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Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?

Don't underestimate these sounding-simple tips!

For women, their hair is their beauty. Every woman’s hair is a different texture, it may be from straight to wavy and curly. You can style your natural hair to get your desired hairstyle but it has some limitations. If you style your hair regularly, it will become more brittle and frizzy. So it is important to learn how to care for your tresses. Knowing your hair type and understanding the hair care routine for natural hair is the key to keep the hair beautiful and healthy. Let’s take a look at Lewigs‘ sharing about the best hair care routine for each hair type.

Straight Hair Care Routine

Use a mild shampoo

Keep your hair clean by using a proper shampoo. You should follow the healthy hair care routine to maintain healthy straight hair. Opt for a mild shampoo that has no sodium Laureth sulfate to avoid drying out hair. Because straight hair gets oily very fast, so you should shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week. If you wash your hair every day with chemicals in products, it can damage your natural locks. Hence, pick up a mild shampoo is the best choice for straight hair.

Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?
use a mild shampoo

Find the right conditioner

You have long straight hair but it is dry. You need a conditioner for moisturizing and nourishing the strands. Apply proper hair care routine to give our fine hair. However, if you have oily hair and scalp, use a basic hair conditioner at the ends only. Don’t over condition your tresses as it will leave straight hair limp and reduce its shine.

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Follow your styling simple

You can use a hairdryer to blow-dry the hair. Remember to spritz a little dry shampoo on the roots so that it can soak up all excess oil. Also, avoid applying excessively heated styling tools on the head since it will damage your hair over a short time. 

A blunt haircut is perfect for your thin straight hair as it gives a little thicker hair look. If you have medium or thick hair, feel free to add some layers to get the best hairdo. 

Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?
trim your hair regularly

Get a trim regularly

In theory, straight hair is prone to split ends. So getting a haircut every 6 weeks as a long hair care routine to maintain the healthy tresses. Regular hair cutting prevents hair dry and split ends. If your hair is processed or damaged hair, this tip is very important.

You can refer to native American hair care routine as hair plays a large part in their culture. Treat the tresses as your child. Massage the scalp every day to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage hair growth.

Hair Care Routine For Wavy Hair

This hair type tends to frizz, so it requires much more maintenance to control frizz without losing that wave. Here are some tips for wavy hair care routine. 

Choose the best shampoo for wavy hair

Looking for hair products that are specifically made for wavy hair texture. It can add bounce and definition to the waves very well. Don’t use too much shampoo or shampoo the hair too regularly. The frequency of washing hair is depending on the oily and dry of your hair. Purchasing for a sulfate-free shampoo if you have trouble with the waves. After washing, following with the organic conditioner. Only apply it to the mid through the ends of your strands. 

Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?
use hair mousse for wavy hair men

Use hair mousse to style the hair

For both men and women, you can apply this tip. When your hair wet, scrunching the styling mousse from roots to tip. This hair care routine for men is so essential. Apply a little coconut oil to lock in moisture and control frizz well. You should avoid applying to the scalp or your hair can look greasy. Use a diffuser to dry hair and don’t blow dry completely. Apply cream as a daily natural hair care routine and get a finished look. 

Haircut tips

A layered hair cut is ideal for fine wavy hair. It gives you a little thicker look. If you have thicker textures, keep your natural waves relaxed. Go for a hair salon, so the hairstylist will create the best hairdo for you. The haircut suits your face, and it will be the highlights making you look fresh and elegant every day.

Curly Hair Care Routine

You were born with curly hair, you always fight with it as a battle. To control frizz, you should follow a natural hair care routine to keep your natural locks moisturized. Opt for the best hair care products, they can hydrate your strands. Besides, mousses and creams add control and definition. 

Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?
keep your curly locks clean

Keep your hair clean

As you know keeping the hair clean is the key to protect the hair. You have to find a designed specifically product for curly hair. Remember that over-shampooing can dry out your curly hair tremendously, leaving brittle and rough strands. Furthermore, it can cause dandruff that nobody wants. 

Use a hair care routine for hair growth. An organic hair crème and serum are ideal for your curls. Opt for a product that is formulated with botanical-rich or natural oil as it moisturizes your thirsty hair, adds shine, and controls frizz. These products can give your natural curls more definition and encourage hair growth. Don’t touch the hair because your hands can spread excess oil to the curl.

Curly hair styling tip

Apply daily hair care routine for curly hair to get the best hair days. When it comes to the ideal haircut, you should let curls assume the fullest and most robust shape. Don’t try to tame them with outdated cutting techniques. Curly-haired women should cut curls to interlock or cascade. Please embrace and love your curls. 

Are You A Victim Of Your Hair Care Routine?
hairstyles for curly hair

Curly hair tends to be tangling, so sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase as a night hair care routine. Avoid tangles and give your hair room to breathe. Moreover, the smoother fabric makes for less frizz and keeps curly hair feeling smooth. Limit using styling tools like a curling iron, straight iron. Watch the temperature before using it on fine hair as you can be damaged by excessive temperature. 

Apply the same tactics for curly hair wigs to get the nice-looking hairpiece, also.

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Haircut tips

Ask the barber to use scissors, not a razor. Avoid haircuts that involve a razor as it ends up looking frizzy and damaged. You are looking for a fresh cut. Whether your curly hair is short, medium or long, layer hairstyles are your friend. Avoid bangs as they are short and look like a visor on your forehead.

If you have very curly or kinky hair, talk to your hairstylist if you want to choose the right products. Follow a hair mask after shampooing. To lock in moisture and add definition to your hair, you can apply creams. 


If you want to get lovely natural tresses, these are tips for you. Hopefully, after reading our blog post, you have a deep understanding of the hair care routine to keep your hair stay healthy. These above tips are simple to follow, spend time and give them a try to get the best look. With the right care, your hair is luxurious regardless of your hair type.

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