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Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!

Mullet hair is an iconic hairstyle that is popular in the 18th century and now many people got it for a bold and unique look. It is styled with short hair at the front and long hair at the back, drawing huge attention from others.

It was not until recently that it was certainly popularized as hairstyle, after Oxford English Dictionary credit the Beastie Boy song named Mullet Head in 1994. However, it was known previously by the name “‘Kentucky Waterfall’. So what is the true history of mullet hairstyle? And up to the present, curious how it looks like? So, keep reading to find the answers.

History of Mullet hair

Ancient Mullet

Mullet hair cut was first hinted in the 6th century BCE by the Greek statues, which illustrate that mullet hair is the commencement of western culture. Ancient Roman really rocked this style, also. It is also called the “Hunnic” look. Furthermore, in the same period, Byzantine wrote that some groups of young men wore hair with a short cut at the front and long cut at back.

In the 16th century, the ancient Hittite warriors saw the Assyrians and the Egyptians get the mullet hair, also.

Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!
ancient mullet

Native Americans

In American, the mohawk mullet hairstyle was often spotted, along with Native Americans tribes. The author Edward Winslow also wrote about the American Native in the book ” Mourt’s Relation” (1621) that, “He was a tall straight man, the hair of his head black, long behind, only shortly before, none on his face at all”

And in the late 18th century, the US president Benjamin Franklin wore a “skullet”, which may be inspired by mullet hair with a bald on top and long hair at the back. He wore it with a view to charming France into supporting American finance.

Other inspirations:

In Pop Culture

In the 70s, a rock star- David Bowie in his song, Ziggy Stardust had rocked the mullet hair style with the look of the carrot-orange waterfall. And at that time, he also was famous for this androgynous style, combing short and long, male and female styles in one look.

The same decade observed a British artist style his hair into mullet, Rod Stewart when he performed on the program Top of the Pops with his jumpsuits. As it turned out, it was like all pomp.

The 1980s

This time is the prize time for mullet hair. 80s mullet hairstyle in the posters of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing was collected by most of the teenagers at the time. There is no doubt that they have those pictures in order to contemplate mullet hairstyle on their owns, marveling in front of the iconic look with shorts spikes on top and long tail at the back.

Also, the mullet hair was bombed as a type of culture, as everyone had it on their head. Whoever you were at that time, mullet was ] the leading hairstyle of hairdos.

It’s normal that white guys are those who were spotted to have muller hair mostly. Also, some figures showed that women such as Jane Fonda, and Joan Jett, also rocked this, too. More interestingly, the mullet hair was fully accepted by the lesbian community at the end of the 80s.

Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!
1980’s mullet hair

The 1990s

At this decade, the mullet hair trend gradually decreased and was no longer a thing. In contrast, it has become a stereotype for some groups of people, who might be the low-income families in hick towns or some white dudes in the bars where they can show off their beloved country music.

By the end of the late 90s, the mullet hairstyle became a subculture for weirdos. A group of teenagers who were interested in Colombian Cumbia music, start thriving for this hairstyle with sharp and short hair at the front and tails at the backs. There were various styles was made, like flat mullet, curly mullet or gelled muller.

21st Century

The new century seems to observe the comeback of mullet hair. In 2013, at the opening of New York Fashion Week, Rihanna appeared with a full-on mullet. In 2016, Zendaya was spotted in the Grammys with an epic look take on mullet. Moreover, in 2018, Vogue glorified mullet hair as a style of street look.

Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!
modern mullet hairstyles

The 80s mullet hairstyle did really come back. But there is a warning: not everyone can try mullet. The mullet hairstyle is just for those who be confident enough to be different.

Hence, if you want to own this bold look, refer to some ideas for the modern mullet hairstyle bellow.

Top Mullet Haircuts 2020

Curly Mullet

Curly locks are a best friend of mullet hair. The reason is that the volume of curls will make the mullet style look softer and bouncier with the adjustment in length from front to back. And the long tail at the back also allows the curls to shine. This look will remind the look of retro rock stars in the 80s.

Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!
curly mullet hairstyle

Modern Mullet

If you want to find a more understated and subdued way to rock this bold haircut, try a modern mullet. Also, in case you want to be less noticed and wear muller hair to your office, this modern version is for you. The modern mullet hair does not have the striking difference between the short hair at the front and long hair at the back. Rather than a bold look, it looks more classy and soft. A thick and loose wavy hair is a nice match with this modern version.

Drop Fade Mullet

This hairstyle is the combination of the two trendiest hairstyles for men. A drop face is a variation of classic fade hairstyle which the faded part will drop behind the ears. And the rest of the hair can form into any hairstyles. So a mullet is a nice choice with a long layer at your back. It gives you an edgy and bold look ever.

Mullet Hair Is Back And Going To Be HUGE This Year!
drop fade mullet

Mullet with Bang

If you look for a high-fashion look with mullet hair cut, add a straight-across bang to your mullet hair cut. The fridge looks best on oval face shape, help to flatter your face as well as provide a fashionable vibe. If you are brave enough, try this one on the special occasion of life.

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Our Conclusion

The eye-catching look like mullet hairstyle is not a thing which everyone can get, but once you can do it, you rock this world!

Hopefully, this article has given you a deep insight into the mullet hair as well as how it has come and gone over time.

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