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Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions

Most people who are wearing hair systems may encounter itching feeling at some points.

Most people who are wearing hair systems may encounter itching feeling at some points. These hair system users often blame the hairpieces for causing itchy scalp but the main issue may be another thing.

So, today Lewigs is going to share with you what is the principal reasons for itching hair system and some proper treatments to deal with itching feeling when wearing hair system.

Moving the hair system

Normally, during the time of wearing a hair system, you can experience a small or minor change in the position of the hair system, which will not trigger any feelings of itchiness. But, it is another story if you scratch your scalp terribly since this can shift your hair system more often during the day and itchy scalp will happen as a result. Sometimes, moving hairpiece can lead to skin redness as well.

Also, using bond glue to attach a hair system is one of the major causes of itching feeling. Once your real hair grows, it can blend with hair of your hairpiece, which leads to considerable moving and then result in itching

Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions
itchy feeling when wearing hair system

Solution for moving the hair system

You can search for many DIY tips on the internet to deal with shifting a hair system. One of them is to add some more clips to your hairpiece for a firm secure. You can also switch from using a bond adhesive to tape since it will adhere to your scalp, not your hair. This can reduce itching feeling underneath your hairpiece.

Other issues:

Not shaving biology hair

Almost all trichologist and hair professionals will advise you to shave your real hair with a razor before applying a hair system. This will help your hair system stay flatly on your head. Nonetheless, you may feel itching if you are susceptible to folliculitis (razor burn) or ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair or folliculitis is not dangerous, it doesn’t always mean your scalp is inflamed. One can experience it when they don’t use hair foam or gel while shaving their head. Also, ingrown hair can be one of the reasons for itchiness since it causes red and itching patches where a strand has grown back into your scalp. Don’t worry much about his minor problem since there are various ways to treat it.

Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions
red and itching patches after shaving your hair

Solution for itchiness caused by shaving head

Mild symptoms of razor burn can be self-healed after a few days without any remedies. You can boost the process of healing and reducing itchy scalp caused by folliculitis by employing the following tips:

Mild folliculitis might go away without any treatment. To speed up healing and ease itchiness caused by razors, you can do the following:

Wash the folliculitis area: To deal with red bumps or itching patches induced by the razor, clean your scalp every day with anti-bacterial shampoo. Use a clean towel to dry your hair after each time doing so.

Utilize salt: Salt has been shown to be safe and effective to treat itching feeling when wearing hair system. Dissolve 1 tsp of table salt into 2 cups of water, then pour the liquid on a face towel and lay it on your scalp for 20 minutes. After that, rinse your scalp with warm water. Doing so once every week for the best result.

Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions
moisturize your scalp with gentle gels and creams to prevent itching

Use gels and creams: Moisturizing your scalp with lotion or cream can be an ideal way to avoid infection caused by shaving or rubbing. You can try hydrocortisone cream or oatmeal lotion.

The above remedies can help you gain the result in a few months.


There is no doubt that our scalp experience sweating while we use a hair system. Naturally, some people tend to perspire more than others. However, using a hair system for the whole day can be a reason for more sweat than usual as well. And a perspiring scalp can ultimately trigger red patches and itchiness.

Also, if you forget to wash your hair after doing exercise, the itchiness will happen. Exercising will generate more sweat, which means you may more prone to irritation and itchy scalp if leaving your scalp unwashed after doing so. The sweat under your hair system will blend with the hairpiece, therefore, causing itchiness.

That’s why cleaning your scalp every day is a must, especially when you are using a hairpiece.

Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions
sweating might cause itchy hair system

Solution for itchiness caused by sweating

It is not hard to treat itchiness caused by sweating. You can refer to the following tips for a better result.

Wash your scalp regularly: As mentioned above, cleaning your scalp will be a solution to treat itchiness. Using a medicated shampoo while washing your hair will help you to rinse away sweat on the scalp. For a normal or oily scalp, you should wash it once every 2 days or daily and for a dry scalp, you should wash it once every 3-4 days. Consult your hair system expert for instructions.

Limit eating spicy food: Consuming spicy dishes can be a cause for scalp perspiring. Hence, avoiding food made with pepper or garlic can help you overcome a sweaty scalp. Moreover, you can improve scalp help buy consume more fruit and green vegetables.

Use Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is famous for controlling the sweating process. Mix 1 tsp of this vinegar with warm water and use the mixture to gently massage your scalp in 30 minutes. Doing so twice a week to see the best outcome.

Combine the methods above and you can get rid of the sweaty scalp and then your itchy scalp can be treated as well.

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Other factors

Besides the mentioned reasons for itching feeling when wearing a hair system above, there are some other ones that can also trigger itchiness, such as:

Itching Feeling When Wearing Hair System? Problems & Solutions
the low-quality hair system is another reason

– Low-quality hair system

– Allergy to adhesives or hair products

– Wrong methods to style or clean hair.

Hence, using the right products for your hair will be a good treatment after all. Ensure that your hair system is high-quality will help you in defeat itching scalp.

If you are looking for high-quality hairpieces, visit Lewigs’ website right now. We just provide the first-rate hair systems made with human hair, and all are custom made following your desired look.

Final words

Hopefully, this article has given you a deeper insight into what causes itching feeling when wearing hair system and how to treat it.

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