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What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?

Winter comes and you find your tresses seem to be dry, frizzy and a bit static? Have you ever heard something called static hair? This term exactly describes your hair conditions when the weather turns cold and dry. If you wonder what causes static in hair and how to get rid of static hair, this article will point out to you!

What causes static in hair?

Scientifically, static hair is the result of Static electricity that happens when two objects rub together. The process makes the electrons move from one object to the other one. And the one that gives off the electrons is the positive charge whereas the other that gains more electrons turn into the negative charge.

What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?
static hair

All hair strands are created by atoms that contain nucleus and electrons, so when your hair rubs with other objects, your hair might be full of electrons. If the weather is humid, the charge can easily go away. However, if the weather is dry and there is no humidity in the air like in the winter days, the charge makes your hair locks get stuck to other objects like your sweater, your lashes or anything near it like a magnet. So at that time, your hair is prone to frizziness and all your hairstyles might be ruined when dry weather comes.

That is a short explanation for static hair, then next we are gonna give you some ways on how to fix it.

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How to get rid of static in hair?

Use hair oils

Lack of hydration and moisture in the dry winter is the reasons for static electricity hair. As mentioned, that time your hair is charged up and acts like a magnet. So, moisturizing hair is one of the best solutions to fight staticness. Just apply a few drops of any hair oils such as virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, or argan oil to the dry ends of your hair and comb them gently. These oil not only help you remove static from hair but also make your hair look shiny and smooth.

What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?
apply hair oil

Use a leave-in conditioner for static hair

Winter comes, dry weather makes your tresses frizzy and static, So, using a leave-in conditioner is a nice idea to prevent this. The conditioners can add moisture to every strand and remove static. If you don’t want the leave-in conditioner to weigh down your look, use a conditioner lotion. Simply apply this haircare product thoroughly onto your hair with a proper amount. Besides moisturizing, conditioners also help to defend your hair from various climatic conditions.

Use an anti-static spray

Hairspray and a metal or wooden comb are the perfect companions to stop static hair during the colder days. Simply spritz the hair spray on your comb and brush it from roots to ends. The anti-static spray will help you get rid of any flyaways while keeping your locks soft, airy and shiny. Moreover, combing also helps you remove any dandruff building up on your scalp. But, don’t apply too much product since it can damage your hair.

What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?
Use an anti static spray

Stop using plastic combs

Using plastic combs means you allow your locks to be static. Instead of plastic comb or brush, ceramic, wooden or metallic ones are the best substitutes. Moreover, these combs are more environmentally friendly than the plastic one. Among these combs, we highly recommend you get the metallic one since it is the best one to fight static.

Use anti-static dryer sheets for your pillow

If you see your locks magnet to your sheets or pillows after a sweet nice, that is a sign of static electricity hair charged up. You can get it out of your hair by rubbing the dryer sheet covering your pillows and comforter. Also, you can rub the sheets with your comb before brushing your hair to reduce static in hair.

Preparing some sheets for regular change in winter days is another tip.

What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?
Use anti-static dryer sheets for your pillow

Avoid putting on Nylon or Synthetic fabrics

If your breadth easily gets static, the simple answer for the question: “how to get rid of static hair?”, is to avoid wearing synthetic clothes or things made from polyester and nylon. Because they can cause your mane to charged and get static. You can use silk, woolen or cotton clothes to reduce static.

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Avoid shampoo your hair every single day

Washing your locks every day is a good answer for questions: “why is my hair static?”. The reason is that shampoo your hair daily can dehydrate your hair, take your natural oils on your scalp away. Hence, in the dry winter, washing hair make hairdryer and more frizzy. You can use moisturizing shampoo when washing your hair to reduce built-up static.

Braid your hair

If your long hair is vulnerable to static, this is one of the simple solutions. Styling your tresses into a braid or bun before going to bed will help to get the static out of your hair the next morning. Although this way will not keep your strands in a good place, it will reduce the chance of getting static build-up when you wake up every morning. You can apply serums to your hair to secure the buns for a better outcome

What Cause Static Hair And How To Get Rid Of It?
Use an ionic hair dryer

Use an ionic hairdryer

The ionic hairdryer will release the negative ions that cause evaporation to happen faster. Moreover, these negative ions sticking to the positive charge will provide a neutralizing effect. Hence, the electrons in your hair strands will be balanced and the static will be reduced. Moreover, the ionic hair dryer also dries your hair without causing any damage, or friction since it offers minus the heat.

Our conclusion

Static hair will no longer be a nightmare in the winter day if you can put those tips into practice. Hopefully, after sticking to this article, you can find the best way which helps you know how to how to get static out of hair.

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