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Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?

Yay or Nay?

There are a lot of reasons for people to pay much attention to their hair. The hair not only has great impacts on how you look but also shows off your health condition. The baldness may come with a lot of problems and it may also be a sign of aging. In many situations, young people lose their hair, as well, due to the genetic characteristic. While some people take no notice of it, the others will look for a hair replacement and hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular options.

There are many questions on this type of surgery such as What is a hair transplant surgery? How much does a hair transplant surgery cost? What are hair transplant surgery side effects? And is there any better hair replacement system that costs less?

The answers will arrive now. Read this post to know about them.

Hair Transplant Surgery – Overview 

This section will give you an overview of hair transplant surgery: its definition, the methods, and how much does it cost. 

What Is A Hair Transplant Surgery?

A hair transplant surgery refers to a process in which the doctors will fill an area with baldness using your bio hair growing more strongly in the other areas. 

Although this type of surgery first appeared in the 1950s, the techniques have been developed a lot for a better result, less pain, and the decrease of surgery time.  

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?
what is a hair transplant surgery

How Many Methods Available For A Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are two methods available for a hair transplant that the surgeon chooses from depending on your condition or sometimes your requirements. They are follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

These two methods are basically the same and if the baldness continues to happen, you might need another procedure afterward. 

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Are There Any Side Effects After A Hair Transplant?

There is not any surgery that doesn’t have chances to bring about side effects. With hair transplant surgery, we have the most common side effects that are scarring, like any other one, which is unavoidable. 

Some other ones that could be mentioned are:

– Infection

– Itching and abscess

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?
hair transplant might cause itching, bleeding, headache, etc.

– Post-surgery sensation losing 

– Bleeding

– Continuous baldness

– Headache

– Chest pain

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Surgery Cost?

The amount of money you need to pay for a hair transplant surgery varies a lot depending on the method (FUSS or FUE), the qualification of surgeons, the location you choose for the surgery and other surgical techniques. 

In general, hair transplant surgery can cost anywhere between $4000 and $16000 per session (in the US) or £1,000 and £30,000 per session (in the UK), excluded aftercare medical expenses. 

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?
hair transplant surgery is expensive

For a lot of people, this is not an affordable price, especially when you won’t be supported by any health insurance for a hair transplant as it is a cosmetic procedure. That explains why a lot of people are looking for better options.

Understand that desire, here we bring about a good solution: a hair replacement system such as hair toupee or hair topper. Let’s talk about it in the next part.

Hair Replacement System – Pros and Cons

Many people use hair replacement systems because of their low financial ability but there are some looking for it since they are sick of waiting for the hair to grow. Hair toupee/toppers come with a lot of advantages. Let’s come to see.

Pros Of Using A Hair Toupee/Topper

As mentioned above, you have to pay less money for a hair topper comparing to a hair transplant surgery while still having a natural appearance. 

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?
hair replacement system before and after

The hair growth after a hair transplant is usually very weak so we cannot apply any chemical treatments on it. But with a hair toupee/topper, things will be very different. Wavy hair, curly hair, or even colorful hair is not a problem anymore, especially when you use high-quality products. 

What’s more, with a hair toupee/topper, you also don’t have to suffer from any side effects when having surgery. Surgeons with a few qualifications would even bring about many risks relating to your life. 

Cons Of Using A Hair Toupee/Topper

However, this hair replacement system shows some drawbacks, as well. 

Excluding high-quality hair toupees/toppers which was made from human hair, other ones usually look very artificial, resistant to tangling and matting. 

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Where To Buy The Best Hair Replacement System?

Thanks to the numerous advantages of hair replacement systems, the demands for this type of product are strongly increasing. This explains the huge number of providers in the market. In this case, your confusion is understandable. 

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Really Worth Trying?
hair replacement systems at Lewigs

In this post, we will tell you one of the most reliable hair replacement system providers – Lewigs. If you have been working in the hair industry for a long time, this may not be a strange brand. Lewigs is very famous for its high-quality products: hair toupees/toppers made from 100% human hair and other hair accessories. The customer service of Lewigs is also very impressive. We cannot find any bad rating comments on the reviews. 

If you have any other recommendations, please tell us by leaving a comment below. 

The Bottom Lines

In conclusion, what do you think about hair transplant surgery? Personally, I think that there are reasons for its reputation all around the world. For example, in this post, we mentioned the effectiveness and some of its pros. However, the considerable factors include the high expense, some side effects, and risks of complications afterward. Then we have hair replacement systems.

Many reviews show us the pros of using a hair toupee/topper and the number of its cons is trivial. 

So, to solve the baldness, which will be your choice? A hair transplant surgery or a hair replacement system? 

Tell us your story by leaving a comment below. We respect it. 

Have a nice day.

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