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Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle

It determines whether your hair is silky or frizzy.

Have you ever asked the question “why some types of hair look shinier and healthier than others?” You may wonder to know which part of hair strands contributing to that. So, in this writing, Lewigs is glad to share with you one of the most important portions structuring your hair: hair cuticle.

We will give you the most fundamental information about the hair cuticle definition, function, and types. After reading this post, you can understand your hair evenly and choose the right hair products for yourself. Let’s check it out!

What is hair cuticles?

The cuticle of a hair is of the three layers of hair strands. The length of it will extend along your strand’s length. Your cuticle layer is healthy when it is smooth and flat.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
what is hair cuticle

The importance of hair cuticle

Protect hair strands

The hair cuticle is also known as a protective layer because it is placed at outermost portions of your hair strands, functioning to protect the other two underneath layers, cortex and medulla layers of hair shart.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
cuticles protect the inner layer of the hair strand

Maintain hair’s moisture balance

When a human hair cuticle is in great condition, it will provide shine to your hair. Hair cuticle function in absorbing moisture into hair shart to nourish your hair as well, it helps to balance the amount of hydration all time. However, this balance can be affected badly by chemical processes or other external effects, trigger your hair dry out and fragile. The cuticle hair also determines the quality of hairstyles you are going to do and how it feels.

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Hair cuticle types

Understanding your hair cuticle types will benefit you in choosing the right products for your hair

Normal hair cuticle

This like a twin of the virgin hair. If your cuticles of hair never experience too many external factors from the environment or chemicals, it will be smooth and flat.

In case you can not prevent effects from the environment, normal cuticle will be protected from severe effects, which remains a shiny and healthy look.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
normal cuticle vs damaged cuticle

Damaged cuticle hair

It is sad to say that the majority of humanity does not own that such or good cuticle of hair which can be shielded from damage.

Hair Cuticles Types in terms of The Different Hair textures

Straight hair

The cuticles of straight hair often stick tightly to the cortex. They also maintain flat as usual. Hence, if your hair is straight, it is always in shiny and hydrated condition since it has healthy cuticles

Wavy hair

The quality of wavy Hair Cuticles is based on the curly level of your hair. In this case, your cuticles are slight raise. But if it lies against the wavy straight end curls, the cuticles will smooth and flat If it curls too much, your cuticles will have the same features of curly hair mentioning next.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
the smooth and raised cuticle on different hair types

Curly hair

The cuticle of curly hair is always raised and never be flat. Hence, there is no doubt that curly hair is not as shiny and smooth as the straight hair. Because the curly hair cuticles are often raised, it is more likely to get frizzy and tangle, which is the result of damaged hair cuticles.

Processed Hair VS Unprocessed Hair

Processed hair

This term alludes to hair which has been treated with a chemical during the manufacturing process. This type of hair is often soaked in a high concentration of acidic liquid to move away all of the hair cuticles. In other words, this process will eliminate all the bio features of a single strand. Most hair wigs or weaves from Chinese hair whole are processed hair.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
with processed hair, all cuticles are severely damaged

Unprocessed hair

Unprocessed hair is still possessed all cuticle intact hair, which means it has been under no chemical process. This type of hair calls Remy human hair or full cuticle hair, which is collected from a single donor.

Should we choose the unprocessed hair with full cuticle retained?

Compare to the type of hair mentioned above, we highly recommend you opt for unprocessed hair for the following reasons. First, since unprocessed hair is raw hair hence it can last longer than the processed hair. Moreover, this acts like virgin hair so you can bleach or color your hair wigs or weave in any color you want or just make it fit your own bio hair. Plus, you can use heat methods to style cuticle hair weaving hair extensions such as straight or curl as well.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
you should opt for full-cuticle hairpieces

Drawbacks of human hairpieces with full cuticles

First, the unprocessed hair with full cuticles retained is greater in quality than the processed one so it is costly. However, its lifespan is longer so if you want to use a wig or weave in a long period of time, it may seem to be not that expensive.

Another drawback of unprocessed hair is that since it is full of cuticles, some kinds of hairpiece such as wig, hair topper, and toupee are easy to be brittle or tangle if you treat it wrongly. To cope with that, first, you should choose the right shampoos that help close the hair cuticle, which is free of silicone or alcohol and usually deep condition it from the middle to the end only. Using cold water to rinse out your hair. Besides, use a hair extension to comb your hair and brush it downward. Do not pull, rub or scrub your hairpieces when combing to avoid tangle. Moreover, make sure your hair is dry before sleeping.

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Where to find human hairpieces with full cuticles?

If you want to find a place to provide you high-quality unprocessed cuticle Remy hair, let’s visit the Lewigs website.

Here, we provide you the best hairpieces made by 100% Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair, which is famous for their duration and realistic look. So once you purchase a cuticle hair extension at our store, you will never regret it.

Answered: 7 Most Burning Questions About Hair Cuticle
unprocessed human hair at Lewigs

More importantly, we sell our products at the most affordable price that you can find nowhere on the market. Whenever you need help or advice, you can seek help from our 24/7 professional hair sellers who try to answer you in the shortest time. Also, we are an online store so you can order any kind of hair extensions anywhere and anytime.

Our conclusion

Hopefully, this post has helped you have a deeper insight into the hair cuticle and you have known how to take care of your hair better to get a good result.

If you have any other questions about hair cuticle, Remy cuticle hair or other types of hair wigs, drop us a message.

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