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How To Cut Your Own Hair Men – The Detailed Guide

It is essential to be well-groomed.

It is essential to be well-groomed. Still, you do not have to invest a fortune in a haircut. With the right tools and practice, you can master how to cut your own hair men. Trim with care using styling scissors or clippers. Make your strands long or short back and sides. An eye for detail and patience will let you ace a stylish new look in no time!

Get the hair ready

Wash the hair before cutting it

Working with your hair will be easier if it is clean. Make it wet. Then, use shampoo as well as conditioner. Rinse both out after working them through the hair.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
wash your hair before cutting it

Use a comb to detangle your hair

Run the comb through the hair. Try and work out the knots. Ridding any tangles beforehand will lead to a more even cut. If the hair dries out when combed, you can spritz it with water.

Towel dry the hair

The best time for cutting your hair is once it is damp. If it is still dripping, you should use a cloth to dry it off. Comb the hair again to remove any tangles created from drying it.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
towel dry hair

Look for a comfortable place before you practice how to cut your own hair men

Cutting the hair can take up to a few hours, mainly if it has been the first time you did it. Select a spot that you can sit comfortably and work without having to worry about making a mess. Our recommendation is in your bathroom. This space allows you to access the mirror and running water.

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Position yourself close to a mirror

You may want to see what you are doing. A big-sized mirror on the bathroom wall or the like will help you know the process. If possible, you should place a second mirror to see your head’s back.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
sit in front of a mirror

Section the hair into parts

Run your comb back through the hair around where the head curves. Next, comb your hair between the ear down and the part. Do so on both sides for sectioning off your head’s sides. Is your hair long enough? Then, you can hold the top section away from the sides using clips.

Use clippers to cut the back and sides 

Use them on a small guard setting for cutting the sides and back

They are the best for beginners or anyone who wants a basic haircut. Also, remember, set guard of your clippers. That way will help control how much hair to cut.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
use clippers to cut the hair on the back and sides

Cut the head’s one side at a time

It is another crucial step when you learn how to cut your own hair men. Rely on a low clipper guard around your sides. With the edge of the blade, trim from the sides’ bottom to the top. Then, tilt the blade at an angle since you work to make a smooth fade for your hair’s rest. Repeat the process on your head’s other side before you move to the back. Be sure you transition between lengths at a similar point on the two sides.

Move to your head’s back

After you cut the sides, trim your head’s back to the top from the bottom as you did with your sides. To ensure you cut evenly, you can ask a friend to hold up a mirror. Or else, position the mirror behind you to check your progress when you cut.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
cut the hair on the sides

Count on a shorter setting for going over the lower half

To even out the fades between the cuts, you should go over your hair’s lower half with the clippers set to the shorter setting. Lift the hair when approaching your temples and earlobes.

How to cut your own hair men: Cut the top with scissors

Work on your head’s top with scissors

Using a pair of styling scissors instead of clippers helps you create more precise cuts. Also, it gives the hair more texture. Keep in mind that do not cut your hair using household scissors. They are indeed not sharp enough to cut hair properly.

Trim the top in sections

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
cut the hair on top with scissors

Rely on your comb or fingers to raise your hair from your head’s top. Work carefully and slowly in ¼ parts. They should be parallel to your hairline’s front. When you trim, you should pull a little of the section you cut previously into the new section.

Trim the bangs (if applicable) using styling scissors

Do you have bangs? Then, you can section it into parts. Brush the comb through the section the amount you desire to cut. Trim the hair off using your scissors.

Make finishing touches for men

Even out the sides

Check the sides using the mirror. Be sure they are even. You should comb the hair straight out. Then, grab a horizontal section from around the same point on your head’s each side. Check whether the parts are a similar length. If not, trim away the extra length.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
Even out the sides

Cut the sideburns to the desired length

Trim the sideburns with your clippers or a safety razor. If you wish to have long sideburns, you can trim from your ears’ bottom. If shorter, use the depression below the cheekbone to decide on where the sideburns’ bottoms should be.

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Blend the top with the sides

Comb your hair’s top-down toward the sides. Be sure you hold the sheers vertically. Then, cut into the corners for removing bulk.

Taper the neckline

Use the clippers to cut the hair that grows on your neck’s nape. Begin with a grazing cut at your neckline’s top. Next, cut progressively when working toward the neck’s nape.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
style the hair

Style the hair immediately after you cut it

It is the final step of how to cut your own hair men. After you cut the hair, wash it in the shower for removing any strays. Next, towel dry. Part it using a comb. Style it. Decide whether you are satisfied with the new style. If you are not, you can use a quality topper for black men, etc. 

To wrap things up

Above are all that Lewigs want to share about how to cut your own hair men. Give it a try and remember to follow the steps we list. Hopefully, you will get the hairdo you always desire.

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Contact us at any time if you want to have our support. Our WhatsApp is right at the bottom corner of the website.

See you in the next post!

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