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Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot

Still look so damn sexy.

You may not strange with the name Marilyn Monroe. She is a symbol of glamour and international beauty. During her peak, she was successful in many fields like acting, singing, and modeling. Besides, she attracted the public with her charm and physique. She quickly became a box-office drawcard at that time. 

Famous for her perfect makeup style and dress, but she also has relaxing moments with no makeup. Marilyn Monroe no makeup pictures are evidence proving her pure beauty.   

About Marylin Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 in Los Angles, the US. During her brief life, she had to go through a difficult childhood, consist of living in an orphanage, got marriage when being too young. 

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn Monroe

She is well known as one of the world’s biggest and most beautiful symbols. During her career, her films grossed more than 200 million dollars. 

The actress is famous for her perfect makeup style and curly blonde hair. But many people wonder that “Was Marilyn Monroe no makeup?” Some Marilyn Monroe pics no makeup with her signature hair will give you the answer. She was still as pretty as always.

Some Remarkable Marilyn Monroe Pictures With No Makeup

Some say that Marilyn Monroe’s moment captured by photographers were beautiful and impressive. Whether she putting on makeup or no makeup on, she was an expert at posing. During her early modeling days, she always tried to perfect skills. She questioned the photographers and learned about how to pose in front of the lens. Over time, she knew how to do to look the best when taking photos. 

Marilyn Monroe no makeup pool

This is an informal photo of Marilyn Monroe no makeup. There are hundreds of judging comments about the “Some Like It Hot” actress and most of them express admiration about her beauty. She was perfect and sexy. It shows that she is still popular and loved. 

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn Monroe no makeup at the pool

In this pic, the blonde bombshell was wearing a black and white bikini and shows her millions of dollars smile when dipping in the swimming pool. Marilyn Monroe bare face and lips no makeup. There is no exact time about what year the shot was taken. Many people said that it was captured in 1955 while some said it was taken in 1960, a couple of years before her death. She looked stunning with her baby skin and signature blonde curls soaked by the water. More clearly, this pic no makeup still showed her radiant face and contented look. 

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The young brunette girl early career as a model

Although the actress is forever passed away, her name and beauty are still mentioned until now. And no one can ignore some pics of her 20-years-old. We can see a young Marilyn Monroe no makeup, her innocent beauty. The whole world may become tiny in the blue eyes of the small girl. 

Marilyn Monroe young with beautiful skin, she just looked like a baby. Absolutely impressive with no makeup. She was stunning with her glowing skin.  

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn brunette hair at her young age

Marilyn Monroe no makeup sunglasses

Like other celebrities, Marilyn Monroe sometimes refused to have no makeup. She only allowed the photographer to take photos when she was ready. However, a rare pic no makeup was captured on a beautiful morning when she was going to the salon. According to her artist makeup’s requires, she agreed to take a pic. She wore sunglasses and mimicked like black bears. She looked attractive that we can not explain for that. 

Nude shot

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn no makeup in her nude shot

Throughout her career, Marilyn Monroe had several nude photoshoots such as “Red Velvet” calendar shoot, “Last Sitting” with Vogue magazine, etc. Marilyn Monroe nude pics are impressed at the first sight. She was so sexy and adorable in naked photos. It was the time of black-white images. In the pic, the actress is next to the lake and smiles. It is not exaggerated if you say that Marilyn Monroe body and beauty are admired by all men and women around the world.   

The Truth About Marilyn Monroe Makeup

You are really impressed by her hot images with platinum blonde hair, red lips, and eyelashes. More specifically, you can look at makeup artist’s sharing on how to transform Marilyn Monroe images.

Not only a makeup artist, but Allan Whitey Snyder is also the best friend of the actress. He was responsible for Marilyn’s images. He changed Marilyn’s from a sweet young girl into a beauty icon all over the world until now. Here are some beauty tips made by Allan.

Eye makeup tutorial

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn Monroe eye makeup

In the years of 1940s and 1950s, some kinds of metal eyeshadows were not common. The makeup artist only used a thin layer of coconut oil or Vaseline on the eyeshadows layers. What about eyelashes? He never used a full eyelash on Marilyn’s eyes. Cut it in half and place it in the second half of her eye. 

Marilyn Monroe’s eyeline

The makeup artist used black or brown eyeliners to emphasize the patterns of eyes. Next, he used the white one for the corner of the eyes, both inside and outside. To make the lips brighter, he added some red spots. He followed white eyeshadow for Marilyn’s eyelids to catch. The eyeshadow was sade as it was made from powder. 

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn’s eyeliner

Add Vaseline before applying the foundation

It is usual if you see a Marilyn Monroe photograph with bears no makeup. When joining parties, events or special occasions, she appeared gorgeously with perfect makeup. The most important is that you have to keep the skin moisturized. 

Allan always added a thin layer of Vaseline layer prior to applying the foundation. It also gave vivid light under the camera’s light. Nowadays, there are many types of foundation creams containing moisturizers. However, Vaseline is still the best way to keep moisture skin. 

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Make lips more volume

As the former technicolor cameras cannot capture the red orangey color so it is hard to notice the right color. It’s a reason why Allan applied more than one red shades to the actress’s lips. 

To create depth hallucinations, Allan drew on Marilyn’s lips in pencil coloured chocolate. Then drew a line to create the shape of the lips. To create a base, he had to fill in her lips with the pencil colored brick red and focus on the corners of the mouth. 

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
Marilyn Monroe lip makeup

He started from the center of her mouth and used a lip brush to blend the color. He did not go too close to the outline of the lips. Applied highlighter into the center of the bottom lip, use fingertips or a brush. It made her lips look lusher. To make the lighter lips in front of cameras, Allan finished his process with a thick layer slick lip balm on the top. It also added moisture and wetness to Marilyn’s lips. 

Reducing the nose’s size

Even though many people think her facial contour is perfect, she still thought her nose was big. Hence, to address this concern, Allan used a small amount of pink blusher to cover over her nose. It was simple and effective.

Marilyn Monroe No Makeup: Watch How She Turned From Naive To Hot
how to do Marilyn Monroe makeup

Furthermore, to perfectly mimic Marilyn, copy her hairstyles. In case you just want a temporary makeup and are not willing to risk your real hair, it’s OK to wear a Marilyn Monroe wig. It would help to bring along a similar hairdo without much effort.

The Last Words

You can compare famous shots of Marilyn, with makeup and no makeup. Her bare face did not change her beauty. All of the pics are excellent. Although Marilyn Monroe was stunning with her flawless makeup and luxurious dresses, she also had her own moments. Even when she did not put makeup on, she was spotlessly beautiful. Her glowing skin like a child combined with her million dollars smile builds a deep impression for Marilyn Monroe no makeup

Have you ever heard about no makeup quotes Marilyn Monroe? “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”, she said. So as you can see, makeup is not the only way to become beautiful. What do you think about the actress’s beauty without any makeup on? Leave your comment below to share with Lewigs.

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