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Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss – Is It The Right Strategy?

Is it a viable solution?

You have been finding a natural treatment for baldness and hair loss, you may have come across a supplement called saw palmetto. Extracted from dark berries of the saw palmetto trees, it is believed to help reduce hair shedding caused by hereditary. This type of hair loss is called androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness. 

Taking in saw palmetto can bring your hair back. Lewigs’ article looks at the research of saw palmetto hair loss, consisting of its benefits, side effects, and how much saw palmetto for hair loss. 

What Is Saw Palmetto?

In the raw form, saw palmetto is herb, a type of plant. Its origin is from the Caribbean, and now it is found mostly in Florida, Georgia, Cuba. The tree usually grows in sandy soil. Like its name, it has sharp and saw-like teeth on the stalks. It produces dark berries that have been used as a source of food and medicine by Native Americans for centuries. These dark berries provide nutrition that is beneficial for diuretic, sedative, and cough-reducing.

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss - Is It The Right Strategy?
what is saw palmetto

You can buy this supplement in both oil, tablet, and capsule forms and they are good for health and hair. They are widely available in drug stores, containing online. Nevertheless, the most common form of saw palmetto is oily extracts. This supplement contains fatty portions of the dried fruits. Depending on the extracting method, it has 75-90% of fats. The oil supplies a higher amount of vitamin E and other antioxidants that are great for our body and skin. 

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Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss

There are many ways to treat hair loss. Oral drugs and topical medications are used widely to deal with hair problems. Hair systems or wigs also have become marketable in recent years. Surgical procedures such as hair transplants also work well but the cost is high. 

Follow forums such as Reddit, Quora, some suggest using saw palmetto as a natural remedy to treat baldness effectively. So does saw palmetto help with hair shedding? For hundreds of years, the herb has been used as a food source and medicine. Specifically, it is used to treat: 

– Hair loss

– Prostate cancer

– Low libido

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss - Is It The Right Strategy?
saw palmetto for hair loss

According to the Mayo Clinic, saw palmetto also works effectively to treat other health problems, containing inflammation, diabetes, and migraines. 

How does saw palmetto work for hair loss? You may know that DHT is a hormone responsible for causing hair loss. Some studies showed that saw palmetto oil can block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme converting testosterone to DHT. Hence, it can reduce and stop hair loss problems. In fact, the components of saw palmetto can act in a similar way as other prescription medications such as minoxidil, dutasteride, finasteride, etc.

Saw Palmetto Dosage For Hair Loss

How much saw palmetto should I take for hair loss? Perhaps your biggest concern with taking saw palmetto is its dosage. There is not an exact number on effective dosages of saw palmetto. The herb comes in different forms, in oily extracts, tablets, capsules or dried fruits. You can use dried fruits to make tea. 

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss - Is It The Right Strategy?
160 – 320 mg/day is the proper saw palmetto dosage

You wonder how many mg of saw palmetto for hair loss. This is the answer. When used as a dried supplement or oil, the ideal dosage is about 160–320 mg. Similarly, an article cited a report showed that if you use tablet form, a recommended saw palmetto dosage is 160 mg twice per day. Can I use saw palmetto 450 m? This medication is intended for men only, not for women. Consult the doctor if you have any adverse reactions. 

There is no extra guide on how to use saw palmetto for hair loss. Go down on the Internet and read reviews, some say you can take it with or without food. But you should take saw palmetto tablets with food so that it can help avoid unwanted effects. 

How long does it take for saw palmetto to work for hair loss? 

How long can I feel saw palmetto hair loss results? It may take from 4 to 8 weeks of treatment before having an effect. You should use it continually to get the best results. If you use topical medications such as saw palmetto oily extracts, hair growth will be noted to have increased at week 12. Give it a try and check the result of saw palmetto hair loss before and after.

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss - Is It The Right Strategy?
Saw Palmetto products

Some Best Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss

– Saw Palmetto Extract Plus Pumpkin Seed Oil: This saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil can meet all clinical study standards, completely safe to use. With 100% oil extract, it is the best treatment of saw palmetto for women’s thinning hair. It contains a 70-90% concentration of fatty acids. Saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil are potent DHT blockers that prevent hair from shedding and increase the natural testosterone level.

– PalmettoGuard saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol: It is believed as the best brand. It has been produced to US standards. Saw palmetto berries are rich in bioactive, free fatty acids, and sterols are good for hair and health. This beta-sitosterol treatment is proven working well in prostate support. 

In addition, you can find other best saw palmetto supplements from Natures Craft, Hairmetto, Botanical brand, etc. 

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Safety And Side Effects of Saw Palmetto Hair Loss

Overall, there are few unwanted effects with the usage of saw palmetto female hair loss. Many users said the common side effects include acne and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Digestive issues

The most common unwanted effect is digestive issues/ It consists of constipation, upset stomach, heartburn, diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, and more. Still, you can mitigate these effects by taking saw palmetto supplements with food.

Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss - Is It The Right Strategy?
check if you are allergic to saw palmetto beforehand

Allergic reaction

Some people could be allergic to the component of saw palmetto supplements. There are 3/70 users experiencing this effect. A study indicates that a supplement includes saw palmetto and other herbs. So the allergic reaction may connect to other herbs, not definitely relate to saw palmetto.

Before you take saw palmetto for women’s hair loss or other medications, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist. Talk about the medications you are using. Bear in mind that you should not use warfarin or aspirin during the time of using saw palmetto as it may increase the high risk of bleeding. Also, don’t take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is recommended for those over 12 years. 

The Takeaway

Your hair is starting to fall out and thin. Hopefully, you have one solution to treat the hair problem. That’s all about the saw palmetto hair loss treatment. Apply saw palmetto extract or take tablets to get thicker and fuller hair. It takes time to achieve, so be patient to maintain the solution. 

If you need more useful information about the way to maintain and take care of your hair, you don’t forget to visit our website or contact Lewigs via our WhatsApp to get more.

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