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How To Measure The Size Of A Hair Topper?

There's no all-size-fit hair topper.

Human hair toppers for thin hair are a good way for many hair loss situations. The hairpiece will seamlessly blend with your existing hair for a supremely natural look. Not only conceal the defects of your hair, but it also adds more volume to the crown, top or sides of your head. 

However, topper hairpiece can never work well if you buy the wrong one. There are lots of things to consider, and the base size is one of the most crucial ones. There’s no all-size-fit topper that could fit your head perfectly. Therefore, it’s necessary to get the exact base size.

In the following post, Lewigs would like to introduce to you the way to determine the size of your targeted spot. It takes only a few minutes to read, so don’t miss it out!

Base Size Of Toppers

There is a multitude of reasons that cause hair loss problems. Hence, it is very important to understand your hair condition and to find the solution first. Determine the area of hair loss by using a soft measuring tape like fabric tape to measure area from front to back and record results. You shouldn’t use a straight ruler to measure the cap length. 

How To Measure The Base Size Of Human Hair Toppers For Thin Hair?
hair topper base

The base size is an important specification for making a hairpiece. The most preferred method is to make a template and send it to a trustworthy hair vendor to make a finished product. 

How to measure the base size of women’s hair toppers

To obtain the length and the width of the topper, you should place the wiglet on a stand or mannequin head with the base on top. Making sure that there are no folds.

– Place the fabric measuring tape at the center of the front hairline. Now, you can measure directly across the middle of the base to the back edge. Record the result of width cap.

How To Measure The Base Size Of Human Hair Toppers For Thin Hair?
how to measure topper base size

– With the length of the human hairpiece, place the measuring tape at one side edge of the base. The beginning point should be half the distance from the temple points, then go across the top of the base to the opposite edge. 

Once you have both the length and the width, you now know the base size measurement.

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Choose the right topper hair extensions

We received many questions from customers, of which most people ask how do I choose the size of a hair topper for women. 

Determine your hair loss condition

 In other words, you have to know what stage of hair loss you are in. According to Ludwig, there are 3 main stages of hair loss: beginning, progressive and advanced. Depending on the stage, you use different base sizes. 

Hair Loss Condition
determine your hair loss condition

If you are experiencing the first stage at the crown, a small size topper can hide this area well since your hair loss is undetectable. The hairpiece integrates your real hair to have the most realistic appearance.  

In some cases, your hair condition is worse. You have thinning hair at the front hairline of temples, the bigger size of hair replacement systems will increase your confidence.

Type of hair topper for thinning hair

Human hair and synthetic fiber toppers are available in the market. The type of hairpieces depends on your need, budget. However, we recommend choosing human hair to have beautiful hair overall.

A human hair topper comes with many pros that your current hair would have. With 100% real hair, the unit brings a more natural look than the synthetic fibers do. It can be dyed, bleached, and styled to have fashionable hairstyles as you pleased. Additionally, its lifespan is longer if being cared for correctly. 

How To Measure The Base Size Of Human Hair Toppers For Thin Hair?
types of hair toppers

At Lewigs company, we only supply the best human hair toppers. The origin of the hair is from Vietnam and Cambodia. Women in these countries have their own care and healthy diet that can keep their hair shiny, smooth and strong. 

See our lovable women hairpieces:

Type of the base material

You know different base types create different looks. There are some common types in the hair market now: lace hair topper, skin hair topper, mono base, and silk hair topper. In general, they also give you a natural hairstyle and easy to use. 

Color of hairpieces

Please opt for the color that resembles your own hair. If it does not match exactly, you can dye your existing hair to reach the color you want. We recommend visiting a hairstylist so that they can color your hair safely.

How To Measure The Base Size Of Human Hair Toppers For Thin Hair?
your hair topper should have a matching color and length to your real hair

The length of the hair topper

There is a variety of hair length that is available for you opt. You can choose a short hair topper, mid-length hair topper or long human hair topper for thinning hair as long as it suits your current hairstyle and hair length.

Final words

If you are looking for human hair toppers for thin hair but are still unsure of which one you should choose, come to Lewigs. We are willing to give you a piece of advice and explain all of your requires.

At our company, we offer all the best hair toppers that are made with 100% human hair. The types of hair are collected from strong Vietnamese and Cambodian women. Cuticles of hair strands are running in one direction, so you don’t have to worry about the tangling problem. Moreover, our hair systems are unprocessed hair, so you feel free to wash, color, and bleach it. You can style the hair with styling tools but it is best if you use non-heating methods or use the tool on the low or medium temperature setting. 

We also customize the hair topper depending on your requirements such as changing the hair color, adding more hair density, curling or straightening the hairpiece. Hence, when you receive our hair, it is the completed hair topper.

Hope that after reading this post, you have got quite an idea about the base size of human hair toppers for thin hair. Do not hesitate to share with us your feelings

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