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How To Detangle Hair? – Deal With Hair Knots Effectively

Fight your matted hair.

You find difficult to brush your hair without causing breakage. It is not good for the hair if we are a bit heavy-handed when brushing. Hair experts said that there are numerous ways on how to detangle hair without damaging thin, damaged or delicate hair strands. Take care of your tresses carefully helps you say goodbye to split ends, breakage. Lewigs is now sharing some tips to help you learn how to detangle hair fast, comprising using techniques and hair products. Read on to learn more! 

How to Detangle Natural Hair

Your hair is severely matted hair due to split ends and dry. After braids or style, your hair looks a mess. You wonder how I can detangle the hair without breaking and damage. Check it out now.

The following tips work well on both your biological hair and the strands on your human hair wigs or toupees.

How to Detangle Straight hair

Although you have straight hair, it also likes to get tangled. What to do about tangled hair? 

The first thing is to section the hair, either halves or in quarters. Our tip is to work on a small section. Now, you can brush out the tangles. Get your comb or brush and start working on it slowly from the bottom of your hair, then up to the top. It is best to puff a bit of conditioner or serum into the hair to kind of make it a bit easier to brush through. Brush until it is nice and smooth. 

How To Detangle Hair? - Deal With Hair Knots Effectively | Lewigs
start brushing from the hair tips and then move upwards

You are very long hair and it gets very knotted. To detangle long hair, your best bet is to use a tangle teezer. It is great for working through long lengths of hair or extremely matted hair. 

Remember that when untangling the strands, don’t try to rush it. You are better off taking time and working at it section by section. This way helps you end up damaging your hair.  

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Remove knots on curly hair and 4C hair

4C hair type is the driest hair and difficult to manage, so it tends to tangle easily. How to detangle matted hair when it is just totally unruly. We recommend using a cube or a hair steamer as it helps to soften the hair cuticles well. If you do not have a steamer, it is totally ok. 

Now, start detangling the hair knots.

First, you should detangle your hair with your fingers when it is dry. This is the best way for 4C hair to get the knots out before you get into the shower. Often when you get the hair wet, it just clumps together and it has been a bigger mess. We think you finger detangle on dry hair, you can feel free to use any other products, oils or whatever you like.

Then wet your hair. Make sure that the product you use works best for you and your hair type. Use a detangling shampoo that you feel it actually does help with detangling your hair. Many shampoos on the market also soften up the hair as conditioners do.

How To Detangle Hair? - Deal With Hair Knots Effectively | Lewigs
how to remove knots on curly hair

Bring the shampoo all the way down to the bottom to help coat your hair. If you have long hair, apply a layer of conditioner or detangler. Continue finger detangle the hair. Let the detangler sit on your tresses for a few minutes that makes it a lot easier when you brush your hair with a comb. 

Rinse the hair with water. Don’t try to dry your hair. Brush your damp hair, start from the ends to detangle then work your way up. If you find a hard knot that you can’t get through with a comb, just go back to the traditional – use fingers. You actually lose less hair this way and detangle hair properly will encourage hair growth. Not puling out, breaking or damaging your hair. 

Detangle super knotted hair requires your patience, so follow the tutorial to get the best result.

Other Tips On How To Detangle Extremely Tangled Hair

Detangle hair in small sections

The cardinal rule to remove hair knots on both dry and wet hair is combing in small parts. How to detangle hair knots? Hold a section, brush the hair ends and gently move up. This helps you clear all tangles without damaging. Use any type of hairbrushes you have like a paddle brush, round brush, and so on. 

How To Detangle Hair? - Deal With Hair Knots Effectively | Lewigs
detangle hair in small sections

Apply a hair mask

Long curly hair tends to dry more quickly than other types. To detangle really tangled hair, try applying a hair mask. Select the product that contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter. Add it to your parched strands and you will notice the result after several usages. Hair masks are a great way to condition and moisturize the dry hair, less tangle. You can also create a hair mask do it yourself. 

Use a detangler spray

How To Detangle Hair? - Deal With Hair Knots Effectively | Lewigs
use a detangler spray

Are your tresses really knotted? You are looking for reinforcement to deal with the problem. Detangler such as detangling sprays can help detangle matted hair painlessly. Why don’t you use it? Sprays smell amazing, protect your hair and save your time. Plus, it does not cause breakage. There are some products that prime, condition, and soften your hair strands.

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Get regular trim

You love long hair, so you try to limit cutting the hair. But do you know that your hair needs trimming to stay healthy? You can notice your tresses tend to become tangled and look like a mess when you wake up in the morning. Trim your hair ends to detangle matted black or white hair. Get regular trimming hair every 4 to 6 weeks, you can keep hair in good condition and avoid tangling hair. 

Be gentle

How To Detangle Hair? - Deal With Hair Knots Effectively | Lewigs
comb the hair gently

You are annoyed due to the hair knots and tangles. You think cut the hair is a way to free you. Don’t rush! There is another way on how to detangle matted hair without cutting. Be as gentle as possible with your tresses. Use a dry towel to pat your hair after washing, never rub as it cause tangling. How to detangle wet matted hair? Brush your wet hair with a special comb to unknot strands to avoid snags and breakage. This is also key to protect and detangle hair after removing braids or dreaded hair.

All In All

We hope these tips on how to detangle hair can help those of you deal with this common problem. And feel free to ask Lewigs for personalized advice by leaving your comments below. For more useful tips, blog updates, follow us. Please treat your hair as your child. 

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