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7 Winning Strategies To Get Knots Out Of Hair

Have you ever found knots on your hair? It is the usual problem. Sometimes, you can get rid of it quickly with a comb, but sometimes, it makes you spend a lot of time on fighting with it. If you are suffering from knots on hair, it is essential to read our article today. We would like to share with you some home remedies on how to get knots out of hair which is easy to do.

Reasons for hair knots

Two strands of hair wrap around each other and become intertwined – that’s the way we have a knot on hair. It is difficult to remove knots when they are bigger because the stands are stuck together.

Let’s see some common reasons causing knots on hair:

– We lost a certain amount of hair every day and it is a normal phenomenon. If your hair is smooth and straight, it will escape from your scalp easily. However, most of us have several hair problems such as dry hair, heat-damaged hair, sun-damaged hair, naturally curly hair, etc. These problems make these loose strands more prone to getting wrapped around other strands when they remove from your scalp, resulting in knots.

7 Winning Strategies To Get Knots Out Of Hair
knotted hair

– Another reason coming from certain surfaces, like towels, sheets, or pillowcases. Because you may rub your hair against these surfaces, you may see those bedhead tangles in your hair.

– If you often let your hair exposed to hot styling tools or use hair products that contain alcohol, such as hairspray, mousse, or gel frequently, you may have more knots on hair.

Now, it’s time for you to find the solutions on how to get knots out of hair. Continue reading and try simple tips to get rid of annoying knots.

Other tips:

How To Get Knots Out Of Hair – Solutions


Using a comb is the easiest way to remove knots. However, do not brush hair immediately because you will get lots of hair loss. At that time, your hair is very sensitive, so be careful and remove knots gently. You can follow simple steps:

– You should use plastic hair clamps or clips to separate your hair and remove knots of each part. This way will help you separate the finished sections from those that are still knotted.

– Use a detangler to spray hair. A detangler helps you remove knots quickly and easily. You should read and follow the instructions on the bottle of the product carefully. In case you use oil or gel, instead of rubbing on hair directly, you should take a little into the knot with your fingertips.

7 Winning Strategies To Get Knots Out Of Hair
use a detangler spray before brushing your hair

– Pass your fingers through the knot. You can start from the bottom of your hair and through the lock gently. Skip the knot and finish combing.

– Next, you will need a wide-toothed comb. Now, pull this comb from the bottom of the knot to the end of your hair. This brush way is effective for removing knots, even big and huge knots.

Remember to be very gentle when combing through the knot. If you tug, you may get damaged hair and future tangles. This step also needs your patience. This process may take a lot of time. If you feel tired, take a rest. Do not put too much stress on yourself.

Trim Hair Regularly

Cut hair regularly is an effective way to remove dead, dry hair and split ends. Split ends cause damaged hair, leading to major tangles. Moreover, you will have new strong hair after trimming. Therefore, do not hesitate to trim hair every month.

Avoid Rubbing Hair

7 Winning Strategies To Get Knots Out Of Hair
avoid rubbing hair too roughly

One of the common reasons creating knots is rubbing hair to certain surfaces. Therefore, if you are finding how to get really bad knots out of hair, you can choose a satin pillowcase. Satin material helps you keep your hair smooth while you sleep.

Besides, after washing hair, do not rub hair with a towel because doing this may remove moisture, resulting in hair breakage and cuticle damage, so you may get more chance of knots. What should you do? Just use a microfiber towel to wrap around your head and let hair dry naturally.

Braid Hair While Sleeping

You should take soft hair ties, not rubber bands, to braid your hair when you sleep. This way can decrease friction and prevent knots.

Use Conditioner

Many people think that shampooing is enough for hair but it is not correct. Talking about how to get knots out of hair that is matted, you should mention conditioner. Conditioner smoothens and your hair effectively, so knots do not have a chance to appear. After shampooing, apply conditioner from the ends (the most damaged area) backward to the rest of the hair, avoiding the hair 2-3 cm from the scalp. Do not rinse it immediately. Wait for 5 minutes before rinsing to let hair absorb nutrients.

7 Winning Strategies To Get Knots Out Of Hair
use hair conditioner to smoothen your hair

Limit Hairstyle Tools

Some heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can dry out your hair, leading to knots. As a result, try to limit these high heat tools or use the tools on low to medium heat settings. Another option for you is to apply a heat protectant before styling your hair with heat.

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Choose Suitable Products For Hair

Each hair type requires different hair care products. For example, do not use products that contain alcohol for dry hair because they can make your hair drier. Besides, you should add oils, serums, and conditioners to your hair care routine. If you own styled hair, you will need special products. You can ask hairstylists for advice.

Having knots is annoying for anyone but do not worry. You can solve this problem. We hope that the solutions on how to get knots out of hair we present in this article can help you get rid of knots. Our page Lewigs has more topics about hair care, so please visit us to know some ways to take care of your hair and avoid bad habits damaging hair. If you have any questions or comments, send us immediately. We are always welcome them and will answer as soon as we can.

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