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How To Tame Baby Hairs? – It’s Easy If You Know How

No one wants their gorgeous hairdo, which they have spent hours working on it, to be ruined just by some errant baby hairs. These hairs on the outline of your hairline, unfortunately, are too short to clip on and also too frizzy to let loose. If you can’t come up with any solutions to control it, here’s the right way to tame baby hairs you could learn from.

In this post, we won’t talk about where baby hair comes from. If you feel interested in what causes baby hairs, check out our related article: 

Choose the right tool to fix your baby hairs

No matter whether you decide to keep your baby hair down or style it, don’t forget the magical use of a rat-tail comb. The pointy end of this comb, or of a mascara want and a toothbrush, are the best weapon to tame baby hairs. 

The type of combs and brushes you are using might affect the baby hair. Hairstylists recommend that you use soft bristle brushes to work with your hair. Throw your harsh brushes and change to wooden brushes. They can reduce the risk of frizziness in any kind of weather. 

Many people use a natural fiber paintbrush to get baby hairs to stay down. You can make use of eyebrow gel to secure these tiny hair strands, also. 

How To Tame Baby Hairs? - It’s Easy If You Know How
soft bristle brush for hair

Cold air might help

That your baby hair keeps sticking up might be because they are dry and damaged. In these cases, the use of a heat styling tool might make the situation even worse. We don’t suggest using these tools, but in case it’s necessary, use it at medium or low heat setting only. 

But hair dryers can be helpful in some cases. Use a low-heat setting to dry your hair, direct the nozzle down, and give it a finish with a cold blast. It will control your baby hair effectively. 

Other tips:

Spray your baby hairs with water to lie it down

It would waste lots of time if you wash your hair every time just to make it in form. To secure the baby hairs on your forehead, spray some water on it. 

Once it’s wet, use a fiber brush to comb the hair so that it looks natural and follows the same direction as your hairline. 

Tame baby hairs with styling cream

If these tiny strands are too arrogant and hard to control with water, think about using styling cream. Search for creams that offer strongholds like pomades and tastes. At the same time, these products should contain a nourishing formula, which hydrates and smooth your frizzy curly hair. 

Remember that baby hair is much finer and more fragile, so care for it with love. Some recommended products to be named are Moroccanoil and Olaplex No 6.

How To Tame Baby Hairs? - It’s Easy If You Know How
use styling cream to make baby hairs lie down

Don’t shave or wax the hair

Sometimes, the nerve-wracking feeling when seeing the hair sticking up might make you think about destroying them as soon as possible. Keep calm, gals! No matter how irritating these strands might be, don’t resort to waxing or shaving. It helps nothing at all!

You must remember that when the hair is shaved or waxed, new hair grows. In other words, it’s never a permanent way to tame baby hairs. You will have to do it as a regular habit or it will appear even worse. This is not to mention that waxing hurts, also. 

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Choose a suitable hairstyle

Another effective way to tame baby hairs and make it look natural is to opt for a suitable hairstyle. If you don’t want to hide your baby hair, a relaxed and casual hairstyle might be great to try. Instead of ruining, baby hairs can even complement some hairdos like messy buns, half-up & half-down. It’s cute and youthful. 

For those wanting to look chic & powerful, a slick-back hairstyle will be your best mate. Take Alicia Key as an example. During this year’s Grammy, she slicked back most of her mane and dealt her baby hairs by bringing them forward and decorating them with diamanté. Or Jenifer Lopez (J.Lo), she shaped her tiny strands on the forehead into spirals. The rest of her hair is slicked back. 

How To Tame Baby Hairs? - It’s Easy If You Know How
suitable hairstyle with baby hair

Needless to say, baby hair is notoriously tricky to deal with. But as we said above, nothing is absolutely impossible. Stop asking what to do with baby hairs and start to combat it. If you know how to tame your baby hairs just right, it will no longer be a worry but an important part of your hairdo. 

We hope that this blog post is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Also, don’t forget to check out our store to see the beautiful wigs and hair toppers we are supplying. 

Have a nice hair day!

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