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The Secrets Of How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth

For centuries, women around the world, specifically in Asia, have used rice water as a great hair care treatment. But what does rice water do for your hair? Does it have any beauty benefits or for hair growth? How to make rice water for hair growth?

Many people said that rice water helps to make all fibers silky, smooth and shiny. Also, it helps the hair grow faster. This blog today will help you know clearly how to make rice water for hair growth and its beauty benefits. Let’s start!

About Rice Water For Hair Growth

Specialists say that rice water is rich with vitamins (vitamin B, vitamin E), amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants. All of them are good and strengthen natural skin and human hair. This means that your hair is able to grow it nice and long.

According to researchers, women in Japan used rice water first. In the Heian period, Japanese women with long hair maintain their healthy hair and skin by washing and bathing in rice water. 

The Secrets Of How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth
rice water

Then, hair care treatment was also found in China. The famed story about a woman with 6 feet long hair attracted attention. In addition to the incredible length, her hair was referred to keep the color for longer. The woman said that her secret was to bath in rice water. 

These days, many beauty websites and bloggers advise women to use rice water. Manufacturers and product developers also follow this natural treatment. Rice water is a beauty trend and spreading now. 

Rice water includes:

– Selenium: promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff

– Folic acid: helps thicken and strengthen the hair

– Magnesium: stimulates hair growth and every single cell in our body needs magnesium to function well.

– Niacin: contains vitamin B3, so it transforms dull and weak hair.

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How to Make Rice Water for Hair Growth

Follow our tutorial on how to make DIY at-home hair growth treatment. There are two main ways that you can make rice water for your hair natural hair, they are plain rice water and fermented rice water.  

Step 1: Get some rice

Both of them start off the same step, you start off with some rice. White or brown rice is fine, organic or non-organic is fine. If you are using non-organic, make sure that you wash it even more thoroughly. 

The Secrets Of How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth
wash the rice

Step 2: Wash the rice

To wash the rice, you should rinse it in cold water to remove any impurities, dirt, and chemicals that might have been used on the rice. 

Step 3: Portion the rice and the water

This is the next and important step on how to make rice water for skin and hair. Once you have washed, you put some rice into a bowl with water. To get the right ratio, you should use two tablespoons full of rice to 2 cups of water. Because this step lasts very long, you should not make a huge batch of this at once. So this amount of rice water is gonna be absolutely perfect. 

Put the rice and water in a bowl together, you switch them around or knead with your knuckles as well. It really helps the nutrients to seep out of the rice into the water. Try to get all of the nutrients out of the rice into the water. 

Step 4: Leave the mixture for a half of an hour

For plain rice water

Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes. The water should turn a milky cloudy. Remember to strain the rice out of the mixture before using it, otherwise, you will have rice in your hair. 

To make fermented rice water for hair

The Secrets Of How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth
leave the rice water for 24 hours to let it fermented

You don’t use it now. Put the mixture in a bottle and leave it for 24 hours. Fermented rice water is better due to the higher pH level that helps to seal the cuticles of your hair. After using rice water, you can notice that your hair is smooth, less friction and frizzy. Also, fermented rice water helps to enhance all of the vitamins and nutrients that can be found in plain rice water. Carbohydrates in the mixture also boost the elasticity of your hair and strengthen your hair.  

Step 5: Create the smell

You can add lavender essence, orange peels, peppermint oils, etc. to help with the smell. Now you can use the mixture or store it in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

How to use rice water for hair growth

As mentioned before, you can use rice water to grow your hair and strengthen, lengthen hair as well. 

How often to use rice water for hair growth? Use it at least once a week to see the difference in the health and texture of the hair. It takes maybe weeks or months before you see the results. 

The Secrets Of How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth
use rice water as a hair conditioner

You should prepare rice water for hair first. Then shampoo your hair as usual and always use a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Next, pour the rice water through your hair and make sure that you have a coated layer on each individual strands. Leave it on the natural locks from 30 to 60 minutes. Wrap your head with a towel or a shower cap.

Once the time has passed, you rinse the mixture off. Now, let the hair dry and you can go back to your styling. We promise that you notice the difference in your hair the first time you use it. The result is amazing.  

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Mistake to avoid

– Skip out on moisturizers during the rice water treatment. 

– Don’t wear tight hairstyles and avoid heat styling tools. Let your strands breathe. How long does it take for rice water to grow your hair? After 2 weeks, your hair will look fuller and healthier. 

– Overfermentation can cause hair shedding again.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to make rice water for hair growth is among the best and most convenient ways to take care of your tresses. Follow our ultimate tutorial, you will see the good result. Please love your natural hair, care properly and it will look great as long as possible. 

Lewigs wants to know the results after you use rice water rinse for hair. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below our blog post. We are willing to support you. 

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