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6 Winning Tactics For How To Stop Keto Hair Loss

While transitioning on a keto diet, some people notice that their hairs start losing more than usual. They find it a little bit unnerving. It is a temporary side effect and will go away. Still, if hair loss continues for the long term, you should consider this issue. How to stop keto hair loss? You can read on to learn some easy ways to treat hair loss in and beyond the keto diet. 

Supply Enough Nutrients To Stop Hair Loss During Keto

How to stop losing hair on keto? With this diet, the key is not starvation. Follow the rule of this diet by consuming enough macronutrients, including low-carb, protein, and high-fat. When you are first starting out on keto, pay high attention by tracking your macronutrients. Hair loss is a normal issue after taking keto, but it only happens in the first week. After that, it will be improved because your body gets used to the keto diet.

The way on how to stop keto hair loss is that you eat adequate amounts of biotin and protein that are beneficial for hair health. Try to follow a scientific diet and get back to your normal hair growth cycle. 

6 Winning Tactics For How To Stop Keto Hair Loss
supply enough nutrients to your body

To increase nutrients intake during keto diet, you should eat excellent keto-friendly foods such as:

– Avocados

– Cauliflower

– Eggs (with yolk)

– Salmon

– Mushrooms

– Almonds

– Pumpkin seeds

– Bone broth filled with collagen is highly-beneficial to hair growth and health.  

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Get Enough Sleep On Keto Diet

Sleep is very important, so prioritize it. In those days, many people tend to de-prioritize rest because of the business, but it is bad. Especially, if you are during keto, sleep is super important. Lack of sleep affects the function of your hormonal system, meaning it increases stress hormone levels. That leads to hair loss. So, if you are on a keto diet or start noticing hair loss symptoms, ensure that you get enough sleep. How to prevent hair loss in keto? Do the following things:

– Wind down before going to bed. You can have a hot bath or listen to relaxing music. It is better if you spend time to relax before bed, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

– Get to bed earlier, and spend yourself 7-8 hours per night to rest. 

Consume A Variety of Healthy Fats

6 Winning Tactics For How To Stop Keto Hair Loss
omega-3 fatty foods

It is a necessary tip on how to stop hair loss when doing keto. Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 play a crucial role in hair health and growth. Also, supplements and foods containing antioxidants contribute to stop hair loss in keto and improve hair density. Eat more of these omega-3 rich foods to balance the fat levels and reduce inflammation in your bodies such as sardine, flaxseed oils, grass-fed meats, Omega-3 eggs and more.

Reduce Your Stress Level To Prevent Keto Hair Loss

How to prevent hair loss in keto diet? Cortisol is often called the stress hormone, can cause some health problems. In which, high cortisol level can contribute to causing hair loss, whether you are following on a keto diet or not. Therefore, to ensure stress is not unfavorably influencing to your scalp and hair health, you should: 

– Try to keep stress levels down in any way you can to stop hair loss while on keto diet. You can take medication, yoga, etc. Or taking walks is also a good way. 

– Pick a suitable period to start the keto diet. You know there are too many stressors that can affect hair health. 

6 Winning Tactics For How To Stop Keto Hair Loss
reduce stress

Take Supplements To Treat Your Hair Loss

Is there any way on how to prevent hair loss in keto diet? You can add more nutrients on the keto diet by oral. Take supplements that contain biotin, vitamin B-complex, collagen, zinc. Studies indicate that they are essential minerals for healthy hair. For example, biotin such as vitamin B7 is a crucial component of skin cells. Now, these hair loss supplements are available on the market, you can find them in most drug stores. 

To prevent losing hair on keto, you can try probiotics that are live bacteria and good for the digestive system. When you change the diet, it also affects good bacteria in your gut. So probiotics can help restore that balance to improve your digestion. In turn, better digestion makes it easier for the body to consume the nutrients you need for good overall health, including the curls.  

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Apply Coconut Oil or Hair Masks

Change the diet suddenly cause an imbalance and may lead to a lack of nutrients. It is among the main reason causing hair loss. How to prevent hair loss with keto? Besides following a scientific diet, you should take care of your scalp properly so that it can help stop hair loss on keto diet.  A healthy scalp is paramount to healthy tresses. Hence, apply coconut oil is a better job at hydrating your scalp and nourish your mane. Rub it on the scalp and strands and massage gently before rinsing with lukewarm water. 

The truth is that suddenly nutritional changes cause additional stress on your body, which could lead to temporary hair loss. How to prevent hair loss on keto diet? Once your body gets used to your new diet, the hair growth cycle will go back to normal. 

6 Winning Tactics For How To Stop Keto Hair Loss
apply coconut oil hair mask

In some cases, your hair loss continues after following these above tips, talk to your doctor immediately. They will give you medical advice that improves your hair condition.  

Bottom Lines

Maintain a keto diet requires you to do some drastic changes to your diet. Switching to the low carb and high-fat diet can cause some health problems, including hair loss because it reduces the nutrient intake. Follow our guide on how to stop keto hair loss to maintain a healthy head of full hair. 

To reduce the risk of hair problems, you can join in some forums and social networks such as Reddit, Quora, and so on to find the effective ways. Ensure your daily food intake consists of biotin, protein, etc. to stop hair loss after keto diet. Also, follow your doctor’s advice to improve hair health. 

Have any questions on how to prevent hair loss during keto, feel free to raise your voice. If you have other tips, share it with us by leaving your comments below. Thanks a lot!

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