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Does Vitamin Deficiency Entail Hair Loss? How To Deal With It?

You notice that your hair falls down more than normal. You see your hair everywhere, in the pillow, comb, or your shower drain. It may be a sign of vitamin deficiency hair loss. In instances, a lack of vitamins causes severe hair loss. 

To deal with this hairy situation, please scan through our post to find out more about hair loss vitamin deficiency. And which vitamin deficiency causing hair loss? Let’s see.

Can vitamin deficiency cause hair loss? 

Vitamin deficiencies affect negatively both your physic and mental. It expresses some exact symptoms. You may know that necessary vitamins help support many internal processes in our body. It turns vitamins into some beneficial minerals, nutrients, and more. If you get enough dosages of vitamins, you will have enough energy for daily activities in general. 

Does Vitamin Deficiency Entail Hair Loss? How To Deal With It?
vitamin deficiency

The food, that we consume, contains different vitamins. Not only good for your health, but it is also useful for your skin and hair. Hence, you do not get enough vitamins and minerals to feed your body properly, your appearance is also affected. The skin may become swallow, fingernails are easily broken. Also, your natural locks are dry and brittle. 

Hair loss in children vitamin deficiency is quite popular. For example, if your children don’t get enough biotin, it will affect their health and hair as well. Biotin helps our body convert carbohydrates into glucose that is used to supply the energy to the body. 

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What vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

Here are 4 vitamin deficiencies that may lead to hair loss:

Vitamin D

Does vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss? My answer is “Yes.” Vitamin D is very necessary for our hair, especially hair growth. Vitamin D helps stimulate our hair follicles, so it keeps the volume or thickness of your existing hair strands. Talking about vitamin deficiency hair loss, vitamin D is the most popular culprit. Lack of vitamin D may cause the alopecia areata problem. There are many testings done that show that patients who are experiencing hair loss lack more vitamin D more than normal people. Besides, certain medicines will affect vitamin D levels in your body.

Lack of vitamin D causes severe hair loss. It also has other side effects, such as it changes your mood, causes high blood pressure, and more. 

Does Vitamin Deficiency Entail Hair Loss? How To Deal With It?
vitamin D and vitamin B7

Biotin or vitamin B7

Many call biotin as a “beauty vitamin” as it works best for our skin and hair. It stimulates hair growth very well. Besides, biotin creates red blood cells as they are very crucial for the scalp as well as hair follicles. If you do not consume enough vitamins, your existing strands become weak and coarse. This leads to slow hair growth and cause hair shedding. What’s more, some studies vitamin B7 helps reduce blood sugar in someone with diabetes. 

Lack of biotin popularly happens due to your diet. Also, vitamin deficiency is caused by smoking, taking antibiotics or acne medication, and more. The recommended intake of vitamin B7 is 30 micrograms/day for adults. You also take vitamin supplements to prevent brittle nails and hair loss vitamin deficiency. 

Vitamin A

Do you wonder yourself which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss? It is vitamin A. It can support your healthy immune system as well as is good for the mane. Bear in mind that too little or too much this vitamin will result in hair shedding either way. Hence, just take enough. Vitamin A is available in yellow, red, and orange vegetables, like carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, and more. 

Does Vitamin Deficiency Entail Hair Loss? How To Deal With It?
vitamin A, iron, and zinc


When you lack iron, there is not enough hemoglobin to support your body to function. It means that there are not enough nutrients to nourish your hair follicles. They become weaker and result in hair loss problem. Vitamin deficiency that causes hair loss occurs in both men and women, the young and the elder. Therefore, you should take supplements if you are suffering from hair loss due to a lack of iron.


This is another mineral for healthy hair strands. Do you know that zinc plays an important role in telogen effluvium hair loss? Zinc deficiency means your body cannot synthesize enough proteins, making natural locks thinner and weaker.

In addition, vitamin E and H also good for hair loss. They have important roles in the health of hair, nails as well as skin. Getting not enough vitamins, you may notice that your hair falls a lot. For instance, vitamin H adds moisture to our scalp, stimulating hair grows quickly.

Do vitamins help you improve hereditary hair loss? 

Some vitamins have been labeled as good for people who are experiencing hair problems due to genetics. But there is not strong scientific evidence prove it. 

Does Vitamin Deficiency Entail Hair Loss? How To Deal With It?
take in more vitamin to prevent hair loss

Of course, hair loss can be improved if you lack vitamins and minerals. You eat food that contains vitamins or take supplements to keep your body and hair stay healthy. They help nourish our hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. But, heredity hair loss is difficult to deal with. It relates to genetic. If you increase vitamins to improve heredity hair loss, we are not sure that it is effective. You should consult the experts before taking supplements.

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See your doctor if you are facing to vitamin deficiency hair loss

When should you see your doctor or dermatologist? If you are worried about your hair condition, see your doctor and speak to him/her about your hair condition. They know the reason and how to treat your problem. May health problems also lead to hair shedding, such as vitamin D deficiency, thyroid issue, lack of iron. Fortunately, they are treatable. Also, your medical professional can identify the link between your hair health and eating habits. 

All In All

Does lack of vitamin lead to hair shedding? Hopefully, this post can help those understanding more about vitamin deficiency hair loss. Get enough nutrients and minerals and you can live happily with your strong natural locks.  

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