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How To Brush A Wig? – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to keep your wig knotless?

Either your natural hair or hair wigs can face a common problem call tangle. When your own hair gets messed, you try to detangle it, but once your wigs are a tangle, you tend to throw it away. Don’t do that, it will waste. Rather than throwing, you can fix that problem with a few inexpensive tools and products. So you may ask: how to brush a wig? Let’s check it out in this article.

How to brush knots out of a wig?

Causes of messed wigs

Wigs got much more knots than your natural hair hence to brush them out is a must to save you wigs. The reason for the knot is various, below are some major cause:


Your natural hair is less likely to knot since it is provided with naturals oil from the scalp and those oils keep your hair lock smooth and moisture. In contrast, either your human hair wigs or synthetic wigs are not obtained any necessary oils so it is prone to get messed.

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
messy and knotted wig

Material quality

Between the human hair wigs and the synthetic ones, the later’s hair is fibers made from polymer, acrylic, and plastic which are easier to be tangled. But human hair wigs can be messed up when they expose to chemical products.

Rubbing and Sweat

These are other causes of wigs’ knots, especially in the nape area. When your wigs hair at that place exposed to sweat and rubs against your neck, a knot is created.

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How to brush out a matted wig?

– Brush your messed wigs from the bottom to detangle

– Part your wigs into 2 different sections. Tie up one side and leave the other loose.

– Slowly use steam on the loose hair wig section for a few seconds to provide moisture to the wigs’ locks

– Start brushing through it.

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
brush the knots out

How to brush a wig with curls?


– A hairbrush

– A comb

– A hairspray ( use an expensive and good quality one. You can use water instead but it is better to use a hair detangle spay to make it work effectively)

– Hair clips

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
hair brush, comb, and spray

How to brush a wig out?

Before brushing, place the wigs on a stable place such as a wig stand which helps to secure your wigs in good shape.

Steps on how to brush your wig:

– Section your hair into small bundles as you go along. Nothing is much more annoying than dealing with mixed hair when brushing.

– Secure the highest bundles by some pins to make it out of the way and start with the lower section.

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
use fingers to detangle your curls beforehand

– Brush from one side first. In case your wigs stay flat, tease it and use hairspray on it. Wait until it dries then move on.

– Use your finger to detangle your curls beforehand. Start brushing from the bottom then do towards the top. Do not work in other way or pull it, just brush gently. Repeat this step until your curl is smooth.


Do not hairspray the whole wig. When the hairspray is not dry yet, use your finger to twist the curls following their natural direction.

Tips on brushing a messy wig

Below are some useful tips on how to brush a wig without ruining it.

– Deep condition your wigs at the end after you wash them. Use conditioning mask once or twice every week is a must.

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
use a wide-toothed comb to brush the wig

– Using a wide-tooth comb is somehow better than a brush to detangle your wigs since it will help to prevent further damage

– Comb your wigs two or three times a day, especially before you go to bed

– Do not use alcohol-contained products when treating your wigs since it can dry out the wigs’ hair lock, which makes them more easily to get knotted.

– Sometimes braid your wigs rather than leave it loose or in a high ponytail style.

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Our conclusion

Spending time and money on caring for your wigs is never a waste. Besides, learning how to brush a wig is one of the best ways to treat your hair wigs correctly and helps to save your money as well. So, hopefully, after this article, you know the best way to brush a wig.

How To Brush A Wig? - A Step-By-Step Guide
use high-quality human hair wigs to avoid tangling

And if you want to lessen the chance of getting knotted, we advise you to use human hair wigs since it made from 100 % human hair which mostly acts as your natural bio hair.

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