does!
Natural oils and homeopathic treatments for hair loss

Many kinds of essential oils, herbs, and foods can be an effective treatment that helps to prevent DHT on the scalp, then slow down the hair loss. Natural oils also help to nourish and moisturize your hair locks, which prevents hair from breaking. Some famous oils to treat hair loss such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, or avocado oil, those oils will promote the formation of cells, stimulate the number of follicles and boost hair growth.

Remember that no matter which ways you choose to treat your hair loss due to high testosterone, you have to be patient to get the most desired outcome. Some of the methods may take a few months for you to see the results.

If you want immediate improvement, the only way is to use hairpieces such as hair wigs for women or hair topper and topee for men. Visit Lewigs website or contact us for more information about hairpieces.

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Our conclusion

Does high testosterone cause hair loss? Why high testosterone cause hair loss? And how to treat hair loss due to high testosterone? You can definitely find the answers through this article. Hopefully, if your high level of testosterone causes hair loss, this paper will help you to solve the problem.

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