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How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop

Go home, hair loss!

Whether your hair loss is a result of a short-term or chronic health condition, there is something that you will do to shield the strands that you have. Keep reading for recommendations on how to prevent hair loss, including baby hair, for teenage guys, in women, for men, in old age, after surgery, after gastric sleeve, in chemotherapy, and the like.

How to stop hair loss in general

You can follow a couple of hair hygiene tips for your hair to less seemingly fall out.

Avoid hairstyles which pull on your hair

Curls are versatile. Still, according to research, they will only be broken after stretched a lot. Hairstyles such as tight braids, cornrows, and ponytails will be likely to pull the hair aloof from the scalp. They can also loosen the bond between the scalp and hair as time goes on.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
Avoid hairstyles which pull on your hair

Stay away from high-heat hair styling tools

Relying on heat to style your hair may leave the follicle dehydrated. It will also be susceptible to damage. Hair straighteners, dryers, and curling irons can ruin your hair over time.

Avoid chemically treating or bleaching your hair

They are likely to do sudden and permanent harm to your hair follicles. How to prevent hair loss? Limit your use of highlights, dyes, perms, and peroxide treatments.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
use a good shampoo

Use shampoos which are delicate and suited to your hair

The shampoo’s purpose is to cleanse your hair of excess oil and dirt. Still, several products contain harsh ingredients. So, be sure you have a quick/ close look at the ingredients of the shampoo before you buy it. For the best, all-natural ones are doable.

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How to prevent hair loss in women

Female hair loss is often caused by androgenetic alopecia, genetic feminine pattern hair thinning, thyroid disease, aging, or so. If you’re losing your hair, you may want to try some treatments to stay away from additional hair loss.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
for women, you could take in more iron or minoxidil to prevent hair shedding

– Rogaine (minoxidil)

– Spironolactone or alternative anti-androgen medications

– iron supplements, particularly if your loss of hair has to do with anemia or occurs during menopause.

– oral contraceptives

Women that have experienced menopause can also think about HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

How to prevent hair loss in men

Male hair loss is common. Reportedly, about eighty-five percent of men have this concern when they are fifty years old or so. Their hair loss is often caused by aging, genetic male pattern one, low testosterone levels, or androgenetic alopecia. Some possible treatments include:

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
finasteride helps prevent hair loss in men

– Propecia or Proscar (finasteride)

– Rogaine (minoxidil)

– hair transplant with follicles, without connecting tissue used

– hair transplant with underlying tissue

Stay away from hair loss naturally at home

Do you wish to do a home remedy to check if you’ll be able to stop your strands from a breakup? Then, it’s necessary to visit your doctor. They will find out the underlying explanation for your situation. That is why you’ll be able to treat it befittingly.


Your nutritional deficiencies will be likely to cause hair thinning. Zinc, iron, vitamin D, B-12, and niacin are useful for your body and hair’s health. Keep in mind to solely obtain supplements from reliable sources.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
apply essential oil bath

Essential oils

They are liquid extracts of beneficial natural ingredients. They will be possibly mixed with carrier oils, say, jojoba oil. That way helps stimulate hair growth. A couple of essential oils may make your strands grow stronger. Some suggestions are:

– jatamansi

– peppermint

– ginseng

Scalp massage

It has been shown to benefit hair growth. It indeed promotes circulation within the growth area. Your hair might grow faster if you gently massage the scalp anytime you wash your hair.

Diet control

Your proper diet will have control over your hair loss. It will facilitate fighting the signs of stress that is one of the harmful environmental contributors to the damage of hair follicles. Blueberries, strawberries, legumes, spinach, beans, etc. are sources of antioxidants.

Processed fats, sugar, alcohol, and preservatives will be partly behind the oxidative stress. Remember it if you want to prevent your hair from the breakup.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
quit smoking

Quit smoking

It will early age the hair cells, make the follicles brittle and break in the end. Speak to your doctor to come back up with a smoking quitting schedule for you.

Avoiding hair loss during and after pregnancy

A lot of women go through stress, dehydration, fatigue, and falling levels of estrogen. It is because their body adjusts to life when being pregnant. It causes raised sensitivity in your hair follicles, which might result in a higher amount of hair loss. This condition usually has to do with the strain and exhaustion of getting a baby. It is temporary and may resolve inside a year after birth.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
control your diet

You can try and minimize pregnancy and postpartum related hair loss by getting your vitamins, consuming a healthy diet, and staying away from tight hairstyles that pull your hair aloof from the scalp. According to dermatologists, you can count on light-weight shampoos and conditioners. Also, ask a stylist about how to make your hair loss seem less obvious till the hair shedding slows down.

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How to prevent hair loss during chemo

The chemotherapy works to attack cancer cells in the body. On the other hand, the therapy can kill the cells that make the hair grow. Hair typically begins breakup around three weeks along with the treatment.

Some individuals opt to inure this result by shaving the hair off before treatment. Many of us find this option to be more accessible. And then they use a hair replacement system such as a hair toupee or topper wiglet to hide their balding head.

How To Prevent Hair Loss: 9+ Ways To Make It Stop
use a toupee or topper to cover hair loss during chemotherapy

However, not everybody that undergoes therapy loses all of their hair as a consequence. In that case, you may want to try the scalp cooling cap. It can slow the blood flow to the scalp throughout treatments. It is not utterly effective. But this cap will assist you to keep more of your strands. Or else, go for a reliable toupee. It provides flawless coverage. Be sure you buy the one with good quality and safe materials.

Overall, home remedies, lifestyle, hairpieces, medication, and dietary changes can improve the appearance of your thinning hair.

Final words

Above are all Lewigs want to share with you about how to prevent hair loss and shedding. We hope that you could find the methods that work for you.

Don’t be rush when treating it as it would be a long-term process and the result won’t show up after a few days.

Because hair care is a part of self-care, take good care of your tresses.

For any further information about hair loss or any interest in getting a hair replacement system, feel free to call or text Lewigs via our hotline at any time. It’s always our honor to support you.

Have a nice day!

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