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6 Awe-Inspiring Ideas To Make The Best Use Of Wig Clips

Thinking that it is hard to make your hair wigs remain set up? Stress not, this is a typical issue that numerous wig wearers face. Eventually, it is recommended that you should not utilize a lot of gums and glues to hold your wigs set up. And this is on the grounds that there are high odds of skin harm due to potential allergies and the like. This is the place where wig clips become useful. Being durable, they become fantastic hair system grips, helping you to keep your hairpieces set up. 

The question is, how to use wig clips? Indeed, here are a few steps that will help you correctly utilize them: 

How to use the clips that come with a wig


Find the correct size of the clip. They are accessible in different sizes. In any case, you should choose the ones that set well with your curls and gives you a firm grasp. It is significant that your wig doesn’t sneak off from its place and simultaneously, doesn’t scratch your scalp off. 

6 Awe-Inspiring Idea To Make The Best Use Of Wig Clips
find the right clip size


You can essentially utilize just the hairpiece clips or in a mix with the tape or so. Rely on the way that you are the most OK with.

Understandably, you would prefer not to apply additional strain to your head or worry about your hair. 


When purchasing wigs, you can search for the ones which as of now have wig clips over the seams. Else, you can buy a standard hair replacement system and afterward shop the clip independently.

As referenced previously, go with what you are OK with. Also, attempt to clip in the hair system following practice only. Else, you may hurt the scalp. 

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For another tip on the way to use wig clips for extensions or so, if you plan on utilizing just the clips, then you will need these accessories at the back and the sides. Doing so will give you a characteristic look in the front.

Also, have one clip or two in the area of the crown to adjust the equivalent. These units are attached to your bio hair through the structures that are like the comb. So you have to ensure that your hair holds them and makes an excellent grasp. 

6 Awe-Inspiring Idea To Make The Best Use Of Wig Clips
wig with clips


How to use wig clips? If you have low hair thickness, then it is recommended that you utilize the clips alongside your favorite adhesive. You see, the clips alone will pressure your hair and probably won’t even safely hold them.

Additionally, there are odds of getting your hair seriously pulled in the event that they are thin. So ensure you use them in a mix as it were. 


Have you realized the best spots to put the clips at? Then, you can sew them into the wig. Doing so will make it simpler to utilize and remove later. On the off chance that you have a lace hair unit, you can use the seams to help you with the same.

How to maintain a wig with clips

Now that you have learned about how to use wig clips, let’s have some ideas of taking care of the hair system with them. Through the span of time, you will install and remove them a few times. Subsequently, it is significant that you do not unconsciously harm your hairpiece. We suggest:

– Wash the hair unit on more than one occasion per month relying upon the wearing recurrence. When washing the hairpiece, it is recommended that you apply a somewhat acidic cleanser. Utilizing hair conditioner and washing in gentle water will leave the hair feeling soft. 

6 Awe-Inspiring Idea To Make The Best Use Of Wig Clips
how to care for a wig

– Abstain from rubbing the clipped hair system excessively hard because this will expand the opportunity of hair shedding from the wig. It is significant that the hair isn’t brushed or combed while wet. Rather, style the hair unit when it is dry. This helps save a full head of hair for a more extended period.

– Note that it is typical for any hair wig to have some degree of shedding in spite of how you look after it. While putting away your hair replacement product, leave it on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry area away from any warmth and residue. 

Taken together, keeping up your hair unit and putting away it effectively will guarantee the clipped wig holds its shape, style and goes on for a long while, setting aside your cash and time! It will likewise keep your hair system flawless, and this will help in putting it on in a flash. 

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Lewigs as a trustworthy supplier of wig clips

Finding the right supplier is as important as learning how to use wig clips. How might I find such a decent dealer of this accessory close to me? On the off chance that you are searching for one that has all the critical capabilities and significantly more, Lewigs is probably the best proposal. We are the retailers as well as wholesalers of the hair system tools. They are the best out there. Their cost is the most favorable. 

6 Awe-Inspiring Idea To Make The Best Use Of Wig Clips
wig clips at Lewigs

As a first-class seller of hairpieces and their accessories, we bolster our recognized clients all day, every day. Lewigs guarantee to fulfil the entirety of your needs and needs. You can anticipate speedy support, from consulting, delivery, to solving any arising problem. Try not to stress over the suitability. We offer you the best guidance to get the most proper item for your interest and preference. 

In the event that you need to see progressively about the hair replacement system world, we give related posts. With the fabulous item that you get from Lewigs, you will, without a doubt, be prepared to face the world with the most joyful grin ever. 

To summarize: How to use wig clips

Since you have an all-around idea of wig clips how to use, be a wiser purchaser. Consider everything cautiously ahead of time with the goal that you could get the best things at the most delightful rates. 

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