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Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?

When your hair is starting to lose around your hairline, that’s something that can be worrisome, whatever the reason. While a mature hairline is almost to be expected by the time you reach a certain age, but it is hard to tell apart between mature hairline vs balding. This is because both of them may share some commonness at the very stages.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about what happens to your hairline, let’s read through this article.

Differences between mature hairline vs balding

Mature hairline

That is what happens in most men. Youngest people can have it when they’re 17 years old. And most men in their 30s experience this. This is natural, so don’t worry about it. It is only a sign of adulthood.

And because it’s a sign of getting old, it’s also used to distinguish it from teens. In the juvenile hairline, the hair grown seems to be light and soft like baby hair.

Not all will experience mature hairline, about less than 5% of men can retain their juvenile hairlines.

Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?
mature hairline

Although a man will lose hair around the hairline at maturity to develop a mature hairline, the rest of the hair is still growing evenly and healthy. You may not even realize your hairline is getting thinner.

Usually, the mature hairline will have a V-shaped shape. Mature hair will usually go back about 1 inch from your previous hairline. And, it is normal for you to lose some hair strands in your hairline when combing. However, if your hair is falling out more than usual, or you lose a large amount of hair, it may not be just a mature hairline.

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In contrast to the mature hairline, balding occurs at any age. When you go bald, your hairline begins to lose large amounts of hair on a large scale and in the long run, you may become completely bald.

If you want to know if you are bald or not, refer to some of the signs below:

The first sign to notice is that your hair is thinner at the edges of the hairline relative to the rest. From there, they tend to shred or get choked as the follicles narrow.

The second characteristic is irregular and uneven hair growth. Usually, if your hair matures it will grow evenly. On the contrary, irregularities are a sign of being bald. The unevenness of going bald is shown by the rate of hair growth at which hair loss is more than new hair grows.

Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?

If you are in doubt about whether you are bald or not, another way is to check if anyone in your family is bald. Male pattern baldness is a result of genes. If anyone in your family has been bald, then you are able to experience baldness too. The more members of your family tree with a history of baldness, the more likely you are.

The most effective way to know if you are going bald is to see a doctor. Your doctor will help you check your hair and hairline pattern, which in turn will help you conclude if you are bald or not.

The grades of male baldness pattern

To understand more about the grades of baldness and to know if a man is bald or not, it is important to know how to classify baldness by level. Hamilton-Norwood scale is a commonly used rule for the classification of types of baldness. Lower levels mean less baldness and higher ones are more of going bald.

The grades of baldness were given by Dr. Norwood in 1975. Although baldness is divided into specific stages, you can be between 2 of them.

Stage 1

This is the first stage of going bald. You will most likely not realize if you are bald or not. At stage 1, your hairline will be slightly backward. You can confuse it with a mature hairline.

Stage 2

During stage 2, you will notice that the hairline just above your temples has shrunk slightly from its original appearance. Then your hairline will form a mild widow’s peak. This means that the hair in your hairline is not completely thinner. At this point, if you don’t override the change in your hairline, you won’t even notice if you’re bald.

Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?
male pattern baldness stages

Stage 3

This period has a marked widow’s peak as your hair continues to fall. This usually happens around your temples. The peak can be inches farther back from the rest. It is hard to not acknowledge it.

Stage 4

During this phase of hair loss, the peaks of the widow’s hair begin to thin. In addition, you will begin to have a thinning area of ​​hair, closer to the back of your head. As this stage progresses, you will have a real bald spot that is unrelated to the part of the hair still receding above your temples.

Stage 5

There is now a clear bald spot on the back of your head. It is no longer related to bald lines. Also, your widow’s peak gets receded and will fade until almost no width remains.

Stage 6

During this stage, the bald area at the back of your head eventually connects to other bald areas. Your widow’s peak is also disappeared. Although you may still have some thinning hair on the top of your head, most of your strands will be on the sides only.

Stage 7

Any hair which has grown on your head is gone. The baldness will gradually decrease on the sides of the head. This is the final stage before balding stops.

Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?
increase in DHT leads to baldness in men

Mature hairline vs balding: Causes & Cures


To know what you can do when you go bald, it’s important to know the cause of your baldness. When it comes to pattern baldness, about 80% of the time is simply hereditary. This is commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness or MPB.

This condition means you will make more DHT hormone that leads to hair loss. The hormones bind to androgen receptors. It is the thickest on the temples and thinnest on the sides of the head. This is the cause of baldness to progress in a very specific way.

Knowing the reason for going bald will help you find your best treatments.

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Some of the most popular home remedies are Minoxidil and Finasteride. In more severe cases, you can see a doctor and be checked for mineral deficiency. They may also check for fungal infections that can cause hair loss as well.

Mature Hairline Vs Balding: Are These Two The Same?
hair toupee before and after

Of course, if either of these is found, your doctor may also prescribe medication to help you regrow your hair.

Another option is to use hairpieces. Hair toppers or toupees will be an effective way if you want to hind your bald spots immediately while waiting for so long for the medicine or supplement to work. Whether you get mature hairline vs balding, a hair system will help you gain better hair look.

The bottom line

Hopefully, after this post, you can know more about the differences between mature hairline vs balding.

If you want to get your normal hairline back, using hair toppers or toupees may be one of the choices. Let’s visit Lewigs website for more details if you want to know more about this method.

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