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The A – Z Guide Of How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Learn how to French braid your own hair is necessary for any young girl. For some, they find it easy when doing braid someone’s hair. How to do French braid on your own hair? Is it confusing? This hairstyling technique may look complicated to get on yourself, but it is truly simple and easy to perform. All it takes is a little practice and some patience. If you really want to know how to French braid hair, Lewigs has a go-to tutorial for you. Keep on reading for braiding steps.

What are the French braids?

It is no exaggeration to say that that French braid is a timeless and chic hairstyle. It pops up everywhere, from the wedding, party, to the red carpet. All girls love this look, and that’s why French braid has never left. Many hairstylists say that French braids are classic and classy style. It is not difficult and complex to perform; hence, the braid is perfect for beginners. 

The A - Z Guide Of How To French Braid Your Own Hair
French braid hairstyle

What’s more, French braids are comfortable and easy to wear. They distribute tension and weight evenly over your hair strands and head, so you don’t experience headaches. Some consider them as a protective hairstyle, especially for those who want French braid short hair. It also helps you avoid a greasy hair look. A French braid is suitable for any sweet occasion. You are going to work or having a girls’ night out, apply this simple technique. It would be best if you learned about how to French braid your own hair easy, as this way takes your braiding skill to the next level. 

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Is it accessible to French braids your own hair for beginners?

To French braid your hair, you do it to yourself more frequently. You can start playing with braids when you are smart and comfortable with braiding your natural locks. Make loose or tight braids, it entirely depends on you and your skill. For instance, the bigger strands you take, the looser your braid will be.  

These braids are never “out-date”. They create a feminine flair, whether you own short or long hair. How to do a French braid with short hair is so easy to learn. The hairstyle also has a gorgeous and cute appearance suitable for walking the streets, school, or even travel. You are free to mix outfits, hats, and scarves to become more stylish.

If you feel pain or headache with tight braids, rebraid looser. You should remove all braids that cause little pumps on the scalp. Style your hair as long as you feel comfortable. Try not to rough up your hair.  

How to French braid own hair

The A - Z Guide Of How To French Braid Your Own Hair
prepare before making French braids

Some tools you need to make French braiding easier:

– Detangling brush

– Rattail comb

– Boar bristle brush

– Clear hair elastics

Follow the expert advice on how to French braid hair for beginners step by step. We will explain every step from the top to the bottom of the braid. If you are not good at double French braid your own hair, we are sure you will be a master after this guide. 

Brush and section your hair

The first thing you have to do is brushing all your hair. Make sure that there are no tangles and it is a lot easier to braid your hair. When you have brushed your curls, use a rattail comb to split strands into 2 equal sections down the back of your head.  

Take one section and clip it up or tie it. On the rest part, you take a small section of hair in the front that kind of looks like a triangle, continue sorting it into 3 small equal sections. 

Start braiding

After splitting the hair into 3 small sections, take the top strand to cross that over and into the middle strand. The middle strand now is the top one. You do the same thing on the other strand. Take the bottom strand and cross that over into the middle, so you are started off the braid.  

You have to add in hair by taking the top strands, grab some hairs from the same side, and to perform another braid. “Grab and grab” until you have braided hair all your head. 

The A - Z Guide Of How To French Braid Your Own Hair
how to french braid your own hair

Secure the braid

When it gets to the bottom of your hair, take an elastic and secure the hair. Then you just have to do the exact same thing on the other side. 

Now both braids are done. If some places are too tight, you can start to loosen up the braids. If you want a thick and voluminous braid, go ahead and pull on the sides of the braid. 

That’s the completed French braid with the easy technique. We really hope that you guys found this advice helpful and answer the question “how to French braid my own hair?” 

We also receive a lot of questions related to braiding hair extensions. Can I braid my extension? Or how to french braid hair with extensions? Of course. Secure the hair item on a wig head or mannequin head, and you can do the same thing on your existing hair. If you braid the hair and leave it overnight, you will get beach waves in the morning. No heat-styling tools, you still have natural waves. 

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In Short

Above are the best go-to guide on how to French braid your own hair. You can either braid the curls yourself without getting support from others. More and more ways to sport this braid and you also can style your own desired look.

French braids for natural hair are amazing and beautiful hairstyles for girls. Hopefully, you find this post helpful as well as have the French braid you like with the steps above. If you have further inquiries, feel free to leave your comment below. Lewigs is always happy to get back to you. Bear in mind that nothing is impossible. Take action today, and have a pretty and classy hairstyle! Shine your beauty after all!

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