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4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable

These simple things could make or break your hairpiece.

Even though hair toupee has been acclaimed as the ultimate item to cover baldness, there occur several cases when people detect others wearing a toupee, which then leads to an all-time joke.

Curious about how to detect a toupee? Followings are the signs that could make your toupee easy to detect. Learn them well to know how to avoid being recognized!

The Signs To Detect A Toupee

You are wearing a toupee, are you confident that no one can tell you are wearing it? How to detect a wig? – Here are some signs to know: 

Too much hair density

Each hair replacement system has its own hair density to blend well with your existing hair. Our customers can contact hair suppliers and order the density of the hairpiece that they want. Some of them ask for a wig that has too much hair. However, it is the main reason which makes your hairpiece to be detected easily. We recommend using a lower density toupee as it will look like your real hair. 

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
the hair on toupee appears to be too dense

All knots of the hairpiece is ventilated by hand only, so with lower hair density wig, they will move more naturally.

Have a synthetic hair toupee

Synthetic hair today’s is high-quality, it can bring the feel like a human hair system. However, it is made of man-made fibers, it is lack of versatility. It means that you only wear this wiglet in the same style, color for a long time. It can not be styled. 

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
your hairpiece is too shiny and smooth

Synthetic fibers are too shiny, making the toupee look tend to be unrealistic. It does not mimic your existing hair. This problem makes the synthetic hair toupee harder for you to get a perfect blend and a natural hair finish.

You dare not to move your head

This is a sign on how to spot a toupee. You wearing a wig to conceal your baldness or thinning hair areas on your head, but you are afraid that the hairpiece will fall out at any time. To prevent, you restrict to move your head. Because of this unnaturally rigid action, others can recognize that you are wearing a hair system. 

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
you don’t dare to move your head freely

You should feel more comfortable when wearing a toupee, let move your head naturally. If you do not feel confident, ask for a piece of advice from a hairstylist. He/she will help you.

Your hairpiece is too perfect

Everyone purchasing a mono toupee always wants to have a beautiful unit. But if your hair looks too perfect, it looks wiggy. You can shake your hairpiece without worrying so that the hair looks more natural. 

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How To Fix The Problem?

You are wearing a toupee to have dream hair. But how to make your unit naturally like real hair. Tips below will tell you how to choose a beautiful natural hairpiece that helps you be radiant, confident every time you appear. The signs on how to detect a toupee are futile.

Get a human hair toupee

Human hair toupees are made from 100% human hair so it blends your hair your real hair. All cuticles of the hair are alive and running in the same direction from root to tip, it brings smooth and silk. Additionally, human hair is more durable and versatile than synthetic fibers. Since it is natural hair, it can be washed, dyed, bleached, and even styled with heating tools. 

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
purchase a human hair piece

Hair experts recommend using human hair topper piece because of its benefits. It not only brings naturalness but also to be safe to wear. 

Human hair toupee is easy to be styled, created in different types of textures, from straight to curly hair. This hairpiece is very soft when touching, so no one can detect you are wearing a toupee.

The hairstyle

What should you do to have a realistic hair toupee? Choose the hairstyle that resembles your natural hair so that they can match together. 

You are wondering what kind of hairstyle that suits your face naturally. A small tip is to be careful with straight wiglets that are straightened out and look less natural, but not fashionable. You can choose a frizzy curly hair, or gentle curl, which will be hard to find if you wear a wig.

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
style your toupee to make it look natural

You can choose a toupee with a bang as well. A beautiful hairstyle will help you have nice hair. 

Hair colors

In order to have an undetectable hairpiece, in addition to choosing the style, the color is a remarkable issue to help you express your personality. Don’t choose wigs that are too colored. Depend on your natural hair color, opt one that is the same as your hair. 

If your hair system is real human hair, you can dye it to blend with your existing hair. Or you can color your natural hair as well. 

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Have a fitting toupee size

Just like buying clothes, buying a nice, fitting hairpiece is very important. Sometimes toupee wearers only care about the style and hair color of hair but forget the size that fits them or not. If you choose a tight hairpiece, it can cause hair loss and headaches. Or if the size of the wig is large compared to your head, it will lead to many problems when you wear it.

4 Signs That Make Your Toupee Detectable | How To Detect A Toupee?
hair system should perfectly fit your head

And of course, when the toupee is not secure, it could easily fly off. Consequently, people could detect your toupee easily without any effort.

Take care of the hair system

If you don’t know how to take care of your toupee, it will quickly lose its naturalness and tangle easily. Therefore, you should also take care of both real hair and the toupee at the same time.

When washing hair, it is better to use a good shampoo, conditioner for the hair replacement, absolutely no hot water, only wash it with cold or lukewarm water. Washing a toupee also depends on your frequency of use. Don’t wash it day by day as it can cause a shedding problem.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will know clearly about how to detect a toupee.

If you have no idea where to get an ultra-realistic toupee, come to Lewigs. Lewigs take pride in being one of the most reliable wholesale human toupee vendors in the global market. We guarantee that our hair is safe to wear. You can find a natural-looking and long-lasting hairpiece at a friendly price here.

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