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How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?

We all know that the process of dying blonde to black hair observe success most of the time without trouble. However, no matter how easy it can be, facing obstacles is unavoidable. Especially, going green is one of the common problems when blonde hair dyed black. So, how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green? The answer will be revealed in this article.

What causes your hair to turn green when dyed from blonde to black hair?

Some hair experts have said that the appearance of green from blonde hair to black is due to the porosity of the hair. When your hair is too porous, the green tint will appear because of the lack of nutrients in the hair. Porous hair also means a lack of natural pigmentation which helps the hair get the right color when dyed.

How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?
hair turns green when you dye it from blonde to black

Another reason why hair may turn green is bleach. After bleaching, your hair often loses its natural color and absorbability. Hence, when you dye your hair in cool or light tones, your hair often has the bright green tint.

Exposure to chlorine for a certain period of time is also the reason why the hair turns green from blonde to black hair. Because your hair will have a chemical reaction with chlorine, which produces green hair color.

Other tips:

How to dye hair black from blond without its turning green?

Step 1: Prepare your hair

When your hair is in good condition, the result of dyeing is better. Healthy hair will make dyeing hair process much easier. Therefore, you need to spend more time caring about your hair. You should wash your hair properly, using conditioner and hair care products regularly.

Also, if you want to dye your hair to another color, you must wait at least 3 months from the last time you have dyed it. Because the previous dye will lose the effect of the new dye, prevent it from hold on to your hair. If you want your hair to be evenly colored, you should cut off the old dyed part.

How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?
choose the right shade of black hair dye

Step 2: Choose the right shade of hair dye

Dyeing your hair in a darker color is easier than the lighter one. Your hair shade somewhat can affect the results of hair dye. So to get the color you want, you should choose a lighter shade than what you have expected.

In case, you want to dye your hair into deep black, consider the pigment ingredients. Because most deep black dyes will contain green, purple or blue pigments. Hence, when you have your hair dye from blond to black, your hair starts turning green.

Step 3: Use pigment filler

Damaged hair reduces the ability of your hair to absorb the dye, especially light color hair dyes. Also, when dying hair back to black after bleaching, your hair may turn green. Hence, how to dye blonde hair black without it turning green? If you are struggling with darker hair, pigment filler will be an ideal solution, which helps to retain hair dye that is lost when lightening hair. After using pigment filler, your hair will be able to restore the deep black dye better.

How to fix your color?

Apply a neutral color

When you are in the middle of the dyeing process and see bleached hair turned green after dying, stop dying and don’t dry the hair with a green tint. Rather than continuing, you should rinse out your hair right away and start the color-correcting plan. To fix your hair color at that time, reapply the dye with neutral color with the same volume to neutralize the green color.

How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?
neutralize the green color before dying it black

Use the right shampoo

Washing hair properly can be a great answer to the question: How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green. You can use a handmade shampoo that may be made from aspirin and white vinegar, tomato paste, powdered lemonade mix, or water and seltzer tablets to get rid of green tints. And while washing hair, you can also mix the shampoo with baking soda, apply this mixture on the turning-green part, leave it for 5 minutes then rinse it with cool water to neutralize the green color.

Another tip is using a temporary red dye with shampoo. Since red pigment can lessen the volume of green tints in hair. Hence, you can mix red dye while shampoo or conditioner your hair to fix your hair with green tints.

How to take care of hair to prevent dyed hair from turning green?

– Use a dye with a moisturizer such as natural oil, which helps keep your hair moist and healthy.

– Don’t shampoo your hair right after have your hair dye. Wait at least 2 days or maybe longer to wash your hair after dyeing.

– Prevent wetting your dyed hair when bathing on non-washing days, since the water can make the dye fade quickly.

– Shampoo your hair about 2 or 3 times per week to retain the natural to restore the dye on your hair.

How To Dye Blonde Hair Black Without It Turning Green?
don’t shampoo your hair right after the dye

– Using the shampoo for hair dye to prevents the color fading away and washing your hair with cool or warm water since too hot or too cold one can damage your hair and make the dye particles float out.

– Do not use a shampoo made up with sulfate which causes the color to fade pretty quickly.

– Use supplement vitamins for dyed hair since the vitamin is one of the vital nutrients for healthy and shiny hair. You can find the vitamíns in functional foods.

– Protect your dyed hair from exposing to the sun since ultraviolet rays do harm to your dyed hair.

– Trim your hair often if it is damaged, especially when it experiences frizzy and split ends.

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Final words

Hair turning is unavoidable when dyeing hair from blond to black hair. But if you follow the advice on “How to dye blonde hair black without it turning green?” we give you, you can somehow fix your hair with green tints.

Moreover, after fixing it, taking care of your hair is also crucial since it can help you to maintain the hair dye or better your next dyeing.

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