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How To Detangle A Wig?

Secrets smacked down!

When does your wig frustrate you the most? If tangles cause you troubles, do not worry too much. Many weavers go through that annoying experience and find out the way. Exactly how to detangle a wig? Is it a cosplay, curly, or wavy? No matter how your hair unit is, this blog post from Lewigs will get you covered.

Why do wigs get tangled?

Before learning how to detangle a wig, it’s important to know the root cause of tangling first. Wigs, even if it is full lace, lace front, or closure, are likelier to get tangled than your natural hair due to some causes as follow.

Dry feature

Your scalp produces natural oils. They keep your bio tresses from dryness. Meanwhile, these oils do not benefit your wig hair. That is why the fibers lack moisture and become easier to twist together into a confused mass.

How To Detangle A Wig Yourself? - Choosing The Right Strategy!
bad quality wigs are easy to get tangled

Quality, harmful chemicals, and materials

The synthetic covering fibers are from plastics, polymer, or so. They are prone to tangling. The problem can also result from the chemicals for treating and dying the locks. The lower-grade hair system is more likely to knot and frizz than higher quality ones.

Sweat and rubbing

The dampness and the hairpiece rubbing against your neck is another reason. Some fabrics – for example, thick materials, may increase the chances of tangling when rubbing against your wig,

Wear and age

No hair system is endless lasting. Its fibers will wear out and mat more.


Heat and incorrect care can damage wigs. That is why they are in danger of tangling.

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How to detangle a wig?

Different people use different types of hairpieces and prefer different ways. So, we have specified the simplest and most effective methods for your choices.

How to detangle a synthetic wig?

You should wash these hair units every seven times of wearing or so prevent this hair matter. For the best, do not soak them. Instead, clean the product under a running faucet. You may also want to use room temperature water.

Step 1: Apply a gracious amount of shampoo to the hair. Then, wash it out. 

How To Detangle A Wig Yourself? - Choosing The Right Strategy!
detangle a synthetic wig

Step 2: Use the conditioner. Avoid the knots or roots to keep the hair away from loosening. While the conditioner remains on the locks, detangle using a wide-tooth comb. Begin from the bottom and slowly to the roots.

Step 3: Rinse your hair.

Step 4: Pat dry. Put it on the stand for air drying. Meanwhile, use your comb to detangle and style the hair once more.

How to detangle a human hair wig?

How to detangle a wig whose materials are human hair? The answer is right below.

Step 1: Put the hair system on the stand. Combing from the root to the end becomes simpler that way. It is significant if you have a long wig. What if you do not have a wig head? Then, just lay the item on a counter or the like. 

Step 2: Soak the wig in a sink using warm water for around five minutes. After that, wring out the wig’s excessive water. Return it to the wig head. 

If the hair system is dirty, you can add several shampoo drops to water. Next, rinse it. 

Step 3: Make the hair manageable with the conditioner. To do so, pour one part of conditioner and three parts of room temperature water into a spray bottle. Close its cap and shake it well. Then, spray the solution to your wig. Or else, rely on leave-in conditioner.

Step 4: Brush out the knots with the wide-tooth comb slowly from the roots to the tips. 

How To Detangle A Wig Yourself? - Choosing The Right Strategy!
human hair is less prone to tangling

Step 5: Spray clean water on the human hair wig to rinse it. This way helps decrease the remaining greasiness when the wig dries up.

Step 6: Allow the unit to air dry. If you are in a hurry, you can rely on a blow dryer. For the ultimate hair protection, set the cooling temperature or low heat. 

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How to detangle a wig with fabric softener?

The softener provides moisture to the synthetic fiber. That is why combing it gets easier. It also decreases the shiny material for a more realistic appearance. For human hair unit, washing it with the conditioner is enough. 

Step 1: Fill cold water into your basin. If the wig is overly dirty, you can place it in warm water. Remember, do not make it too hot for hair damage prevention. Next, pour one softener cap for the long wig to water and create a mixture. For short hair unit, use half cap.

Step 2: Place the unit to the solution for about 30 minutes. Do not rub it. 

Step 3: Wash in cold water. Do not squeeze it but raise to remove the leftover water. 

The fibers of the wet wig attach. So, do not let it startle you. It will be okay after it is dry. 

Step 4: Use a towel to press the hair system gently. Do so lets the water absorb to your cloth. Finish after it no longer drip from the unit.

Step 5: Place the unit to the stand. Wind air it.

How To Detangle A Wig Yourself? - Choosing The Right Strategy!
use fabric softener to untangle a wig

Step 6: Use a detangle spray on our wig. Spray it evenly and not excessively. An alternative to this product is a mixture of one-part body lotion or conditioner or body lotion and six-part clean water. Allow it to absorb to the unit for several minutes.

Step 7: Use your finger to get rid of tangle gently. 

Step 8: Brush the wig out with your wide comb from bottom to top. If you have wavy/ curly wig, you advisably use the finger maintain the curl look.

Step 9: Call it done. You can remove the frizz it with a small amount of detangling spray. After that, move the finger around. 

How to detangle a wig with lotion, not fabric softener?

Similar to the above methods, place some lotion and water in a spray bottle (ratio 1: 5). Then, spritz it for saturation. Let it soak in several minutes. After that, comb the wig gently. 

In short

Follow these guides on how to detangle a wig. It is not too difficult to do, so try to do it yourself instead of having others do it for you all the time.

Do you have any other tips? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section! 

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