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Non Surgical Hair Replacement – It Never Fails, Unless…

Everything you need to know before buying.

Many people who suffered from hair loss, once in a while may think of taking surgery like a hair transplant to solve their problem. But today, Lewigs is going to share with you one of the significant non surgical hair replacement treatment for your Alopecia: using hairpieces.

Should We Use Hair Replacement Surgery: Yes or No?

Before digging into the non-surgical hair replacement, we will show you while hair transplant surgery is not a wise choice.

Firstly, even when you undertake a surgical hair replacement, your non-transplanted hair is still lost during your lifetime if you suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, more commonly known as “male pattern baldness”.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
hair replacement surgery is expensive and risky

Moreover, surgery is not cheap cost considerably since its process requires skillful medical technicians to carry out. People estimates there need to be nearly 18 staff, technicians and surgeons during a hair transplant surgery. Having a be low-quality hair replacement surgery may trigger serious consequences.

Hair Transplant Surgery also has some risks. It may cause pain, itchy, bleeding or even Infection. Though it just happens rarely you should take those unexpected situations into consideration if you have the intention of undergoing a hair replacement surgery.

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So if you seek advice to decide whether choosing surgery or not, we prefer the latter for you.

What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

It means using a hair replacement system to treat baldness and hair loss. Hair toupee and topper is used popularly in these systems. Moreover, applying them on your head means no surgical process is required.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
it costs less for a non-surgical hairpiece

What is the cost of Hair Replacement Systems?

The price of this idea cure is based on the types of products. In common, a hair toupee or topper hairpiece in non-surgical hair replacement systems may cost below 500 USD. The density, length, size, and material of each hair unit determine the price of each one. And when using these hairpieces, you need so-called maintenance monthly to maintain your hairstyles.

What is the Best Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

The best hair replacement systems must be 100% Remy human hair or virgin hair. This hair is good in quality and durable. Moreover, it will give you a natural.

Application of hair replacement system

Many prefer non-surgical cures for hair loss or baldness instead of having surgery because of its convenience. It just takes a few seconds to complete applying any kinds of Hair Replacement systems which results in healthy and bouncy hair.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
hair replacement system before and after

Since we call it “hair replacement systems”, it literally means a certain amount of human hair works to cover the amount of hair loss.

Hair toupee for men is often put on the crown down to their heads to compensate for the male common baldness. Otherwise, people often place the hair systems for women on the top of their heads, nearby the receding hairline or right down to the fine hair area.

Are there any Non Surgical Hair Replacement Side Effects?

Up to now, no one can proof using hair replacement systems for men and women causes any potential complication or risks for users.

The only risk that might exist is the possibility of being detected if you do not wear the hairpiece carefully. It might fly off under strong wind like the case of President Donald Trump or so.

What are the Pros of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Time-saving treatment

The surgery takes you long hours for complete the treatment. In contrast, non-surgical hair replacement just needs a few seconds of you but the result of hair systems is even better than surgery in some points.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
non-surgical hair replacement is time and cost-saving

No risks

You can easily see that non-surgical hair replacement, as its name shows, is risk-free. There is no risky surgery so you can totally feel relax when using hair systems


Nonsurgical hair replacement such as hair topper or toupee often uses medical adhesive for applying. Hence, you can wear them while doing daily activities or even go swimming. However, remember to keep your hair system dry.


Best non surgical hair replacement can be put on or taken out easily so that you can change your styles in any desirable way you want. And you can pick up another kind of hair replacement system or stop using that one anytime.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
you can make changes to your hairdo

Moreover, non surgical hair replacement has a good effect on anybody regardless of the reasons for hair loss of the level of hair loss. Sometime surgical treatment may weight you down by its expected outcome whereas non surgical hair replacement systems will always bring you the most delight result.

What are the Cons of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Once the toupee or topper wears out, replacing another one is required. It is not a treatment for once in a lifetime, so remember that you may need to spend money not only at the first stage of this treatment

But if you know and do better care for your hair replacement systems and your bio hair as well, the amount of money needed will not a big problem in comparison with the result you gain from it.

How can Non-Surgical Hair Replacement be Attached?

Up to now, there exist three major methods to complete hair replacement systems. They are glue, tape, and clips. First, glues or bonding adhesive and tape are preferred by nearly 90% of users. These attachment methods could bring you the best bonding results.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement - It Never Fails, Unless...
you can use a hair replacement system with glue, tape, and clips

Many wonder how long do these attachments last? In common, the hair replacement system attachment can last up to a month with stronger tapes and glues.

How to Maintain Hair Replacement Systems?

This method needs instant care to keep its great effects. But in case you prefer other haircuts or styles, do not go to the hair salon. Let’s visit your surgery clinic instead. They will help you to take off the hairpieces and then give you your desirable haircut.

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Our conclusion

The shortest way to bring back your hair density with a healthy and voluminous look is to use a hair replacement system. But you should be alert with the fake websites or untrusted hair supplier before you pay for this method. Consider the reviews from previous users to find the best place to buy to gain the best result.

Now, if you looking for the address to get the best non surgical hair replacement, let’s visit Lewigs. All products of us are of high quality with 100% human hair collected from Cambodian and Vietnamese virgin hair. Moreover, we provide all of our clients’ hairpieces varying in styles, length, and color. When you come to use, our hair expert will give you the most useful advice and help you to find the best products for yourself.

If you want to learn more about hairstyle, hair treatment or hair extension, contact us right away!

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