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6 Smart Ways To Fix Orange Hair Hue Effectively

I dyed my hair, and it turned orange how do I fix it? Orange locks are not the worst shade in the world. Yet, it can be extra disappointing to have it, in the end, after your hair bleaching process. It is mainly when it ends up being patchy and not even. You are eventually forced to visit a salon to have it fixed.

It is common to end up so after bleaching. If you attempt to bleach your super dark hair, the possibility is that eight out of ten times, you will eventually get brassy orange hair or orange roots with dark brown hair. That is why you had better know a few tricks that excel at eliminating your orange hair hue naturally. 

In the following post, you are going to discover how to fix orange hair. Before we address the main point, let’s discuss why your tresses turn orange, to begin with.

Why Do Your Locks Become Orange?

According to the underlying pigment theory, those with dark locks have the most orange shades in their hair. It makes them more vulnerable to getting orange hair in the end after a bleaching session. 

As you know, bleach makes your hair lighter. Yet, it does not remove the natural pigment that provides your hair with its hue. Brunettes tend to get red and orange undertones in their curls – it is the residual hue to get after you make it lighter.

6 Smart Ways To Fix Orange Hair Hue Effectively
your hair turns orange after dying

For another cause behind your resulting hair, there is the mineral accumulation in your hair. Do you have light locks? Then, it can get orange and yellow tones if you use items that contain sulfates.

Is spending a large amount of money at a salon to remove the brassy orange tones worrying you? Then, think again. Below are some DIY ways that you can count on to tone your hair.

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How to Fix Orange Hair

Many ways are available to fix it. Either case, neutralizing the color is the logic of the solutions. Many toning shampoos have purple pigments and the like to get rid of the orange tones.

Use Toner

A toner can make the unexpected orange neutral. It will give you a cool-toned shade of locks. This translucent hair color deposit includes adequate pigment to enhance your hair color. Blend it with peroxide immediately after bleaching your hair. Yet, remember that toning your hair more than once is necessary to achieve desired results.

How To Choose A Toner

Is your hair more yellow compared to orange ones, rely on a purple toning shampoo. Else, use a toner, We suggest using Wella Color Charm T18. It can get rid of light yellow tones from the strands.

What if orange shades are more than yellow? Make use of Joice Color Balance Blue Shampoo or other blue toning shampoos. It has violet-blue subdued tones – these tones can remove yellow-orange tones.

6 Smart Ways To Fix Orange Hair Hue Effectively
use a toner to fix orange hair

The Way of Applying Toner 


– An applicator brush

– A toner

– 20-volume hydrogen peroxide

– A plastic bowl


– Blend toner (1) and peroxide (2).

– Start applying the blend of toner and developer to your locks using a brush.

– When orange shade is covered, let the toner on your curls for at most 45 minutes.

– Wash with a shampoo free of sulfate.

With Box Dye

How to fix orange hair with only box dye? Does your hair become patchy with orange and blonde bits? The cause may be that you have not used sufficient bleach or coloring. To solve it, dye your hair again. You can ask someone to help you. Part your hair into sections. Guarantee that the coloring is evenly applied. Then:

– Cover your whole hair with enough dye.

– Section your hair into thin ones so that covering them is easy.

– Make a thorough application to guarantee even coverage.

– Allow the coloring to stay for the recommended amount of time.

– Shampoo, condition, and call it done.

The Way of Turning Orange Hair to Brown

6 Smart Ways To Fix Orange Hair Hue Effectively
use a medium ash blonde color to fix the hair

We recommend you rely on a medium ash blonde coloring. It will be useful for toning down the orange.

– Purchase a lighter dyeing product than the model giving you the orange locks.

– Apply it evenly.

– Allow it to be there for the suggested amount of time. 

– Use shampoo to wash it.

How to Fix Orange Hair to Blonde

For the best result, bleach your curls again following two weeks to turn orange to yellow. You know, neutralizing yellow is easier. After that, use a box dye that has the ash blonde color to the hair color lighter.

– Purchase an ash blonde box coloring, a developer, and a decent bleaching powder.

– Blend the developer (1) and bleach (2).

– Apply it 

– Let it be on the hair for 30 minutes.

– Rinse the hair

– After 48 hours, apply the box dye.

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ACV and Hollyhock Herbs 


– 1 cup of water

– 1 ounce of hollyhock herbs

– Two apple cider vinegar tablespoons 


– Add ACV and hollyhock herbs to the boiled water

– Heat this blend until it thickens. Allow it to be cool.

– Apply the combination to your hair. Then, massage it gently.

– Allow it to be there for 10 minutes

– Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash it.

6 Smart Ways To Fix Orange Hair Hue Effectively
ACV and Hollyhock Herbs

How to Fix Bleached Hair that Turned Orange with Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse


– 1 cup of water

– Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

– A few drops of blue or purple liquid food color

– 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil


– Apply coconut oil to your locks before going to sleep at night

– Make a blend of the other ingredients.

– Wash the hair the next morning. 

– Wash your hair using the combination of ACV and food coloring.

– Do this practice again every two weeks.

In Conclusion 

Those were the ways of how to fix orange hair. They will help diminish orange accumulation in your hair. Then, you can savor your fabulous brass-free hair, including hair replacement systems, after applying these toning methods.

Do you have other toning tips and tricks? Then, let Lewigs know right in the comments below!

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