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How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? – It Depends!

On your hair type and length.

You want strong and healthy hair, the regular haircut is very necessary. But do you know when you cut the hair? How often should you cut your hair guys? Looking for the tutorial of hair care tips is always recommended. It helps you decide when the right time is to get your hair trimmed. So keep reading this blog post from Lewigs to decide the time to cut or trim your natural tresses. 

Why You Should Cut Your Hair

Keep hairstyle

You cut your hair to maintain your favorite style. For example, you love short wavy bob hair so you try to keep its shape in the right length by cutting or trimming hair regularly. Trimming hair is simply when you trim the hair ends to maintain the style you want. The professional will know how to satisfy you.

How often should you cut your hair to maintain your style depends on your goal. Men always get short hairstyles while women’s hair is longer. Often men cut their hair more frequently than women do. Therefore, men’s hair is strong and manageable. 

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
trim the split ends regularly

Split hair ends

Deal with split hair end is a difficult task of the hair care routine. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, the problem appears. You know split ends make your tresses thin. If you want your healthy hair, trim the hair more oft. But how often should you cut your hair ends? What exactly does “often” mean? Trim it every six to eight weeks are enough to keep your hair ends looking healthy.

Cut your strands to make it grow faster

Do you believe that cutting your hair more often will help your hair grow quickly? It is true. Your hair will be shorter if you don’t trim your hair due to breakage. If your hair is too long without cutting or trimming, it will be split-end and broken.     

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
cutting hair can boost hair growth

How often should you cut your hair for it to grow? We recommend cutting your hair every 12 to 16 weeks if you are wanting your hair to grow. If you leave the hair too long between cuts, it will be counter-productive. As I said, your hair strands become more dried and damaged. If you are getting frustrated with your slow growth, you can add some supplements to stimulate hair growth. Many studies show that coconut oil, peppermint oil encourage can boost the growth of your natural locks.

Easy to manage

Many people wash and style their hair frequently. They find difficult when working with long hair, so they cut their tresses. When they feel uncomfortable with their natural tresses, they will cut it. Short hairstyles are handy to care and manage. Some trim their hair since short hair is easier to brush and style. Longer hair is harder to style and take longer to dry. 

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How Often Should You Get Your Hair Cut

Knowing how often do should you cut your hair depends on many factors like hair lengths, textures, and types. In theory, your hair develops about a half of inch each month. But some hairs grow slower and faster than normal. There are some general guidelines regarding how often should you trim your hair. 

Short hair

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
cut short hair every 4-6 weeks

Not only men, but many women in the world also have short hairstyles. So how often should you cut your hair men or cut short hair? It really depends on whether you want to have short hair or not. If your hair is short, you want to grow your hair longer, you should wait four or six months before the first trim, then you can do the process every eight to twelve weeks after that.

To keep a hairstyle and length, you should cut your hair more often. Four or six weeks between cuts. The growth of short hair will be more noticeable than the process of long hair. 

Medium-length hair

You apply the same rules as short hair. Regular haircuts are necessary to keep your locks healthy. The longer your hair, the more brittle it is. The long hair is older hair, so it is more fragile. To keep your hair in great condition and length, try to get a cut every six to eight weeks. Or opt for a cut every eight to twelve weeks instead if you would like your tresses longer.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
For medium-length and long hair, you should trim your hair every 6-8 weeks

Long hair

Long hair needs to be protected and cared to keep its length. So, it is very vital to get regular trim to keep it good-looking. If you have long hair, you can feel that it is more vulnerable, breakage and split ends. Your hair will be thinner and thinner. Be careful when you style the long hair with chemicals and heat as it is more likely to be damaged. Regular hair cut will maintain all strands stay strong and healthy. 

How often should you cut your hair for best growth? Every eight weeks. However, if you notice your natural hair is more breakage, you can cut it as frequently as every six weeks. 

You have no experience in trimming hair, consult hairdresser advice and they will help you get your haircut. Ask the stylist to cut a half an inch or less if you want your hair to grow longer. 

Chemically processed hair

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
with chemically processed hair, cut it again after 4-8 weeks to keep it breakage-free

Natural hair needs your care, colored and styled hairs need more care. When you color, highlight or curl your hair on a basis, please trim it more regularly. The chemical process makes your hair weaker, dry and broken. More haircuts help protect your hair from over-drying and hair breakage. 

To keep your hair from breakage, opt for trim every four to eight weeks. If your goal is to grow it out, wait for eight weeks before cutting.

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How often should you cut your hair ends if it is tight, coarse curls

Trim your hair every twelve weeks. For curly and kinky hair textures, you should ask your hairdresser to remove a quarter-inch or less in each cut if you want to grow out your hair. 

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair? - It Depends!
with coarse curls, trim your hair every 12 weeks

What about wavy, straight and thick hair? Eight to ten weeks between cuts will help to keep your hair from split ends and breakage. No one can keep their hair in a good state from the root to the tip, so cut your hair frequently for maintenance. 

Our Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this post, you have your answer to the question of “How often should you cut your hair?” Whether you cut your hair to make it grow or keep your style, you still maintain your healthy hair. 

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