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Where Is Lewigs’ Hairpiece Sourced From?

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For women with thinning hair, toppers are the best companion. In this field, hair toppers go by many names such as hair enhancer, wiglet or hairpiece. The hairpiece looks like a miniature version of full wigs. You know each person has its own head size so many manufacturers design many models so that the customers can opt for the best women’s hair toppers. Wig wearers fall in love with hair toppers as it covers their areas of hair loss and adds more hair volume. All of them are created to blend seamlessly with your natural locks when applied in the right way.

As a hair vendor, Lewigs always strive to bring along the best hair enhancers for our beloved ladies. In the following blog post, we’re glad to share with you the origin of our hair. Where do we take our hair from, and what makes our hair worth buying.

Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair

You would like to conceal your thinning hair areas, so a hair topper is a good solution that will match perfectly with your natural locks. Hair toppers come for women as well as for men. It can be made from both human hair and synthetic fibers. It is attached with clip, double-sided tape or glue.

Virgin human hair is the wisest choice

What are the best women’s hair toppers? The best one is designed to blend your hair and make you feel comfortable as if you are not wearing anything on the head. It also creates a completely invisible and undetectable hairline that has to offer you the best realistic look. The best hair topper for women comes in a variety of sizes, bases, lengths, colors and more. Additionally, the hair system is made only by hand, so all strands of hair can move freely.

Virgin Human Hair - Ideal Material To Make Best Women's Hair Toppers
human hair topper is the best choice

We highly recommend wig wearers using real human hairpieces since it is the most suitable product for all customers. Human hair is divided into many types such as virgin hair, Remy hair or Non-Remy hair. And of course, virgin hair is the best because it is raw material and cut from only a donor. Just like your existing hair, all cuticles follow in one direction that hair does not tangle. Due to its raw hair, it can be styled, permed or dyed as you want. And virgin hair is also the most expensive material of human hair.

Never go for synthetic hair

Synthetic hair topper, in contrast, is made with men-fibers and cheaper. With the development of technology, this hairpiece’s quality has improved, looks like your natural hair. But it lacks versatility, it cannot be styled and colored. You have to keep it away from heat styling tools. One more weakness of the synthetic is not as comfortable as the human hair.

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Where Are Lewigs’ Hair Toppers Sourced From?

Before buying a hairpiece, you should know more about the hair vendor and hair origin. Please ask someone around you and they can give you a piece of advice. Even they can give you the address they ordered the hairpiece before. Finding on Google is a good way. You can compare hair suppliers (hair quality, services, hair prices…) to get the best women’s human hair toppers. Or visit a hair salon in your area, the hairstylist will help you choose a hairpiece that suits your face perfectly.

Providing extraordinary customer satisfaction and guaranteeing the hair quality, Lewigs is the best destination for those who are looking for a reliable hair vendor for their hair system.

Virgin Human Hair - Ideal Material To Make Best Women's Hair Toppers
we only use human hair

Only human hairpiece

Lewigs only uses real human hair to produce the best women’s toppers hair for clients. What is real human hair? It means that we don’t use synthetic hair to create hair systems. The hair is raw material, untreated and chemically unprocessed. Additionally, the hair is collected carefully from donors who have traditional care of their hair. We ensure that all cuticles of the wiglet are alive and running in the same direction from root to tip. As a result, our hair toppers, either lace or skin toppers, have the same direction and natural look like your existing hair.

Vietnamese and Cambodian hair

You may know the hair which is harvested from Vietnamese women is Vietnamese hair. And similarly, Cambodian hair is harvested from Cambodian women. So why do we use these types of hair? Are they the same?

In the hair market, Vietnamese and Cambodian hair are the most popular and on the top-grade. Their outstanding features attracted many wig wearers, including difficult guests.

Vietnamese hair

Virgin Human Hair - Ideal Material To Make Best Women's Hair Toppers
Vietnamese hair

Women in Vietnam have their traditional care, they wash and condition the hair with natural ingredients such as lemon, tuber fleece flower, avocado, and so on. Moreover, they combine with a healthy diet. Their simple lifestyle all affects the quality of hair. These are the reasons why Vietnamese ladies have beautiful and strong hair.

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Hence, we choose Vietnamese hair to produce topper human hair. The hair is extreme silk, soft, and smooth. It usually comes in straight or wavy texture. And the natural color of Vietnamese hair is black. It does not have as much luster as Brazilian hair, but it is thicker.

Cambodian human hair

Nowadays, Cambodian hair has become more and more popular. It is well-known for its thickness and luxurious texture. The strength of Cambodian hair is that it holds up very well to styling. It can stand coloring and styling without much damage to the quality of the hair. 

Virgin Human Hair - Ideal Material To Make Best Women's Hair Toppers
Cambodian hair

Both hairs are superb as you can wash and dye them yourself and achieve the best result. Both work well with heat and can blend perfectly your natural hair, also.

In A Nutshell

We hope our article helps you understand more about hair systems and find yourself the best women’s hair toppers. Lewigs is a leading wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam and we have professional selling teams to assist you with any of a hair topper human hair. We take great pride in our hair quality we supply.  You can rest assured of the hair when wearing it.

If you are interested in or would like any additional information about hair or other information, please kindly contact us via info@lewigs.com or hotline (+84) 98 261 44 86 (WhatsApp/Mobile).

Have any special inquiries in this field? Leave your comments below! You will get the most satisfied answer immediately.

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