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How To Cut Bangs On A Wig – The Easy Way Out

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The hair has a great impact on our appearance and so does our wigs. Sometimes, you want to customize your wig by making some changes on it and bangs are your first target, so you ask how to cut bangs on a wig. It’s time for the answers. 

This post will show you 2 different ways to cut wig bangs depending on the type of wig bang you like. This means that we have 2 bang types today and let’s see what are they beforehand. 

The Most Popular Bang Types

The demands for different hair looks resulted in a surprising number of bang types. So here are two of the most popular ones. 

Straight-across Bangs

You can see straight-across bangs anywhere due to the ease of styling. Many people cut it themselves as these bangs requires no interference. It simply comes to be combed straight down. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig - The Easy Way Out
straight-across bangs

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are simply thick straight-across ones with little or no feathering. These bangs have been really a hot trend in the 1920s, then became out of fashion after the appearance of many other ones. In the age when people always think outside of the box, blunt bangs come back. Blunt bangs combine well with any hairstyles and this is why they are popular. 

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Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs bring about a classic look and they combine well with almost hairstyle and face shapes. However, if you don’t feel inconvenient when your hair falls in your eyes, this bang type is not for you. 

Side-swept bangs come to flow to one side of the face. For this reason, it needs to be slightly longer than the others. People usually use a point cutting technique using the tip of the shears to achieve the most natural look. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig - The Easy Way Out
Side-swept Bangs

See-through Bangs

As opposed to blunt bangs, see-through bangs can be considered as extreme thin straight-across bangs. They mainly originated in South Original and immediately spread to many countries in East Asia.

You read this then don’t find out the bangs you know (such as curtain bangs, or rounded bangs), it’s fine. As we said above, bangs now come with an amazing number and these four ones are most popular. We will help you learn how to cut bangs on a wig following 2 first type of bangs mentioned in this post: straight-cross bangs and side-swept bangs. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig 

Now let us show you how to cut bangs on a wig. 

Cutting Straight-Across Bangs

Split your bangs 

You need to cut straight-across bangs, so making sure that your bangs are straight are very important, so the first step is to split your bangs into 2 sections with the same volume. You cut each section in turn while pinching the bang section between two fingers (usually the index and the middle one). Comb the bangs afterward to see how it looks. 

You can cut all the bangs at once, of course, then they would come with slightly curved bangs as opposed to completely straight. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig - The Easy Way Out
Split your bangs

Don’t cut your bangs straight across

You don’t have to cut your bangs straight across just because their name is straight-across bangs. In addition, doing this is not recommended, so make small vertical snips instead. 

Trim the wig gradually

Any changes to your hair need to be considered carefully as it takes time for it to grow out, then you cannot return the hair cut back. With wigs, everything is even more complicated since wigs cannot grow. Once you make it wrong, you cannot do anything but purchase a new one and start cutting bangs on that wig again. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig - The Easy Way Out
trim the wig gradually to form straight across bangs

Trimming off ⅛ – ¼ in (0.32 – 0.64 cm) at a time will tell you which length is enough. 

After all, you repeat the process with the other section, then comb both of them to check the length and touch up them as needed to ensure the look.

Side-swept Bangs

Pick the side you like 

Side-swept bangs come with hair flowing to one side of your face and that’s why you need to pick the side you like. Some people think that they look better when seen on one side than the others, so this is very necessary. In case you don’t keep this in mind, feel free about this. 

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig - The Easy Way Out
pick the side you want for side-swept bangs

Adjust the hair opposite way

People usually take a clear, sharp cut by pulling the bangs opposite the side they want them to flow to. It will help you trim the bangs more easily.

Pinching the bangs between your fingers

While you pinch your bang sections between your index and middle fingers to cut straight-across bangs, do the same with this. The only different thing is that you hold the hair at a 45-degree angle.

After all, you do the same as when you cut straight-across bangs and now we have the result. 

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Wig Quality Affects On How We Cut Bangs On A Wig

Yes, even more than you imagine. With wigs, especially synthetic ones, it’s very easy to get tangled. You also get more problems when starting with hair strands. 

So to make sure that you have great bangs, prepare a high-quality wig. Lewigs is not a bad choice with their amazing hair toupees and hair toppers. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to cut bangs on a wig and some popular types of wig bangs, so I hope that you would feel this post useful. 

Have a nice day and enjoy it!

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