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How Important Is Vitamin E For Hair Loss? You Need To Read This!

Hair loss is undoubtedly an irritation for those suffering from it. There may be different treatments for hair loss if you search for them. However, it is not easy to find an effective and affordable one to solve this problem. Today, we will recommend a simple and useful solution. It is vitamin E for hair loss. You will get to know about what vitamin E is, how it helps, and how you should use it.

Overview of vitamin E

First, let’s get some general information on vitamin E to better understand the effects of vitamin E for hair loss later on.

Vitamin E contains antioxidants, an important property that helps fight against the aging process. Antioxidants help to get rid of a bad agent from your body and increase your immune system. Besides, antioxidants also stimulate the reproduction of tissues of your body. It contributes to the reduction of free radicals and the protection of the body’s cells.

Since the 1950s, people have used vitamin E to save the skin from aging, sun damage, and other negative impacts. Fat-soluble antioxidants play an important role in keeping skin healthy and immune system strong.

vitamin E is essential for healthy hair

These days, you can easily find antioxidants in supplementary products or their extracts in many cosmetic products. It does good for your body and your hair. That’s what makes it vitamin E for hair loss.

Being deficient in Vitamin E and other vitamins that have antioxidant qualities can lead to a weakened immune system and other negative things like muscle loss and, in very severe cases, even nerve damage. As the negative things build up in your body, your circulation is affected for the worse as well.

The importance of vitamin E for hair loss in particular and your general health should not be ignored. That your body lacks vitamin E and other vitamins containing antioxidants will weaken your immune system and may cause muscle loss.

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Benefits of vitamin E for hair loss

So, what does vitamin e do for hair? Why is vitamin e good for hair? The answer is vitamin e good for hair loss in different ways. According to some studies, using vitamin e for hair growth can help your hair and your scalp stay healthy.

Prevent hair loss

As mentioned, vitamin E contains antioxidant properties which can reduce oxidative stress. According to some research, there is a link between oxidative stress and hair loss. Moreover, hair and nails often receive less attention from your body. So, when vitamin E deficiency happens, your body will take it from your tresses and you will suffer from hair loss. Therefore, you should make use of vitamin E for hair loss.

How Important Is Vitamin E For Hair Loss? You Need To Read This!
vitamin E also stimulates scalp circulation and balance hair oil production

Increase scalp circulation

As vitamin E helps remove bad things and then cleanse your body, it will improve the body’s blood circulation. This means your scalp circulation also becomes better while increase scalp circulation is good for your hair growth and hair volume. At the same time, the antioxidants will protect the new growth from damage.

Balance hair oil production

On the one hand, using vitamin e for hair also helps keep hair moisturized and lock moisture for hair. This is particularly good in case you have dry hair. On the other hand, vitamin E also guarantees the balance of oils even when you have naturally oily hair. So, vitamin E moisturizes your hair but still keeps not too oily.

How to use vitamin E for hair loss

You can follow two main ways of using vitamin E: externally and internally. You should choose a suitable way based on your hair loss status.

When it comes to applying Vitamin E topically you have a variety of options to choose from. There are three main ways that you can do this which range from using shampoos that have Vitamin E in them to putting some Vitamin E oil directly in your hair or using it as an ingredient in a hair mask.


How Important Is Vitamin E For Hair Loss? You Need To Read This!
vitamin E oil for hair

When applied externally, the most common choice is vitamin oil for hair. The fact is vitamin e oil good for hair; however, you should combine vitamin E with something else. Pure vitamin e oil may cause itchiness or rash since it may be too strong to your skin. Vitamin E may be thick to some extent, so adding some oils else will make it last longer. Therefore, you choose from other oils like coconut oil or mineral oil to use with vitamin E. 

During the process, you should apply it onto your scalp for at least 5 minutes and massage at the same time. This will increase circulation to your hair scalp, especially areas with hair loss. Of course, using vitamin e for hair loss can bring certain positive effects, but you should avoid the excess use which may make your hair oily.

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While taking Vitamin E supplements internally is a good idea if you think you are not getting enough of it, you should also make sure that you are eating foods that have natural Vitamin E in them. One of the best food groups that have this in it is leafy greens like spinach, kale, and other greens.

The easiest way to take in vitamin E for hair loss internally is vitamin e capsules. Taking vitamin e dosage for hair loss is particularly good if you lack it. So, you should take in enough vitamin E from foods containing vitamin E. There are some foods rich in vitamin E like orange, tomato, some types of meat and nuts. You can include these foods in your meal to avoid a lack of vitamin E.

How Important Is Vitamin E For Hair Loss? You Need To Read This!
take in vitamin E supplements

The recommended dose of vitamin E for adults is between 400 and 1000 IU per day (15 to 19 mg per day). Please note that do not take in too much vitamin E as this can affect your health can cause some side effects. Besides, if you want to add it to your diet, you should ask for the doctor’s advice in advance. It is also better to use vitamin E made from natural ingredients as it is friendly to your body.

Final words

So, you have just got some information on vitamin E for hair loss. As mentioned, using vitamin E can brings positive effects on hair loss treatment. You can use it as a supplement together with some other vitamin to achieve the best result. It is simple and easy to use and find.

However, you should avoid the overuse of vitamin E. You should choose the one that suits your body. For more information needed, please contact us via our website lewigs.com. Thank you very much!

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