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Jason Witten Hair: The Secret of The Dallas Cowboys TE

You may have seen this floating around on social media: Jason Witten hair.

He has gone from not having plenty of locks to getting much hair.

You can see for yourself his pictures regarding hair vs no hair.

Hair piece? Is he wearing a toupee?

Apparently, his hair has appeared different for some time. Have you noticed it? You can figure it out when you compare his days of playing to his press conference in terms of retirement.

About Jason Witten

Jason Witten Hair: The Secret of The Dallas Cowboys TE
Jason Witten – a great NFL football player

Before we go to the main point about Jason Witten hair, let’s have a better idea of this player himself. His full name is Christopher Jason Witten. This 1982-born guy is a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. He joined college football. The Cowboys drafted him in the NFL Draft’s third round in 2003. He gets the second-ranking in all-time receptions of career. Also, he has got yards by a tight end from the NFL. He retired in 2018. Then, he turned into a color analyst for Monday Night Football of the ESPN. On the 28th of February, in 2019, according to the announcement of ESPN, he will come back to the Cowboys. The deal has a one-year validation and worthy of over $4 million. That also means he left his position at Monday Night Football. When coming back to the gridiron, he had three receptions for more than ten yards as well as one receiving touchdown in the 35 vs 17 wins over the New York Giants from the regular-season opener in 2019.

His NFL achievements and records

– The quickest tight end that has made 600 receptions (in over 120 games)

– The most consecutive matches one tight end started: 179

– The most successive matches one tight end plays: 235

– The fourth in NFL history’s receptions: more than 1,100 (as of the 31st of December in 2017)

– The award winner regarding the Year’s Walter Payton NFL Man 

– The most significant number of receptions in one single game by one tight end: 18 (the 28th of October in 2012)

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Cowboys franchise records of Jason Witten:

– The franchise history’s first player for managing to score in 14 seasons

– Tight end to achieve more than 65 receptions in consecutive seasons

– 1st tight end to attain 1,000 receiving yards in one season

– The most consecutive games started

– The most games played

– Most receptions in one single game

– 1st in career receiving yards

– The 1st in career receptions

Jason Witten hair

He has made considerable changes, not only in his career but also in his locks.

Jason Witten Hair: The Secret of The Dallas Cowboys TE
Jason Witten hair

He determined not to stay broadcasting and came back to the NFL. The Texas Sports Hall of Fame – it is where he has been admitted formally. Not all, he was present with a new hair appearance when speaking with the media. What makes it critical? According to Charles Barkley, this tight end, in the end, determined to come on home.

Witten experienced hair loss throughout the NFL career’s end as well as mentioning it before he debuts on “Monday Night Football.” 

Jason Witten hair with toupee

Does this tight end wear a toupe? When he retired at the season’s end in 2017, his tresses looked thinning. It was, indeed, what it was. You know, his curls may have put an end to its growth, but it would not be able to prevent him from obtaining one Hall of Fame career.

Jason Witten Hair: The Secret of The Dallas Cowboys TE
Jason Witten toupee

However, it is where things become interesting. Several months after his announcement of retirement, he joined the booth job of Monday Night Football broadcast.

If you are balding men, you will be able to know that you cannot only pray for hair to show up. Some practical ways to get it back are having a hair transplant or wearing a toupee from Lewigs

Was his retirement one part of a larger plan? Take PEDs? Or find the best hair system for his demands? He appears after the retirement for the season in 2019 and become stronger than ever. Are you attempting one last time to achieve a Super Bowl eventually? As simple as a cosmetic decision he makes, people keep being curious.

As you can see, he is now bald. There is indeed no need to debate about it. He put on a hairpiece during his ESPN time. Also, it brings up all kinds of inquiries about what went on with this player at ESPN during the era of Monday Night Football. He spoke at one press conference informing about his comeback to the Dallas Cowboys. It is when he showed up bald and handsome.

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In the bottom line: Jason Witten Toupee

You are right. He went the Brian Urlacher route of attaining a brand-new head of curls. Still, now you know it was one cover-up. In other words, it was confirmed as a hair wig. Are you curious about this cover-up? Plus, what is the reason that Witten was putting on a hair system during Monday Night Football? Was he pressured into wearing it as one part of his decent contract with ESPN? By any chance, did ESPN suggest he installed a wig, which would be great for the Witten brand? Or was it his idea?

You may have so many questions in connection with it. We are telling you guys, those with hair thinning are highly likely to understand this player. You see, he went from NFL player that was obviously losing it, to the broadcast in-charge from the ESPN appearing like he was wearing a hair replacement system. Whatever the reason it is, it is his right to make him better-looking the way he wants — nothing worse about making up your hair with some kind of accessories. And for sure, he appeared great. People would love him more rather than bothering him.

Above all, seeing him have moved on and appeared happy returning playing football is excellent. Play some more seasons and await the Tennessee task to open up. Then, everything will be okay, including Jason Witten hair.

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