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[Guide] How To Cut A Wig?

Make yourself a hairstylist.

When you have a new lace wig, no matter how it is a human or synthetic hair wig, you can cut and style the wig as you want. There are a lot of ways out on how to cut a wig to make it look natural. You can cut it for short hairstyles, add more layers, make a bang to get the most natural-looking. Learn how to cut and style a wig so you can have a flawless natural hairline. You should use good quality tools for cutting such as scissors, tweezers, a wig head or a stand and your patience. 

Now refer to some popular ways on how to cut a wig and how to cut a lace front wig. 

How To Cut A Wig Into Layers

Layered hair has never been a faded trend. It is always among the most favorable hairstyles that girls are crazy for. So, how to cut a wig into layers? Down below is the step-by-step guide that Lewigs would love to share.

Step 1: Put the wig on a stand

Put the wig on the stand or wig head and make sure your wig head is straight. Part the wig as you like before cutting. 

How To Cut A Wig Like A Hairstylist? - Follow These Steps To Get There
put the wig on a wig stand

Step 2: Hold the front hair sections back

Gather the front hair sections off the unit into your hands and use hair clips to keep the hair in front of the ears in place. Place more pins near the sides of the hairpiece to secure it to the stand. You do not need to worry that it hurt the lace. Doing like that to ensure this hair is not accidentally cut while you are layering the other hair sections. 

Step 3: Determine the layer position

Where you want your layers? Continue split the layers of your unit. Leave the bottom layer of the wig in place and decide how long of the layers you want. The length of the hair layers depends on you.

Step 4: Secure the top section

Clip the top hair section so that you can work on the bottom and middle section. Hold your top hair section stay far away from the rest of the hair on the wig.

How To Cut A Wig Like A Hairstylist? - Follow These Steps To Get There
layer your wig

Step 5: Work on the middle section

Be more careful to not accidentally cut your fingers during cutting your hair. In the middle section, hold a small piece of hair and cut across at a time. You can go ahead with the rest of the hair in the middle hair section.

Step 6: Layer the top hair section

Remove the hair clips on the top and repeat the layering process. You can brush the wig if you feel the hair sections get tangled together. 

Step 7: Take off hair clips in the front hair sections and trim 

Stand in front of the human hair wig and remove the hair clips. Comb out the hair on 2 sides of the hair system and cut the front hair section.

Cut the hair at a downward angle. Keep your elbow up to help control your hand in the right direction. You can adjust your hair wig by cutting any hair you might have missed. Now you have a nice hair wig.

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How To Cut Bangs On A Wig

How to cut a wig into bang? Put the wig on a stand like the above method and secure it in place. Use hairpins to secure the wig in the lace line and in front of your ears. If you want extra security, use a pin and place it through the crown of the unit.

Just section off the hair that you wanted to cut it. Part it like a triangle from the middle to your forehead. Put the hair in the back wig in a ponytail. Use big clips to keep all the hair out of the way if necessary. 

Now the wig is ready for the trims. Hold the hair that you want to cut a bang on your hand. Start grabbing all of this hair and cut off the extra length first to make it easier to see. 

How To Cut A Wig Like A Hairstylist? - Follow These Steps To Get There
human hair wig with bangs

Now split the hair that you make a bang and cut one side first. Cut them straight across when they are pulled towards. Once done, you move to the rest side. Make sure that you are brushing the 2 sides back together from time to time to trim up and compare the length as a whole.

Use scissors and trim ugly hairs you might have missed in your initial cuts. Check the hair again so that it suits your hope. You are done! 

Wonder how to cut bangs on a lace front wig, you can do the same way.

Tip: It is best to trim a little bit at a time so that you do not accidentally cut off too much. It takes a little longer but it could help you avoid disaster.  

How To Cut A Wig Into A Bob

Turn your long wig into a cute short hairstyle is not difficult as you think. Take a look at how to cut a long wig into a short one to change your hair wig look and switch up yourself as well.

The first thing you want to do is to separate the wig into 3 or more small sections. Using rubber bands or ponytail holders to secure the hair. Remember to use a rubber band in a place where you kind of want the hair to stop. This is going to make your cutting process a little bit easier if you are familiar with cutting wigs.

So for the next process, you are actually going to start on how to cut a wig. Now, use sharp scissors and just start cutting straight along underneath the rubber band.

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Once you have finished, remove all bands from the hair wig. Brush the hair and fix the bottom hair. Definitely cut the ugly finishes at the bottom. You can go ahead and style it. 

How To Cut The Lace On A Full Lace Wig To Make It Look Natural

We will show you a really quick way to get a natural look with your wig. Before cutting the lace, put the wig on your head and pin it. Pinning hair out of the way so that you know what you are working with. Clip all the baby hair.

Use sharp scissors to cut the lace. It is easier to cut if you hold the lace somewhat taut as you cut. Cut the lace back to the hairline all the way around the perimeter, starting wherever you wish. Try to cut much closer to the hairline. If you don’t, the lace will be shown up when you wearing it. Follow the same steps to cut the lace around the ears and the back of the wig. 

How To Cut A Wig Like A Hairstylist? - Follow These Steps To Get There
cut the lace on the wig

Do the same with how to cut the lace on a lace front wig. Cutting the lace on a front wig is fairly simple. Use sharp scissors and cut a straight line across the hairline. Once you have done, pluck the baby hair of the wig if you would like to make it look more natural. 

How To Cut A Synthetic Wig

You bought a synthetic wig but it starts to be dull after a few months of wearing. You decide to cut the hair to give it a new shape and a new look. So how to cut a wig shorter? A normal way to trim a synthetic hair system is through razor cut. If you have no razor cut, you can use fabric scissors for better results.

First, take the hair wig and split it into 2 sections. Brush the hair out and drape it over your shoulder. Then start at the top of the wig, take a small layer of the hair. Don’t mix the middle hair section with the front one, because they don’t match together and you can’t get the results as you want.  

Be more careful when trimming the synthetic hair wig while you are wearing it on your head. If you are untrained, apply it on a wig head or wig stand is more secure. 

Our Conclusion

Lewigs hopes that how to cut a wig guide is helpful for you in style and change your hair system’s look. Or if you have another amazing way on how to properly cut a lace front wig, share with us.

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