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Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About

Is rice water good or bad for your tresses? Experts say that genetics is the main factor that determines how fast the hair strands will grow. But it does not mean rice water is useless. It helps deliver some essential nutrients to keep the hair and scalp healthy. Here are all the necessary things you need to know about rice water for hair and its benefits. 

What Is Rice Water For Hair?

Rice water is a milky liquid that has known benefits for natural curls. In other words, rice water is the starch residue left when you soak and strain the rice in water. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, vitamin E, amino acids, antioxidants, and more. It is also can be used as a healthy drink. These components in rice water help tighten your skin and increase hair health.

Plus, it enhances the blood circulation in the body as well. The antioxidants are very useful for your skin, aids skin cell growth and keep it looking rejuvenated and young. 

Use it regularly, you can achieve shinier and stronger human hair strands. Peter Lamas, a famous hairstylist, said that rice water has been used since the ’70s.

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
rice water is rich in nutrients

History of using rice water for natural hair

Rice water for hair loss is everywhere now. A quick Internet search will offer tons of rice water recipes and experiments. But do you know that where did using this miracle treatment originate? 

There is an anecdote regarding rice water origin. Noblewomen in the Heian period in Japan started using and bathing in rice water to keep their skin and hair healthy. So, their hairs were strong, smooth, and shiny. This traditional hair care was passed on to generations and spread to other countries through word of mouth.

There is similar evidence of using rice water to keep your tresses stay healthy. It regards women called Red Yao in China. Many women in this tribe have long hair and it does not turn to grey until they are at the age of 80. They credit that they keep their color and length thanks to the rice water mixture. 

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Plain Rice Water vs Fermented Rice Water For Hair

Rice water today has a few variations that are all good for curls. Two popular ones are plain and fermented rice water. So which is better between them?

The pH level of plain rice water is higher than that in your natural locks. It enhances the existing nutrients and vitamins that nourish each individual strand. Apply it into the scalp and hair, it reduces hair loss and improves hair growth faster. In short, it improves the overall your hair state as well as protects it. 

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
plain rice water vs fermented rice water

What about fermented rice water? It is acidic. Rich in minerals, amino acids, and organic acids, it promotes cell regeneration in the scalp. Also, fermented rice water keeps your hair and skin healthy. Rice water rinse helps restore and balance the pH of your curls. Compared to plain rice water, the fermented one contains more benefits. You can add some scent in the rice water such as peppermint, coconut, etc. On the whole, depending on the level of repair your locks need, you can choose the right type of rice water. 

How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth

Go down on the Internet, you can easily find a recipe to create DIY rice water for hair growth. Follow our tutorial step-by-step to make it.

– Take half of a cup of uncooked rice and rinse thoroughly to remove any impurities, dirt, and chemicals that might have been used on the rice. 

– Then soak it in a bowl with 2-3 cups of freshwater. You switch them around or knead with your knuckles. Doing so to get all of the nutrients out of the rice into the water. Leave it for 20-30 minutes.

– Strain the rice water into another bowl or clean jar. Now, you can use rice for your hair. Apply it and you can notice its amazing results. 

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
how to make fermented rice water for hair growth

How to make fermented rice water for hair

Take half a cup of rice, white or brown rice, organic or non-organic rice. Then soak it in water for 20-30 minutes. 

Strain the rice and extract the water. You pour the liquid in a jar and leave it for 2-3 days. Place it in the cool place, no light. 

If you don’t like the sour smell, add your favorite flavors such as peppermint, orange peel, etc. After 2 days, you can put it in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation. 

Note: When you use fermented rice water, don’t apply it directly to the hair as it is highly potent. Mix it with lukewarm water before you use it. 

How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth

Rice water can be used to replace a common conditioner on the market. To get the maximum results, you should: 

You wash the tresses with a normal shampoo. Then rinse with water to remove all residue. 

Follow with water rice. If you use plain water rice water, clean it directly onto the head of hair. If you use the fermented, mix it with warm water first, and apply it in the hair. 

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
use rice water as a hair conditioner

Gently massage the hair so that it covers all strands and your scalp can absorb enough nutrients and vitamins from rice water. Continue leaving it on your head for 20 minutes.

Rinse hair thoroughly using lukewarm water. If you want, you can wash it off with a mild shampoo again. 

How long does it take for rice water to grow your hair? Use it at least twice a week to see the difference between using rice water for hair before and after. It can take weeks or months before you get the best results, strong and smooth hair. 

Benefits of Rice Water For Hair

The rice water is perfect for all hair types like black, relaxed, curly, 4c, and so on. Studies indicate that this hair treatment contains inositol helping repair damaged hair and nourish natural hair. Why? Inositol still stays in the strands after you rinse off the hair. It creates a shield to protect the hair from harmful external factors. 

Also, amino acids in it strengthen the hair roots. It improves hair condition, increases volume, and brings the hair smooth and shiny. Within tons of possible ways, rice water is natural and has no unwanted effects. 

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
rice water stimulates hair growth

Improve hair growth

It is used to decrease hair loss and support hair growth. As I said, amino acids in the water help the regeneration of hair happen faster. What’s more, rice water contains necessary vitamins that are vital for hair health. Vitamins B, C, and E promote hair strands to grow. Use rice water after shampooing is the best way to take care of natural locks. It is a natural method and does not harm your hair. Follow it, you will see the results of rice water for black hair before and after.

Reduce hair breakage

Split ends and breakage make your hair look lifeless. It looks like a mess. It’s time to supply protein and essential vitamins to nourish and moisturizes strands. Use rice water onto your hair in a perfect way. The results of rice water for natural hair before and after will surprise you. Amino acids in the treatment will help repair and care for all damage. 

Leave it on your hair for 20-30 minutes then rinse with water. Follow twice a week and you will gradually see the improvement of your curls. 

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
it also reduces hair breakage

Prevent natural locks from damage

Inositol in rice water creates shields to prevent damage. It still remains in strands even you rinse off the treatment. Plus, it decreases surface friction and increases hair elasticity. 

Rice water rinse for hair

After shampooing, instead of using commercial conditioners, you can use rice water as a replacement. It improves the hair texture, increases porosity and hair volume. It helps tame and smoothens natural locks. Above all, it offers strong and healthy hair.

Strengthen and smoothen strands

You already know that rice water is rich in amino acids. We are sure that you are gradually amazed by the benefits it brings to your hair health. One more strong point of rice water is that it strengthens the roots and smoothens strands. Rice water for hair growth before and after, try and feel how it works. You will love this treatment.

Rice Water For Hair: All You Need To Know About
rice water strengthens and smooth the strands

Offer silky and shiny tresses

Your dreamed hair is strong hair roots and silky tresses. Rice water can turn your dream into reality. Apply the treatment as a hair mask so that the hair can absorb nutrients. You can follow up with the conditioner if you want. 

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Remove dandruff and lice

Ah! Dandruff and lice make you feel uncomfortable and crazy. Dandruff appears on the scalp and leaves small white flakes on your collar or pillowcases. Lice? These tiny creatures ruin your peace. Both of them are the causes of itching. Don’t worry because using rice water regularly can combat and tackle this problem altogether. The starch in the solution helps remove flakes, kill the lice and nits as well. 

The Last Words

That’s all about rice water for hair Lewigs want to share with you. We hope that you have one more solution to protect your tresses after scanning through this article. Feel free to raise your voice if you have any problems with your hair. Or leave a comment to let us know what you are thinking. 

Thanks a lot!

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